I Love Him But I'm A Spy

It's my first day at my, new school, Summerleaf High, and it’s my ninth high school. If you don’t already know I am a level 9.5 spy. (Insert shocked gasp here) yes, you heard me spy. My uncle, aka boss, sent me here for a mission and because I am going to be here up to two years he let me just be myself, no fake identity, no hair dye, nothing, the real me for once. So, my real name is Kat Sparrow, I’m seventeen and that is all you should know for now. I'm pretty used to changing schools and I've created a plan, I stay away from the populars, I sit near the back corner in class and I find a private spot with no-one around to sit at lunch.

This is my spy life


22. Damon Black

I needed to talk to Damon. We're practically brother and sister and I just found out that he kept a huge secret from me. Admittedly, I did keep a big one from him too, but if I didn't I could die, or be sent to jail. But he could've told me that he had a sister, it wasn't national security or something. I could've gotten even closer to her earlier. and had a sister like Damon's my brother.  


When I check in the cafeteria, surprise, surprise, he wasn't in there. But I know where he is and I'm on my way there right now. I'd picked up one of my new guns, a Sig P220 to be precise, from my cabin to test while I talk to Damon.  


When I walk in, all I hear is raining bullet fire. Guess he either wanted to shred the target or he was mad as hell, possibly both. I just walked around to another little window and set the target up. I put in my ear plugs but they weren't to stop the sound from the bullets getting to my ears, even though it did sort of work like that, they swapped it with the music on my slightly modified iPhone 6 (it's an iPhone 6 and the perfect gadget). So in other words I put in my earphone 


I started to shoot and, as usual I got a perfect streak, every bullet hitting straight through the previous bullet's hole. That was until a hand tapped on my shoulder. I spin around, with my gun still raised. I was about to pull the trigger when I recognised the fact that I didn't have any bullets left. I guess that the person who interrupted me knew that too and when I looked at their face I recognized the person, Damon Black. I guess that the army has started to rub off on me as well, I was shooting first, asking questions later, gotta fix that.  


"Hey Damon. How's that poor target of yours doing?" I questioned in a slightly annoyed voice as I turned around and reloaded my gun with some 9mm bullets.  

"Shredded. Yours?" He responded in his usual bored tone. Guess he just wanted to kill his target and shred it to pieces.  

"Was about to be shredded but it's on its way there." I said in the same annoyed tone as I shoot another round of bullets into my paper target. Once the cartridge was empty I turned around again to face Damon and asked the question that's been bugging me all day, "why didn't you tell me?" And right then my usual, bad girl shell, was removed, leaving a sad, heartbroken me.  

"Tell you what?" He actually seemed clueless but his eyes softened when he saw that I was possibly about to cry. But that is not going to happen, I swear.  


"That you had a sister!" I yelled at him and thankfully there was no one else in the shooting range, they're all having their lunch.  

"Liz?" He seemed dazed and it looked like didn't know what was happening.  

"Yes, Liz, who happens to be in one of my classes. And a great girl as well, who is one of the best fighters in the group thanks to extra training from her jerk face brother, even though her main thing was tactics which she's the best at in her year and the one above." I continue to yell at him with all the frustration stored in my small but deadly body.  


"Well you didn't fucking tell me you were in a government organisation." Oh no he did not just swear at meIt's on.  

"Well that a matter of fucking national security and I wanted to bloody tell all of you, I even fucking asked my handler and my boss but guess what they both fucking said?! NO! I even screamed at the head of MIAA to tell you guys but guess what? He still said fucking NO!" I screamed at him the filter on my mouth leaving me completely,  bad habit when someone swears at me or I'm pissed.  

"Still, you were always the one to break the rules!" He yelled back, trying to keep his cool.  


"I tried to hint it towards you guys but your so thick. And I couldn't tell you straight out cause otherwise I could've be killed for it! Haven't you ever heard that spies will do anything to save our sorry asses. And thankfully I got some of that into the groups heads or you'd all be dead. 'Go down fighting' is what the fucking army drills into your heads and it's what gets you all killed!" I continue to yell, but my anger is slowly shifting to the fucking people who've split up me and my brother (I'm just going to call him that cause he practically is, so, yeah), MIAA and the bloody army cause of the idiotic message they drill into everyone's head. Oh crap now that the flood gates of my swearing are open there's no stopping it. Damn.  


"Ok, guess that you may have a point." He mumbled. He was always stubborn when it comes to admitting that I was right. Cause with the other guys he's generally always right.  

"And you left your sister on her own when the MIAA recruiters came to her house! They are no where near nice! And you left her on her own with your unsuspecting parents!" Now that was my biggest problem. He left his sister on her own with no brotherly support to fend for herself against the mighty frightful MIAA recruiters.  

"Well I'd just found out that my other so called sister hide the massive secret of being a part of MIAA, the multiple intelligence assassin agency. And that you were the prodigy, the best there was still active, a level 9 point fucking 5 out of ten spy!" Ok so we were even, almost.  

"They told you my level. That's surprising," I muttered to myself cause, well, it really was surprising. Them actually telling him at all was surprising, let alone what level I am. That could easily get me hunted by enemies or majorly feared. The later of the two I don't really mind. "You still left your sister!" I couldn't get over it. Now guessing that you wonder why it's such a big deal. Well, if I'm also his sort of sister, it makes me feel like he could turn his back on me as well. Plus, if you have family, you have to stick up for them and sadly I don't have any and I makes me feel so fucking mad when I see these sort of things or when siblings and families hate each other. And there's the swearing again, damn.  

"What else was I meant to do? Get my pocket knife and carve up their faces instead of my walls? You are my sister, but you're more than a sister to me, but not what people usually mean when they say that, we've grown so close to each other and it felt like I was betrayed." He started off angry then went back to his normal tone when he add the little bit about not meaning what people usually do. But then his tone softened even more towards the end and it almost made me crack. The key word being almost. But I did soften and it calmed my anger as well. He was always sweet and kind when you got to know him, instead of the perfect shot, tough, silently intimidating, muscled guy that everyone else sees.  

"I'm sorry Damon. I honestly didn't mean to go all ape shit crazy on you or betray you." Yes folks, you just heard Kat Sparrow apologise. Now engrave that into your brain and remember it cause it'll never happen again.  


I put my gun down which I'd been waving around like a lunatic for the past 5 minutes. Kind of scary but oh well, my finger wouldn't pull the trigger unless my brain said and it was to concentrated on the yelling match that we'd just had. Then I ran over and jumped on Damon and gave him my best hug. He is my numbskull brother after all. And at that I smiled. I guess now I've gotten all that out of my system I can talk normally without yelling, or hopefully swearing, finally.  


After we'd pulled apart Damon looked at me curiously. "What exactly do you do at MIAA?" I'm guessing he wanted to know what happened at MIAA so he could help his sister in some way, so I'm going to do something that I haven't done when talking about MIAA in a long time. I'm going to tell the truth.  

"It all depends what devision you're put into. For me, I'm a field agent, so I do all the dirty, risky and fun work but Liz will most likely end up being either a tech person, tactics coordinator or an analyst. It all depends on her."  

"Thank god they're all desk jobs." He said looking and sounding relieved, I didn't want to make him angry, but I'm telling him everything that there is about them now that he knows.  

"Damon," I said quietly, "they're not all desk jobs." I state quietly hoping that he didn't hear me. But sadly, he did, and then he just sunk deeper into a sad pit. 


"What's not?" I couldn't answer him when he was like that so I did the only thing that I could. I hugged him. And he hugged me back. "Just tell me Kat." He pleaded, so I did what he asked.  

"Technically all three of them could possibly go into the field for a special mission but it almost never happens with being in the tech group. But analysts sometimes go in to assist if they meet any one unwanted or something like that and the tactics coordinators sometimes go in as well to keep the plan running smoothly or to create a new plan if something goes wrong in the missions with no communication to MIAA. And she's most likely suited for the tactics. I'm sorry Damon." I can't believe the I just told him his baby sister would most likely be in a job that is she goes into the field they'll have no communication if anything goes wrong. I'm horrible. So I just hugged him more. "She'll be alright Damon. Cause you know what?" I push away from him and place my arms on his shoulders and look into his eyes that were glistening with unsigned tears. The only thing that could make someone like us cry is family, it's our weakness. But I tried to look strong as I made the promise that I would keep and never break no matter what, Damon is my brother so therefor Liz is my sister and now family.  

"She'll always be with me. She'll never go out into the field unless I'm with her. If anything goes wrong, she'll be safe. She will always be safe, I promise. I'll keep an eye on her and no harm will come to her." And his face lit up into a small, little smile.  

"Thank you Kat." And he hugged me with a smile on both of our faces.  


"You know, Liz probably asked the most important question today in class? While everyone else just asked about how I threatened Sandler and those two kids that I didn't shoot, she asked about what I swapped my vest with." 

"You threatening Sandler was funny though and of course you bloody swapped your vest for the metal one. Did you tell the whole class?" 

"No. I did one on one training sessions, so I left your sister to last so that we'd have extra time so that I could tell her the answer." I smirked know exactly what he was going to ask by the slightly shocked look on his face.   

"You told her the type of metal it was?" He asked the question I knew he would still shocked. See I told him once (cause we told each other everything, and I mean everything) that I did swap the protection inside but I never told him what I actually put in except that it was metal. 

"Not exactly. But she's smart enough to conduct her own experiments to find out what type of metal it could be. She'll at least get satisfaction that she figured it out. She is smarter than her older brother after all, seems she's probably already started gathering stuff for her experiments while you never even thought about it." I smirk, having fun stirring him up.  

"What ever. She's a tactics and I'm a shooter." He said, acting like a little kid.  

"Speaking of that, you should become a shooter at MIAA. Think  about it. You could be paired up with your sister." 

"And you." He smirked.  

"You know that I work alone Damon. Except now with your sister." I joked and Damon laughed with me knowing just how true it was.  


"You know that when I have the one on one training sessions I ask a few questions, and one is if they have a boyfriend or girlfriend. And man, you should've seen Liz's face. She freaked. And she reminded me of how you'd flip out if she did, and that got me thinking back to Rowland. Man, that was funny. Every morning you'd walk out of your cabins with new bruises and so would Rowland. The other boys would just have a smug smile on their lips." I laugh at the memory.  


"And then you'd have one too. So I just smiled back. Man, those two months were interesting to say the least." Damon adds on, laughing with me.  

"Remember how when you first could out and saw him kissing me, how you stomped over, tore him away from me, pushed him to the ground and beat the crap out of him." I laugh remembering how shocked I was and just stood there shocked till the other guys pulled Damon off of Rowland. (And yes Damon is the only person in the whole group that I call by their first name unless I'm super pissed, just saying).  

"You do not know how long I'd been waiting to do that and him kissing you just gave me the excuse." He laughed as well. Now this is why Damon is practically my brother. We can laugh at him beating up Rowland who I was dating at the time, it's great. 


"You're lucky you have a little sister to be protective of, and a family as well," I state sadly realising that Damon, and now Liz, are the only real family I've got, and we're not even blood related. 

"Kat, no matter what's happened about your parents, that they're no longer here, is in the past and you have Liz and I now," there was so much sadness in his voice, that it was hard to remember that we were fighting just a minute ago. "Plus, who could pass up the chance to be the brother of me, the awesomely talented, smart, perfect shoot that makes me the best brother in the world." He says cheerily at the end, making me laugh. To most people Damon is quiet, serious and focused. Never laughs, never jokes, never does anything fun (except for coming down to the shooting range but most people call that practice not fun, even though it is).  

"I'm not completely sure if all of that is true. First, you are only slightly talented. You might be smart. But I could beat your shooting ass any day, with my eyes closed." I joke turning the mood back into a happy one. I'd like to keep those emotions away from my surface, otherwise I might do the one thing that I promised I'd never do for the rest of my life, cry.  


"Well let's see. Let's see who can get 10 bullets through the same hole from 50m in the direct centre of the target." Damon continues cheerily.  

"You know that we can both do that. How about we see who can do it the fastest? Then well know who's the best out of us," I smirk, knowing that I'll win. Too easy sham peasy (odd words but it rhymes).   


And so we had the competition and guess who bloody won!?! No one. We tied, exactly. That's how even we are unless I unleaded my never before seen seasons level 9.5 spy shooting moves. But I won't do that just to let Damon keep some of his pride.  


Once the competition is over and I walk outside, I'm greeted by a familiar face, Nick. 

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