what does one direction think of you quiz

Hey guys how this works like put the question number down then your answer then just keep doing that and once you answer all 10 questions I will reply to your last answer and tell you what they think of you so here is the quiz


8. question eight

Liam walks in 

Me:hey liam are you ready to ask ____ a question

Liam:yes I am ____ do you like diney shows and movies


1·I love you liam marry me I want to have your children!!!!runs to liam

Liam:runs away


2·I love them liam but I would so totally love them even more if you watched thrm with me

Liam:umm uh okay


3·Yes I love them I have some movies that are like my favorite I have the whole collection

Liam:we are gonna get along really well love 


4·No I dont like them they are dumb



5·They are the dumbest thing ever I banned them from my house


Me:um uh liam can you please go get harry please 

Liam:sure can do


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