Thats What I Thought

Ana and Paris never saw it coming


3. Wait What

      Ana's p.o.v

Harry and I just left our "date" thingy i dont know what to call it we are on our way to my hotel. "How long are you staying here" harry asked " one month you" i replied "umm i think 2 months" he said then it just was silent the rest of the way

  We got there and he walked me back to my room we were just standing there looking in each other eyes he started to lean in when he was about to kiss me i turned my head and he kissed my cheek instead he leaned back and i said "i dont kiss on the first date" "i understand" he replied then gave me a kiss on the other cheek and waved good bye and then left.

  When he got in the elavator and the door closed Paris threw the door open started yelling "YOU JUST REJECTED HARRY FRICKEN STYLES KISS ARE YOU MAD " "NO ARE YOU YOU KNOW I DONT KISS ON THE FIRST DATE" i yelled back "touche" she replied


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