what does one direction think of you quiz

Hey guys how this works like put the question number down then your answer then just keep doing that and once you answer all 10 questions I will reply to your last answer and tell you what they think of you so here is the quiz


2. question two

Me:when one direction gets in here what are you gonna do


1·OMG I am probably gonna faint I hope they catch me if I shake their hands I am gonna never wash them again AHHH!!!


2·I might scream and not let them go for ever

Me:um I should probaly tie you down to that chair so you don't scare them

3·I am gonna act normal like I do with my friends wait thats not normal okay how I act with my parents and teachers

4·I am gonna act like I don't care because I don't

5·I am gonna insult them and be all bitchy

Me:you are not gonna do that to my boys*snaps fingers*

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