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give me requests and I'll do my best to make a one-shot fanfic for you or if you want a few chapters ill make it seprately


5. Grub karkat x Grub reader

(Y/n) your name

(B/c) blood color

disclaimer I don't own you or homestuck. Hussite is rightful owner of homestuck 


nov pov

Today was the day all grubs and trolls feared... Cult day. every troll were rushing to hide all the young trolls and grubs  from The GHB even if it cost them there life. At the time a small (b/c) by the name of (y/n) was unaware of what was going on as she/he was without a lucus. (Y/n) watched the older trolls running to hide the young trolls and grubs until she/he heard the voice of the GHB and screeched slightly and ran as fast as her/his grub legs could take her/him.


mean while a grumpy Karkat saw the (b/c) rushing to hide and saw that the GHB was catching up on her/him and tucked on his lucus and hissed and pointed over at you. His Lucus gasped and quickly rushed picking you up and moved out of the view of the GHB and hid you and karkat under a bush and ran off to hide praying you both made it through the day/night.


(Y/n) was curled up in a ball the whole time still shocked from being picked up and was scared she met face to face with the GHB so she stayed curled up.

Karkat looked at her/his and hissed softly using his nubby grub legs to poke you trying to get you attention. After a while he gave up and crawled on top of you then rolled you over causing you to screech and uncurl and stare at him with wide eyes full of pale (b/c) tears.

karkat watched you the screeched at you telling you what happened and rubbed you head with his slightly. This made you calm down and stop crying and thanked him by nuzzling his cheek causing him to flushed a slight red colour but was hard to notice as he looked away.


Later on karkat's lucus came back for both of you and took you in and looked after you. Both you and karkat grew very close to each other and other the sweeps you became matesprits. The end

Hoped you enjoyed plz comment below ect thanks bye shadowlings 

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