Thats What I Thought

Ana and Paris never saw it coming


4. Come Again

   Ana's p.o.v

It has been about a week since me and Harry's so called "date" we hung out almost every day since. Harry is really nice but i dont think it will work out if we start dating plus i dont think he likes me like that anyways 

  the reason i think it wont work out between us if we ever started dating is because he is famous and i am just a ordinary girl he has every girl wrapped around his curls so when he finds someone prettier than me which is not very hard he will just leave me behind so.

    Harry's p.o.v

 OMG Ana is so gorgeus i think i am falling for her and i mean falling hard and fast we have hung out all week and it has been the best week of my entire life 

  She is coming over later and so is the 5SOS guys this is gonna be fun

  Paris's p.o.v 

 Ana and I are going over to the boys house to hang out and 5 seconds of summer are going to be there my favorite is Ashton man he is hot by hot i mean H-O-T on fire. 

  SO we are leaving right now

 Ana's p.o.v 

We just got to the boys place and 5 seconds of summer are here and i know perri has a huge crush on Ashton

 I knocked bang bang bang Harry opened the door "hey beautiful" he said i blushed "hi har bear" "har bear i like it" i giggled we walked in i sat down in between harry and luke

 "so harry what are we gonna do" i asked " umm i dont know how about truth or dare" he said "sure" every one said 

  So we started i went first "perri truth or dare" i said evily 

  "ummm dare" i smirked she got a worried look on her face "i dare you to go in the bedroom with Ashton  for 5 minutes and kiss" i stated every one but them started laughing they got up and went into the bedroom then i harry mumble under his "i wish that was me and Ana" i started giggling and he looked over and he whispered " did i say that out loud" i shook my head yes and started laughing and he blushed bad.

 They came back after 5 minutes and they both smiled like idiots 

we continued the game then it was perri's turn she turned towards me and said  "Ana truth or dare" "dare" i said proudly and smiled "i dare you to go in the kitchen and kiss harry for 7 minutes" my smile turned into a worried face harry and i looked scared we got up and went into the kitchen i jumped on the counter and harry walked over and he looked at me and said "you dont have to do this if u dont wanna" i looked at him and smiled shyly "come on" i said he walked over confused and stood between my legs and looked at me "what" he questioned and i just smashed my lips into his he kissed back he put his hands on my hips and i put my hands on his chest we pulled back for air 

     "that was the best first kiss ever" i yelled "wait what that was ur first kiss" he questioned "yeah" i mumbled embarressed  and looked down he pulled my chin up and made me look at him and he just kissed me again i wrapped my legs around him and he lefted me off the counter and pushed me against the wall not breaking the kiss when Paris walked in " times u- did i interupt something" she said smirking we just looked at her shocked my legs were still around harry i jumped down and wiped my mouth and stated bluntly "well obivoiusly" she laughed and walk out 

  after a while every one left paris went with ashton so it was just me and harry in his room "sooo" i said boredly "lets go to sleep" harry said yawning "ok sure" i said 

 we got under the covers me on one side and harry on the other after like a minute harry rolled over and faced me and wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me as close as possible to him and i layed my head on his chest and he whispered "i love you" in my ear i looked up and said "i love you too" he looked shocked "i thought you were asleep" he whispered "well im not" we giggled 

  we were just staring at each other and we started leaning in and then BAM we were kissing he rolled on top of me and it was a full on make out session i then rolled on top him cradling him and he sat up in sitting potion and we were just kissing and kissing it was amazing it felt like there was a war going on in my stomache we pulled back breathing heavy i rolled off of him and we just layed there trying to catch our breaths he then faced me and said "i love you more than anything and i really want you to be my girlfriend so Ana Spencer May will you be my girlfriend" i thought screw everything i thought about how we wouldnt work
"of course harry i would love to be your girlfriend" he smiled and pecked my lips and pulled me into his body then we fell asleep  


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