what does one direction think of you quiz

Hey guys how this works like put the question number down then your answer then just keep doing that and once you answer all 10 questions I will reply to your last answer and tell you what they think of you so here is the quiz


5. question five

Me:boys I think you guys should ask her some questions so I want zayn to stay back and the rest of the boys to go to the waiting room please

Boys walk out

Zayn:what do you think of my hair(btw one of them is based off of a funny picture of zayns hair)



1·Perfect every thing About you is perfect*tries to get a kiss*

Zayn*trys to run away*


2·Looks sexy but not as sexy as you

zayn:*eyes get wide and backs away*


3·It looks good it reminds me of cinnamon rolls(this is the funny picture one haha)

Zayn:you sound like Niall haha


4·Looks fine but my hair is better

Me:self centered bitch*snaps fingers in a circle*


5·Like you got ran over by a truck with a stunk on it


Me:hey girl take that back his hair looks awesome


Me:no problem can you bring louis in here

Zayn walks out and comes back ten minutes later

Zayn:he said no 

Me:tell him I found kevin



Haha I am loving this sorry I just am


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