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give me requests and I'll do my best to make a one-shot fanfic for you or if you want a few chapters ill make it seprately


4. Ben Drowned x Reader

This is a very short one soz but anyway injoy and subscribe with ya nose

Byebye meh shadolings also you get to make the ending up kk :)

I was sitting at home watching cry play BEN drowned at 9:30 pm and suddenly my laptop shut off. I tried over and over again to get it to turn back on but it would not so I left my room for a while. When I got back my laptop was on and a tab was open it was cleverbot, “huh how the hell did this get up???!” I said to myself then someone sent me a message ‘you shouldn’t of done that’ it said I freaked out and moved away from my laptop then hid under my bed as someone came out of the screen and I blackout.


When I woke up I was in a room, the walls were green the floors red and a small bed which I was lying on. I stood up and looked for a way out. “what you think you doing my  ~darling~ (name)” a voice said in a cool mellow tone “w-who said that” I yelled out scared. An figure came out of the shadows and my (e/c) widened at the sight of a short/tall *you pick* man with black eyes with red irises, blond hair and wore  a green tunic like Link from legend of Zelda.

“well my dear im Ben Drowned” he said winking at me and flouted towards me and kissed me and I just sat there cluless on what to do…..

You make up an ending if you like and send it to me and I’ll pick wich one to use in a weeks timemso getta sending if ya like byebye shadowlings

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