Story of My Life

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6. Chapter 6

It's been about 3 weeks since the day at the pub. I've gotten closer to Niall I guess you can say. But I'm just anxious. My moms coming over soon. She's coming this Friday afternoon. I can't do this. It's like I have to pretend to like my mom and her stupid boyfriend or tell the other guys the truth about her and her boyfriend. I really don't want to though. They shouldn't know about the she devil and her hitch man.

"Hey Taylor. You ok?" Niall whispered from his desk. I looked over at him. "Yeah why?" I whispered back. "You seem out of it." He said looking worriedly. "I'm fine Ni." I smiled and went back to the lesson. I could still sense Niall staring at me. If I didn't tell Louis and Harry, 2 boys who I've known longer. What makes you think I'm gonna tell Niall after just meeting him?

The bell rang indicating the end of school. I grabbed my bag and books and walked out the class. Niall and Harry came up to me. "Taylor you seem really out of it. Everything ok love?" Harry asked. "I'm fine." I smiled up at them. Why do they have to be so protecting? Seriously. "Taylor." Niall warned. Ugh I've only known him for a few weeks and he's already protective over me. How does that work?

"Guys leave Taylor alone." Liam came by. My knight in shining armor. I grabbed some books from my locker and walked away from them. They started bickering. My phone vibrated and I took it out of my phone. A little squeak escaped my mouth. It was a text message from my mom saying shes here early. That is like her. I would hide from her but she would come to the school and ask where I would be.

"Taylor you wanna hang at the cafe?" Niall asked. I bit my lip and shook my head. "I have a ton of homework. I'm sorry. Maybe next time. I'll go over after I'm done." I hugged him and walked off. I walked to the apartment in a slow pace. No rush. I really don't wanna get to my apartment and see my mom with her boyfriend. But sadly. I got there eventually. I walked up the stairs slower then a snail. "It's about time." I heard the same whiney voice from my mother.

"You seem different." I heard that disgusting voice of her boyfriend. He tried sounding seductive. I opened the door to my apartment letting them in. But Devon just pushed me in. I fell on the ground and looked up. Devon and my mom laughed at me. "So baby. What have you been up to?" Devon bent down in front of me and touched my face. I flinched back. "Don't touch me." I spat. He slapped my face. "Don't talk to me that way bitch." He hissed.

He's a sad excuse of a man. "Have you failed any classes whore?" My mom asked with disgust. "Actually no. I'm passing." I told her. "That's a fucking first." She chuckled and sat on the couch and took a cigar out and turned it on. "Why are you here?" I asked as I stood up. "We were trying to get this plan to get money off you but the stupid state said I needed to be more active with my child. So here I am." She said nonchalantly.

Devon started touching my arms. "Mmm you look so much better." He spoke in a seductive tone that made me wanna puke. "I'm gonna go buy more cigars." My mom called out and walked out the front door slamming it shut behind her. Devon smirked over at me. He started picking up my shirt. "S-stop." I stuttered out. "Remember the first time I took you to bed?" He asked lifting my shirt higher. "Leave me alone." I pushed him. He wouldn't budge.

He pushed me on the couch and jumped on top of me. He kissed me roughly. "Stop." I said but it came out muffled. "Stop moving bitch." He yelled. I flinched. He tore off my shirt and took off my bra. "Mmm they're bigger." He grabbed my boobs. "Leave me alone." I pushed his chest to get him off me. He slapped me across the face. He unbuckled my pants and started pulling them down.

I tried kicking but he just held them down. "Remember last time you tried fighting?" He smirked. I gulped and nodded. Last time I kicked him in the balls, he drugged me. Worst night ever. He took off my pants and my panties. He gazed over my body. He unzipped his pants and boxer and slipped them down. He took out his dick and started jerking it.

"Suck it bitch." He demanded and stuffed his dick into my mouth. I gagged and bit his head. "You fucking bitch!" He yelled and punched my face. I heard a knock on my door and Devon was still groaning in pain. "Taylor?" I heard Liam's voice. "G-go away." My voice broke. I jumped off the couch and ran into my bedroom closing the door behind me.

"Taylor!" I heard Harry and Louis call out. I held onto the side of my face. Keeping it from hurting. I felt sick and dirty. I heard a knock on my door. I grabbed my blanket and covered myself. "L-Leave me a-alone." I called out. My voice breaking again. The door busted open. I covered my face hiding myself. "Taylor." I heard somebody gasp.

They walked towards me but I just kept scooting myself back. "D-don't touch me." I stuttered out. "Taylor. I'm not gonna hurt you." Liam said. I shook my head. "Didn't you fucking hear her? She said to leave her the fuck alone." I heard my mothers voice. No no no no. This can't be happening. "Who are you?" Liam asked. "Her mother you British fuck." My mom snapped. I started crying harder.

Can I actually loose Liam and the guys because of her? "We're not leaving her." Liam said sternly. I felt a rough hand wrap around my arm. They pulled me up roughly. "Taylor. Wanna show your friends what you like to do at home?" My mom smirked. I knew exactly what she was gonna show them. I shook my head and backed away. She pulled on my hair and pulled me out my room. "Come on slut." She snapped and pulled me out to the living room. Harry Niall and Louis were out here watching Devon.

She pushed me towards Devon. "You little bitch. You're gonna regret it." Devon hissed in my ear. I started crying at the pressure he had on my waist. I could feel a bruise coming along. "Don't touch her." Harry snapped. "You mean like this?" He grabbed on my boobs. "S-stop." I stuttered out. He pulled on my hair. "Shut the fuck up." He hissed. I started feeling weak. Zayn walked in the room. Anybody else wanna come see this screwed up situation?

"Let her go before you regret it twat." Okay really twat? He pushed me on the ground. "Wanna start something?" He smirked. Niall came up to me and hugged me. "Come on Taylor." He helped me up and took me to my room. "You okay?" He asked after a while. I nodded slowly. I'm alive aren't i? I rubbed my eyes but then flinched. "Don't touch it right now. It's bruised badly." He grimaced.

I heard a lot of grunting. What's going on out there? "It's okay Taylor." He assured me. I crawled onto my bed and pulled Niall with me. I really don't care that I'm naked under this blanket. He had his back against the headboard and I rested my head against his shoulder.

Harry and Louis walked into my room minutes later. "Taylor you ok?" Harry sat beside me. I shrugged. "Where's Devon?" I asked. "The cops took him and your mother got deported." Louis explained. I nodded.

I frankly don't care what happens to them. "How'd you know?" I asked. "It was Liam. We knew you never have homework and Liam told us your mother was coming." Louis explained. I bit my lip. So now they know everything? "Don't worry Tay. He only told us that they're bad people." Louis said. I nodded. Liam and Zayn then walked in my room. "Tay. I think it's time to tell the guys." Liam said. I bit my lip.

"So this all started when..."


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