Story of My Life

Boyxgirl boyxboy


2. Chapter 2


"Louis stop." I giggled. He just continued. I grabbed onto my stomach to keep it from hurting. "Louis you're gonna kill the poor girl." Liam snapped. Harry walked in with an amused face. He sat next to me. "Breathe Tay. You're face is going red." His heavy British accent ordered. I started breathing normally. "You good?" Liam asked. I chuckled but nodded. "What was so funny?" Harry asked. Come to think of it. I don't even remember. I shrugged and Louis chuckled. "You would forget." He said. They know me so well.

These British twats. I've known them for 2 years. I don't even live in England! I'm Canadian. Born and raised. They had this exchange program in my school and in their school. So I moved over to finish high school. 9-12. This isn't gonna be my last year here. I have 2 more years to go. I'm young I know. It's gonna be Liam's and Zayn's last year though. I'm gonna miss these losers when I do graduate though! Like how can you not get used to them they're awesome and make the best mates anyone could ask for, eh? "We're having a new exchange student. Crazy how the school can provide for anther one. This ones coming from Ireland." Zayn entered the room. I know what your saying. '4 boys and 1 girl?' Well I don't live with them. I live on my own in the same apartment building as Harry and Liam. They share an apartment while Louis and Zayn have their own place a few blocks away. Trust me I've tried making friends with girls but they just use me to get to the boys. I've also tried making friends with other boys. But the only thing they wanted, was to get into my pants. Harry and Zayn taught them a lesson or two.

Louis Tomlison is the older one of the 4 boys. Believe it or not. He pulls prank after prank. But one things for sure. Louis' there for you when you need him. You can always count on him. He graduated last year and he's going to college right now. He's very mature when he wants to be.

Zayn Malik is the second oldest. If you see him out on the street. You'd think he's a cold hearted killer or gang member. Trust me. When I first saw him I was afraid of him. But he kinda grew on me. He's very protective over me and his girl friend Perrie. They're just to cute together. They been dating since the 8th grade. At least that's what I heard.

Liam Payne. 3rd oldest. At first I thought he was the oldest of the boys. He's very mature. I never grew up with a father. But when I look at Liam. I see him as a father figure. He gives great advice. He would be a great father some day. You can always count on Liam.

Harry Styles. How can I forget the youngest? He's the sensitive one. He's always flirting with everybody though. It's cute. He's my age. He's just older by a few months. Harry is my best mate. I can tell him everything. Him and Louis. Liam is more like my teddy bear and well Zayn is like my body guard. Even though he's busy with his girl friend he still cares about me.

"Boy or girl?" I asked hoping its a girl. I may or may not want to try to make friends again. "Boy. He's our age." Zayn said pointing between him and Liam. Great. "Name?" I asked. "Niall Horan." I nodded. "When is he coming?" I asked. He looked at his phone. "Tomorrow afternoon. We're gonna have to pick him up." He informed me. Why us? Oh right. Because we're very involved in school. Plus they think the boys are very good with outsiders since I became very close to them. Dumb eh? I don't care though.

"Well I'm gonna get going. Have class tomorrow." Louis said coming over to me to hug me. "Bye Lou." He kissed my cheek and pulled away. He did his very confusing and different handshakes with each lad. Zayn looked at his watch and then took out his phone and texted away. "I'm gonna get going too. Bye Tay." Zayn came by and hugged me and waved off to the lads. Louis and Zayn both left. I'm usually stuck with Liam and Harry. I'm not complaining though.

"So Tay." Harry sat next to me. At some point getting lost in my thoughts he left. "So Harry." I mimicked him with a smirk. He just chuckled and turned in his seat to look at me. "How are you?" He asked concerned. Okay when did he turn into Liam? "Well considering I'm 17 away from home. Away from everything. I'm fine." I answered. I have a big past and I kinda left it at Canada.

"You never told us about your home in Canada". Harry commented. I stiffened at the word 'home'. Home my ass. That place I used to sleep wasn't home. It was more like a damn hotel or foster home. My mother would bring a different guy home every damn day. He of course would use me. I feel so disgusted by just remembering it. "Well there's nothing to tell." I pulled a fake smile. "Tay-" he started but Liam cut him off. "Harry drop it." I may or may have not told him about my past. I had to ok? I'm not proud of it.

I had a panic attack when a guy from school tried getting me in bed. Liam Harry and Zayn got there in time though. Harry and Zayn knocked some sense into him while Liam tried calming me down. I was hyperventilating. I had to tell him about my past. "Fine. I'm sorry love." He apologized. "It's fine Haz." I hugged him tightly. "I'm gonna go boys. I'm getting tired." I yawned. "Stay and watch a movie. Please?" Harry asked with hopefulness in his eyes. He looked like a little boy asking his mother to buy him a toy. How could I say no?

"What movie?" I asked as I moved around the couch. "Rush hour." He smiled widely. I nodded approvingly. Liam sat on the other side of me. Harry put the DVD in and sat down pressing play. I yawned again. Maybe I'm just gonna watch 15 minutes of it. Or maybe not..

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