Thats What I Thought

Ana and Paris never saw it coming


2. On Our Way

     Paris's p.o.v (day of concert)

  I cant believe Mrs.D got us front row tickets and back stage passes. This is a dream come true. "OMG OMG we are going to a one direction concert" i said while i got in the car we are staying a hotel in london for a month how awesome is that.

     Ana's p.o.v

 Perri and I stopped at the hotel threw are bags in the room and left to get something to eat we are starving. We went to star bucks and i went to get the drinks when they called my name  when i turned i bumped into someone and spilt my coffee all over my self i cursed to my self and said "sorry" the guy replied " im so sorry love" that voice sounded familiar so i looked up about just died it was Harry fricken Styles standing there "i-im am s-s-sooo sorry" i said stuttering "why are sorry im the one that made you spill coffee all over your self" harry said "I um" i said but got interupted in by paris "Ana what happened" and then she saw Harry and she said "oh" slowly backed up and turned around went to our table 

    "im guessing you two our fans" harry said "maybe just a little bit oh who am i kidding we love you guys" said shyly "well i guess Ana you know my name and i know yours" harry said " yeah wait how do you know my name " i said creeped out "well your over there just came and said Ana what happened so i used my brain and i thought your name was Ana" he said "oh yeah pssh i knew that" i lied "Yeah sure you did befor i leave can i ask you something" "sure ask away"i said "can i get your number " he said and blushed "wait you want my number " "yeah if you dont mind" "sure sure here give me your phone" we traded phones and put our numbers in them

  "see ya later Ana" " bye harry'' 

 right when i got to the hotel i got a text 

Hazza- hey love

Ana- hey really hazza

Hazza- yeah why not 

Ana- just thought it was funny

Hazza- well gtg bye love

Ana- bye bye

  Harry's p.o.v

 Ana is so gorgeous. Me and the lads left for the concert lou asked " why such a good mood haz" "i met this girl at star bucks and got her number" i replied "Oh harry gotta crush harry gotta crush" every one sang i just blushed 

 Paris's p.o.v

 Ana walked in with a giant smile on her face i asked "why so smiley" she said "i just got done texting harry styles" i screamed "YOU HAVE HARRY STYLES NUMBER NO WAY" "yes way she yelled back


   Ana's p.o.v (back stage after the concert)

 We were waiting for the boys to come out of the dressing rooms . Harry came out when he saw me he smiled really wide showing his dimples. i smiled and waved but he gave me a giant hug and picked me up since im only 5'5 and he is like 6'0. he put me down and yelled "ANA" HARRY" i yelled back louis said "so your the one harry kept going on and on about" i blushed and so did harry "im going to u lou" harry said and i said "well the concert was amazing " "thanks hey can i talk to you in private" harry asked i looked at Paris and she smiled and nodded "sure" we walked into his dressing room and he turned around and scratched the back of his neck and asked "umm do you wanna got out to dinner after this " i smiled and nodded" i would love to harry" he smiled and hugged me again "someone is exicted to see me"  i said giggling


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