I Love Him But I'm A Spy

It's my first day at my, new school, Summerleaf High, and it’s my ninth high school. If you don’t already know I am a level 9.5 spy. (Insert shocked gasp here) yes, you heard me spy. My uncle, aka boss, sent me here for a mission and because I am going to be here up to two years he let me just be myself, no fake identity, no hair dye, nothing, the real me for once. So, my real name is Kat Sparrow, I’m seventeen and that is all you should know for now. I'm pretty used to changing schools and I've created a plan, I stay away from the populars, I sit near the back corner in class and I find a private spot with no-one around to sit at lunch.

This is my spy life


21. Elizabeth Black

I went back to my cabin and had a shower. Then I cleaned my clothes, getting all the paint out of it (I have a secret recipe that helps in these kind of situations). Everyone knows that paint ball hurts when you get hit. Well, just saying, I haven't got a single bruise and I'm just smirking about it, hehe.  


I went to MIAA training as a student next. It all went pretty smoothly in my opinion cause everyone stayed away from me and didn't come up to me like I was a superstar. They just worked and occasionally looked over in amazement. I'm guess cause of what I did to Sandler. But otherwise I just worked out with the other MIAA kids and beat some of them who wanted to see if they could beat a level 9.5 in combat.  


But during the MIAA training when I'm actually the coach, I had some kids who asked about the paint ball game while we were sitting down after we'd gone through what we'd be doing today and what I expect from them.  


"So any questions about anything?" I just needed to start training but if they had questions, they had a right to know the answer, sadly.  

"Why did you save those 2 kids who were placed into the clearing as a decoy? How did you not just shoot first then check?" A boy, who looks about a year younger than me, asked.  

"Because I completely hate everything about the saying 'shoot first, ask questions later.' I find it idiotic. That's why I developed my senses so that I can search something or someone before I do anything. I can search this whole class within a second and spot out whose actually going to do everything that I'm going to set for the lesson and why they would or wouldn't within the same amount of time it would take to pull out my gun and shoot them, and I can tell that you would only do all the work to look good in the girls eyes with all the 'muscle' you would get, not going to happen, they're spies, and some pretty good ones too." I smirked, he was such a jock. "As I said before. I believe in think, then shoot, and that's what I did during the paintball game. Plus they didn't have their guns in their hands looking around, ready to shoot, so that was a huge give away as well. Deduction works." I reply smiling, kind of long but it'll get my point across.  


"Was it true that you pointed a gun at Sandler and threatened him with how your rank is higher than his?" A girl, the same age as the boy, asked. To be honest I think that they go to the same school and they're the popular 'it' couple, by the way that they look at each other and are sitting next to each other plus how they act like they're the best.  

"Yes I did point a gun at Sandler, a real one. But I only threatened him because I hate it when people try to do something when they know that they're already down and can only dig themselves a deeper grave, I find that it's practically a useless waste of a life. But that's what the army's about, 'go down fighting.' But spies always try to live another day, no matter what the cost and I hope that you go by that instead of being idiots and trying to get yourself killed like the army does. And you should never use your rank or power to threaten someone else, that was a once off." 


"But you're friends are in the army, well, actually in the top unit. Is it true that you came up with their name and were the unit leader before Rowland? And did you train Rowland?" 

"Yes, I do have friends in the army but they are a special unit that doesn't go by the army code. That's mainly because I did teach them to be reckless and I incorporated some MIAA stuff so they're more like spies than army, when I was in charge but no matter how much I want to take credit for Rowland's training, I was to young to actually train him, but I rubbed off on him. And yes they stole the name I gave the team but it suits their missions." Man that was long, I really need to start cutting down on my speeches, oh well. 


"Now anymore questions before we get to training." A girl at the back who I'd noticed had been quiet the whole time but listening, and by the looks of it, she was one of the silent but best in the class type. So I nodded, signaling to ask.  


"What did you swap the inside of your paint ball protection vest with instead of the regular cushioning?" This girl actually caught my attention with her question. So I'm going to play with her she what she knows.   

"Why do you think that I replaced the inside of my vest?"  

"Because everyone else, when you shot them only twice, fell to the ground in pain even if you shot them in the chest. But you had at least 50 balls thrown at you but you didn't once flinch. No one, no matter their pain threshold could take that many paint balls, it's the equivalent of 10 bullets. So there is no other explanation but you swapped the protection inside." She said getting more confident with every true word she spoke.   

"I like you a lot. You ask the right questions and don't just ask them on a whim but you have evidence to support it. So I shall answer your question but not in front of the class cause that'd be like spilling the biggest secret of my life to the world." I smirk as the whole class whines but the girls face lights up. Guess she'll like some one on one training with a few extra secrets becoming not so secret.  


After I'd gone through everyone, but that girl with the question, in a one on one combat training session, my style, it was half way through the lesson. I'd saved the girl for last so that I had extra time with her. I walked over to her and nodded. She followed me to the little room I'd found before and I shut the door behind her.  


"Just saying before we start, I appreciate this so much, you have no idea how much it means to me, you're like my music idol, but in the spy world." She sounded like a little girl who's just about to meet her idol, hang on she is, that makes no sense what so ever.  

"Well let's hope I don't wreck that and let you actually here how terrible I am at singing." I laughed and thankfully she did too. "So I have some questions that I've asked every kid today. So what's you name?" 

"Elizabeth Black." 

"Black? As in Damon Black or another Black?" I say in a bit of a shocked and panic cause I never knew he had a sister. Wait, why am I panicking, it's most likely that they're not siblings.  

"Yes, Damon's my big brother." Well, I guess there was that chance as well, damn.  

"Well he has more to answer for than I first thought. Is that how you know me so well?" I question. 'We're going to have a looong talk Damon.' I mentally thought to Damon.  

"Yeah, when he was training with you, he would always tell me stories of a girl called Kat Sparrow that was his units leader and the best shooter in the camp, the best fighter in the group and the only person to do the obstacle courses better and set new, unbeatable records since a boy called Harrison Solemon who was an MIAA agent as well and is your mentor/coach now."  

"Damn, you know a lot thanks to your brother." I mutter still in shock. I'd forgotten that the records before me were Solemon's, and I beat every single one. He was the prodigal before me, his father was the best agent, just like my parents, but Solemon's father's retired and he now lives a peaceful life.  


"Are you all right?" 

"Yeah. I have another question for you, does he know that you're part of MIAA and does he know what they do?" Maybe this is why I was panicking before, cause I know I'm freaking out now. What if he knows and gets mad cause I didn't tell him before. We've always had this brother-sister relationship and we always told each other everything. 

"Yes, he was there when they came to my house at the start of the year. They said that they picked me cause my brother had done great in his training and had moved up the ranks as a result. They also looked over my straight 'A' school work and saw that I was a perfect candidate. Damon was mad that they wanted his little sister to join something that worse than the army. But then they said that he already had someone that was like a sister to him in the MIAA . When he asked for the name and they respond with yours, he was shocked, he just turned to me, gave me a hug, whispered to be safe in my ear and the turned on his heel and walked back to his room. It freaked me out because he would always stay with me in these sort of situations." 

"Shit." I whispered. I guess I have some explaining to do to him as well.  


"Well I guess that means that you turn 16 this year?" I try to change the subject a little.  

"Yep." She stated happily, popping the 'p'.  

"What grade at school?" 

"I would be in grade 11."  


"Yeah, I don't go to school cause MIAA pulled me out so that I could focus more on my training." 

"Well you at least went to school for a majority of your life, I've never been to school to actually learn, only on missions, but any way. Do you have a boyfriend?" 


"What!? No! Boys are just dumb, gun-based people that are not as cool as they think they are. Plus, if I ever did, Damon would chase them away, he's always hated other boys except for his unit."  

"He used to hate them too you know. But your brother is practically my brother as well, and even though I'm older, he did that to me, even when I was dating Rowland. Man that was a funny two months." I laugh remembering how many fights the boys got into over me when we were dating. I would just sit back and watch it unfold.  


"Now the most important question, what is your specialty and do you want to do with it?" 

"Technically that's two, but I'm into tactics and I'm the best in MIAA for the 17's and under. I'm just not the best a putting my tactics and plans into action so I came to camp so that I could fix that. But I came to this camp so that during my spare time, my brother can give me some extra training as well as the normal schedule training. I just want to be able to be good in the field as well as in an office or something." 

"I'm impressed Liz, hang on, can I call you that?" I ask before I continue.  

"Yeah that's fine, it's what Damon calls me as well." Damn, why are Black and I so similar.  

"Cool, I'm impressed that you actually only choose one specialty instead of listing practically everything, like most of these kids did, trying to look cool. And you knew what you wanted to do and could answer me straight away, whereas everyone else either had to think about it for a while or couldn't answer at all." 


"Thanks. So is that all the questions?" 

"I'm guessing that you have one last one." I smirk knowing exactly what she's going to ask.  

"Yes, what did you swap the padding for?" She questioned.  

"A sheet of special metal but I'm sorry, I can't tell you any more otherwise your brother could get it out of you." 

"How do you know that he would have to 'get it out of me'?" 

"Because you're loyal and don't give any secrets away which is great for your future. But you can do your own tests to see what metals are paintball proof, you're a smart girl." I smile at her, giving her something to work out so she'll get the satisfaction of figuring it out all on her own. Smart hey? 

"I guess, as long as I know it's a metal." She smiles back.  

"Alright, now let's get to the actual training." And so we did and she's one of the best I've seen all day. She defiantly takes after her brother 


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