what does one direction think of you quiz

Hey guys how this works like put the question number down then your answer then just keep doing that and once you answer all 10 questions I will reply to your last answer and tell you what they think of you so here is the quiz


4. question four

Me:okay Harry stop flirting with my friend ____

Niall:_____ thats a beautiful name for a beautiful girl


1·Walks over too him and holds on to him to tight and not letting him go

Me:umm uh get off of him*tries too pull you off*umm uhh I think  were gonna need security.SECURITY!!!

2·Kisses himand hugs him then sits back down

Niall:umm uh that was kinda awkward


3·Niall that is so kind of you you are probaly on of the nicest boys I have met

Niall:thank you


4·no im hot 

Me:selfish girl!!!


5·Grr why does everone have to act like a perv



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