Story of My Life

Boyxgirl boyxboy


8. Chapter 8

::Taylor Smith::

I yawned and stretched my limps out. "Ow." I heard a thick British accent mutter. My eyes shot open and saw Liam rubbing his cheek. Whoops. "Did I hit you?" I asked. He nodded and pouted. I chuckled. "Sorry Liam." I rubbed his cheek. I jumped off the bed and put on my shoes. I looked over to the front of the bed and saw the cutest thing!

Harry and Niall were asleep on the carpeted floor. Harry had a arm over Niall and Niall's head was against Harry's. I gestured Liam to come quickly. I mentally aw'd at the sight. Liam silently chuckled and grabbed his phone from the night stand and snapped a picture of it. "Perfect." He chuckled. He then put his phone away. "Come on. Let's go make breakfast before they wake up and eat all the food." Liam pulled me out the door. I whined. The only person who knows how to cook is Liam and Harry.

Louis almost burnt the building down and Zayn just doesn't try. I don't know how to cook either. But I can bake. He grabbed some ingredients and put them out on the counter. "So what do you want for breakfast?" He asked. What do I want for breakfast? "Pancakes." I grin cheekily. He nodded and grabbed the mix, a bowl, the milk, and a whisk. He mixed the ingredients and started stirring it. "Get the bacon out of the freezer and the eggs out of the fridge." He instructed. I obliged and grabbed the stuff.

"Go wake the boys while i cook." He said. Gosh he sounded like a house wife. I chuckled to myself and went back to the room. "Harry. Niall. Wake up." I call out. They just stirred. Might I add they were still in the same position. "Miley Cyrus is here!" I yell in attempt to wake them. Their eyes shot open. I chuckled. They looked at each other then at their arms and awkwardly separated. Harry coughed.

"Where's Miley?" Harry asked groggily as he stood up. I chuckled. "Probably twerking at her house." I shrugged. Niall then stood up. "That's not nice." Harry glared at me. I rolled my eyes and walked over to the kitchen. "They're coming." I told Liam as he cooked the bacon. "How'd you get them up that quickly?" He asked. "I may have told them that Miley was here." I trailed off. He chuckled.

"Works every time doesn't it?" He asked. I nodded and giggled. "Grab some plates please." He told me. I nodded and grabbed 4 plates. "Add 1 more. Louis is coming." He told me. I nodded. I grabbed 1 more and put them on the table. I walked over to the stove and saw the bacon sizzling. "Step back."he muttered. I hate being told what to do but I backed up and sat on a chair by the dining table.

Harry and Niall walked in. Harry's changed though. Niall just had a different shirt. "Good. You're both here." Louis says as he starts to serve the food. The door opens and slams shut. I jump off my seat and run towards Louis. He chuckled. "Tay." He hugged me. "Lou." I mumbled. "How you doing?" He asked. I know he's talking about yesterday. I shrugged. "Do you work today?" I asked. Changing the subject. He sighed. "No. I have the weekend off." He said. I smiled big.

"We get to spend the day together." I told him. He looked at me confused. "You're not going to school?" He asked. I shook my head.

"You have to go to school though. If the administrator finds out you missed. They're gonna ship you back to Canada." He said in all seriousness. It's true. "I don't feel good." I muttered and walked away from him and sat at the dining table. There was plate in front of me filled with bacon, pancakes, and some eggs.

"I think you can still go to school." Louis continues. I'd expect this from Liam. I shook my head like a stubborn little girl. "I'm not going Lou." I told him. He was getting me mad.

I never get mad at Lou. "Taylor. Do you know how serious it is, if you miss without a good excuse?" He asked with a little attitude. "I'm sorry. I didn't know. Me getting abused and almost raped wasn't a good enough excuse!" I yelled and and pushed my chair back.

That's when the tears started. Harry and Liam stared at me in shock. I've never screamed at Lou before. Niall just had a frown on his face. "I'm sorry." I whispered and turned around and ran out of their apartment to my apartment. I guess I am going to school. I don't want to. But Louis is right. If I don't go. They'll stop paying for my apartment and they'll ship me back to Canada. Canada isn't home for me anymore. England is. I changed into some jeans a light blue button up shirt that flows down. I slipped into my black boots and brush my brown hair down. It's naturally wavy so it looks nice.

I put on some make up. The normal kind. I grabbed my back pack and walked out the door. "Taylor. You ok?" I heard a thick Irish accent ask. I nodded without looking back and continued walking down the rest of the way. I'm very emotional if you didn't notice.


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