1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1 :

Scarletts POV :

I screamed .

I cried .

Another kick .

Another punch .

It was useless.

The tears .

The screaming .

And pleading for my life was useless.

Scarletts this , scarletts that .

I heard it all .

Im tired of it .

I wish i could just end it .


I woke up too from another nightmare , i checked my phone and it was 2 am .

I could'nt sleep , so i grabbed my guitar and walked out to the balcony of my bedroom and started singing .

Shut the door, turn the light off

I wanna be with you

I wanna feel your love

I wanna lay beside you

I cannot hide this even though I try

Heart beats harder

Time escapes me

Trembling hands touch skin

It makes this harder

And the tears stream down my face

If we could only have this life for one more day

If we could only turn back time

You know I'll be

Your life, your voice your reason to be

My love, my heart

Is breathing for this

Moment in time

I'll find the words to say

Before you leave me today

Music .

It was my only escape from this hell called "earth" .

I heard the door downstairs slam and i knew that Greg was home .

Greg was my mom's abusive boyfriend .

I run to my door and locked it , then jump into bed .

I hear my mom and greg arguing downstairs , i hear my mom crying and screaming as he beats her harder .

A few tears leaves my eyes as i try to sleep because i have to wake up at 6 for school .

I force myself to sleep and then moments later the darkness consumes me .


My alarm beeps , indicating that i had to wake up for school .

I groan as i stand up from my bed .

I jump in the shower and when im done i throw on some black vans with red skinny jeans and a black tank top .

I put makeup on the bruise on my cheek from a couple days ago .

I had time to spare so i decided i would work on my song .

My songs were'nt 'good' but singing and writing them always brought a smile to my face .

Close the door

Throw the key

Dont wanna be reminded

Don't wanna be seen

Don't wanna be without you

My judgement is clouded

Like tonight's sky

Hands are silent

Voice is numb

Try to scream out my lungs

It makes this harder

And the tears stream down my face

I stopped strumming and checked my phone and noticed i missed the bus .

"Shit . " i cursed under my breath and ran out the door .

I guess ill be walking to school .


I made it to school and ran inside trying to avoid bumping into the harry or his 'group' but with my luck , as i turned the corner harry was there making out with some blonde bitch . While liam and zayn where enganged in a conversation.

Louis noticed me and started shooting, nasty words at me .



'Omgodd your so fat'

'Who could ever love you?'

'Go die'

Everyone was laughing , personally i dont think bullying should be encouraged But my opinion dosent matter since im the victim .

I walked over to my locker but first i made eye contact with niall who looked guilty .

Let me do some explaining .

Me , zayn and niall were all bestfriends in 7th grade but then harry and louis came into the school and became 'popular' and zayn and niall became friends with harry and they just left me , forgot about me And now they encourage everyone to bully me .

They all laughed at me .

The way i dress .

The way i talk.

The way i just am .

Everyone hates me .

Im sorry im not perfect .

No one is .

But it dosent seem to matter .

Thank god , its senior year and i will finally graduate and leave my house and go to college in america .

The bell ranged and i grabbed my books from my locker and ran to class .

I made it just in time .

I sat at the back of the class and pulled out my homework just as harry was walking into class .

"Your late again, harry " Mr. Diaz said , frustration all over his tone.

"Yeah what ever" harry said with a smirk .

"Take a seat " mr. Diaz said , pointing towards me .

I gave him a confused look , and noticed he was pointing to the desk next to me .

Harry smirked and walked over to the desk and took a seat .

I felt him staring at me but i tried not making eye contact with him .

The bell rang and i rushed out of class , running so fast that i bumped into no other than louis .

Fuck , why am i so stupid .

He is now going to hit me or embarass me in front of the whole school , 'Again' .

"Watch were you going bitch " he hissed at me .

I nodded and tried walking away but felt someone grab my arm .

I noticed it was harry .

"Where the fuck do you think your going ?" He said .

"I .. Im - uh - going to class " i stuttered , only making them laugh more .

The whole 'gang' was there .

Zayn , Niall , Liam , Louis and Harry .

Louis and harry where laughing .

I felt the tears forming in my eyes .

He tighten his grip on me .

"You stupid bitch " harry said and smacked me .

Zayn , niall and liam seemed shocked .

This is the first time harry ever physically hit me .

This caused my cheek to get red , it stung .

His words stung as well.

I touched my cheek and i felt the tears falling .

Harry seemed shocked at his own action too .

Why though?

"Why do you guys hate me ? I never did anything to you ..." I managed to say to all of them before i ran into the bathroom and hid in the stall , drowning in my own tears .


I stayed in the bathroom stall for the rest of the day , until it was time to go home , not that home was any better than school .

I ran outside , trying to make it to my bus as soon as possible .

When i noticed harry and his 'gang' walking towards my direction , i froze and started silently panicking .

O great !

"Hi "Niall said .

I looked around and noticed i was the only one there .

"Ummm .... Your talking to me ?" I asked .

They let out a little chuckle .

What the hell ?

One minute theyre bullying me , and the next there saying hi .

These children are bipolar, i swear .

"Well i have to go ... Bye" i said and started walking away.

Harry grabbed my arm and pulled me to him .

No , not again .

"please dont hit me" i begged and covered my face with my hands .

Harrys POV:

"please dont hit me " she said .

I felt so bad when i hit her this morning that niall and zayn made me say sorry.

I didnt mean too , i was taught that men should never hit women .

But something came over me, that next thing i knew my fist was connected with her face .

I let go of her arm and started talking .

"Okay , so i just wanted to say . That i dont care about you or anything and this dosent changed how much i hate you But i do feel bad for hitting you and i was wondering if you could forgive me and we could go on with our lives without me feeling guilty , ok thanks " i faked a smile .

What the fuck am i doing , apoligizing .

I hate this bitch , she deserved for someone to knock some sense into her .

She nodded and walked away .


Scarletts POV :

I got home to only receive one of the worst beatings of my life .

"Ahhh!" I screamed in pain , only making him kick me harder .

He told me that my mom dosent care about me and that no one would ever love a whore like me .

Is it bad that i believed every single word he said ?

He busted my lip and gave me a black eye.

Bruises covering every inch of my body .

Greg slammed my head against the wall .

And thats when i blacked out .


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