What You Know Isn't the Truth

Imagine everything you were taught wasn't true. That there is more out there then you thought, and you never realized that your mind was a prisoner in a place you thought was free.
Sophia thought she lived an average life, but she didn't know how trapped she was till she was free. After finding a hidden poem that was left for her from her brother, she tries to unscramble the words on the page to find out his true meaning and what he wanted to say for 14 years.


1. A Time and a Place

'Every time you think your going to fail, you succeed. Every time you think you will succeed you end up failing. The world is a cruel and twisted place Sophia, you never know whats right and wrong till it's too late; always trust your gut.' 

Sophia watched in awe as her big brother effortlessly carried stacks of wood that was about twenty times the weight that she was. At the age of 14 Sophia looked up to her brother more than the earth looks up to the sun. She was always mesmerized by the words he spoke, sometime he would make up poetry on the spot and it would sound as beautiful as the warm breeze that carried the sweet music of the small birds with magnificent lungs.

He was well built, with locks of dark brown hair that emphasized his cheekbones to give him a charming look about him. He had soft blue eyes that could easily make someones heart melt. Sophia yearned for his eyes, the soft beauty that they held, almost as if he had the key to the ocean somewhere deep inside his soul. Instead she got her mothers dark brown eyes that shield the world, no one could look into her soul. She was unsure why she allowed this to happen, for her to only open up to her brother, but she knew in her gut that was what she needed to do. 

A gunshot in the distance shattered the atmosphere, Sophia panicked and screamed out for her brother 'Eddy!' Ed swept Sophia of her feet and cradled her like a baby in his arms, as a shield. The gunshot went off again, this time closer. The tremendous crack echoed off the walls, causing a piercing sound in Sophia's ears. She clung tighter on to Eddy, and apparently it had the same effect on him as his muscles tensed and pulled her closer if that was even possible. 

CRACK! The single gun shot that went into Ed, causing him to lose balance and topple over. Everything suddenly went dark.

Moments passed in slow motion, Sophia scrambled out of the heavy weight that was crushing her to the ground, once she was free she realized that it was Ed lying motionless; blood seeping out at a constant rate that would be impossible to stop at this stage. Sophia cried out for her brother, falling to the ground and tugging at his arm 'Ed, Ed! Wake up! Eddy please. I need you.' 

A finger twitched at Sophia's call, Ed's eyes slowly opened to stare right into her eyes, he reached out for her hand. The pain on his face was unbearable to look at yet Sophia didnt dare take her eyes of him. 'Sophia, I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry. Run, run now.'

 'No, no. You are not leaving me, no way, Eddy, you can't.' Sophia sobbed her words only just audible to Ed. I'm not leaving you, there's no way i'm letting you- you- you go.'

'There's a time and a place for everything Sophia,' Ed whispered struggling to keep his eyes open, 'mine is always to be now, but you can change everything, take every opportunity to do what you must. One day this will be crystal clear to you, but at the moment nothing is what it seems.' 

'No, no, no.' Sophia kept repeating herself unconsciously. But as Ed's grip was loosening and his expression became more distant, Sophia snapped out of it and said the last words her brother will ever hear. 'Everything I do will be for you, that I can promise. Eddy, I promise, I love you and I trust you with my life.' Ed gave her hand a final squeeze until he was lying limp on the ground motionless.

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