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3. 2p Canada x reader

2p Canada x reader



Hi meh shadowlings (yep that’s what ima call meh followers. Well this is my first reader insert so if you have any tips plz leave in the comments below and I’ll do my best to improve.


Your pov


 Hello my name is (y/n) (l/n) and I got to the school for counties. It very odd here but anyway im the country (y/c/n) and my bf mark is abusive to me, I don’t like it but im to scared to tell anyone.

I need help

As I was walking to class the hall way was empty and I was pushed hard into the wall and yelped in pain and saw mark looking down on me. “d-don’t hurt me m-mark p-please” I whimpered as he hit me across the face “shut up you little wench you have no right to be alive” his words held hate in them as he said them.

“W-what d-did I do t-to m-make you d-d-do this m-mark” I say holing my swollen red cheek, he smirked and went to kick me when………


2p Canada pov

I was walking around school being my usual self when I heard someone whimper them another speak back with hate filling their words. I looked around the corner to see the girl I always liked (y/n) on the floor holding her swollen red cheek as her jerk ass of a boyfriend Mark stood above her I made me mad.

She had asked “W-what d-did I do t-to m-make you d-d-do this m-mark” and he smirked and went to kick her, I don’t know why or how but I ran at him talking him to the ground and began to beat the living maple out of him.


(y/n) pov

I watch as 2p Canada beat Mark to hell, it was so odd to see him getting hurt but I didn’t care since I was not getting hurt no more by him.


 No one’s pov

A teacher came around the corner and pulled the two boys off each other and sent Mark to the sick bay and (y/n) and 2p Canada to the principal’s office.

Time skip brought you by P-P-P-PASTAAAAAAAAA

2p Canada pov

The principal asked me to take (y/n) home and stay with her until her parents come home; I nodded and waited for her outside the office while she told him what happened.

She came out shortly after and was looking at the ground I sighed “come on lets get you home” I said as she led the way.

Half way there I hear a small whisper and look at (y/n) “did you say something?” I asked her.


(y/n) pov

After I told the principal what happened I went out to 2p Canada and led him to my home and half way there I whispered “thankyou”.

“did you say something” he asked me and I nodded

“so what you say?” he asked

“I s-said thankyou for h-helping me” I said still looking at the ground

“y-your welcome” he mumbled softly that made me smile slightly


No one pov

When the two arrived at (y/n’s) house they went in and sat on the couch and talked for hours until her mother got home and let 2p canada stay for dinner.

Skip time

After dinner (y/n and 2p Canada went up to her room and sat of the bed.


“h-hey (y-y/n) can I tell you… something” 2p Canada asked her stumbling o his words

(y/n) nodded and smiled

“w-well i-I l-lov…..l-love y-you” he said blushing deeply and rubbed the back of his head

“i-I do t-too 2p Canada” (y/n) said back and lent up and kissed him softly………..


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