Story of My Life

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13. Chapter 13

::Niall Horan::

I was fidgeting in my seat. Taylor hasn't said a word since Louis pulled her into the living room. It's been extremely quiet and it's driving me bonkers. I like her a lot but I'm afraid she's gonna pick Harry. Yes I know she kissed me but who knows who's shes gonna pick?

What if she likes somebody else? Who am I kidding. She wouldn't risk liking somebody else that's out side of our circle knowing the other lads would got protective mode on her. Harry looked as bad as me. But he looked more nervous. Why? Who knows. I was starting to get a nasty headache. Turns out when Harry slammed my head against the fridge it gave me a nasty migraine. I just didn't pay attention to it. But now it's back.

I got off the couch and walked into the restroom and looked in the medicine cabinet for some Tylenol. I grabbed the bottle and closed the medicine cabinet. "Holy." I breathed out as I saw a different figure behind me in the reflection. Harry's. "Erm sorry for scaring you. I came here to apologize. If Taylor picks you. I still wanna be your friend." He awkwardly says.

"Same goes for me mate." I smiled and turned back to my reflection. This busted lip is gonna take a while to get better. I grabbed two pills and downed them quickly. I opened the medicine cabinet and grabbed some ointment and closed it. "Jesus." What's with everybody popping out from behind me? "Sorry mate." Louis chuckled lightly.

"Don't have to worry about Harry and I. We aren't gonna be fighting anymore." I told him as I applied the ointment on my cuts. I winced. They weren't that deep. I never actually thought I'd fight another guy for a girl but I did. "I don't care who she chooses. Just don't let it get between you and Harry." He told me standing against the frame. I nodded. I understand that the lads are very protective because they don't even know me. I just came from Ireland. I bet they have known each other all their life.

My lip was badly bruised and cut open. He walked away without saying another word. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a frozen bag of peas. I placed it in a small towel and wrapped it. I closed the freezer. "Hey Niall." Taylor nearly gave me a heart attack. I'm seriously gonna die because of these people. "Hey." I breathed out and placed the bag of peas on my lip.

She fidgeted in her spot. "You can stop being nervous. I'm not gonna bite you." I chuckled. She smiled and walked up to me. "How's your lip?" She asked. "I can manage." I assured her. She shouldn't feel guilty for this. It's Harry and my fault. She stepped closer and took the bag of peas off my lips, ever so slowly. "It's badly bruised." She touched my lip with the tip of her finger.

I was closing my eyes and leaning in to her touch. I felt her slide her finger over my bottom lip and placed her palm on my cheek. I opened up my eyes and looked down at hers. It's things like this that make me like her so much. I leaned in slowly. Once our lips met. It sent fireworks throughout my body. It felt like the whole world stopped. I just loved the way our lips move in sync. Perfect rhythm.

"Cough cough." I heard somebody say. Crap. We pulled away quickly, panting quietly. "Am I interrupting something?" Louis smirked and raised his eyebrow. I looked over at Taylor. I don't know if that kiss meant anything to her. "Gosh Lou. Can you be more of a buzzkill?" Taylor asked and shook her head at him. She walked out the kitchen.

"What happened? Taylor just walked out of the room?" Harry asked walking into the kitchen. I placed the frozen bag of pea back on my lip so I wouldn't talk. "Pumpkin. When doesn't she walk out of the room?" Louis said. "Lou I told you not to call me pumpkin." Harry groaned. They have a weird friendship. "I need to straighten things out with Taylor. I'll be right back." I told them as they kept bickering over 'pumpkin'.

I walked over to her apartment. "Taylor. Can I talk to you?" I knocked on the door. Seconds later the door flew open. "Listen Taylor. I like you a lot. Ever since I laid eyes on you I had a crush on you. But I've had a girl friend before. She played with my feelings so I broke up with her. What I'm saying is that. If you like me. Tell me. If you don't, then don't mess with my feelings." I said all in one breath.

"Niall. I like you too. I'm just afraid if I start something with you. I won't be able to finish it. I'm afraid what's gonna happen if it doesn't work out." She sadly looked down. I sat on the couch next to her and lifted her chin up so she can look at me. "Taylor. I can assure you. I would never hurt you. We can start out slow." I suggested. "Really?" She smiled.

"Sure. Whatever makes you comfortable."


*3 days later*

"Taylor. You ok?" I asked from my spot. We were currently in our 2nd period. She keeps yawning. We've only started dating. Not the full package yet. Just the simple hug and kiss in public. I'm ok with it. No pet names. I actually hate pet names. She nodded. "Fine". She yawned again. Not gonna push.

The bell rang indicating class is over. I grabbed my books and slipped them into my backpack. I grabbed Taylor's bag and slung it over my shoulder. Harry knows we're starting something. He hasn't said a word to either me or Taylor. I don't know if that's a food thing or a bad thing.

"Come on Taylor. We're gonna meet the lads at the cafeteria." I grabbed her hand and pulled her down the hallway. The cafeteria is packed like always. We walked directly to our table passing all the people in the line. Liam and Harry were deep in conversation when we got there. Of course Perrie and Zayn were eating their faces off.

We sat on the edge and waited for Liam to give us our lunch. You see, we take turns making everybody's lunch to save money. Today happened to he Liam's day. "Hey lads." I waved to them. Only Liam and Ashton answered. I thought Harry would've answered.

Liam tossed us our bags. Taylor had her head leaned up against her arms. "Tay here's your lunch." I nudged her a bit. She wouldn't budge. "Taylor. Are you asleep?" Ashton asked from across the table. I looked at her face. Sure enough she was asleep.

"Why is she sleeping? She never does that." Liam said as he stood up and walked towards us. He crouched down next to Taylor. "Taylor. Wake up dear. You can't sleep during lunch." He shook her. Her eyelids fluttered open. "What's wrong Taylor? Why are you sleeping?" Liam asked. She shook her head and yawned.

"I'm fine. Seriously Liam." She smiled sleepily at him. "Don't give me that crap." He hissed. She groaned. "I've been having nightmares nonstop. I can't sleep." She sighed. "What are your nightmares about?" I asked and wrapped my arm around her waist. "Mom. Devon. Dad." She shuddered.

"Why are you having them now?" I asked. "I had them since I was 7. They just kinda stopped when I came to England. Now they're back." She explained. "Go to the nurse's office Tay. You could get insomnia." Liam suggested. She nodded and lazily stood up. "Want me to join you?" I asked. She shook her head.

"Have a nice lunch Niall." She leaned down and kissed my cheek and walked out the cafeteria. Harry had this neutral expression. I think the only person who doesn't hate me right now is Liam Ashton and Louis. I don't know about Zayn. He's always attached to his girlfriend. "Hey Liam." This high pitched voice called out. "Hey Sophia." Liam smiled lovingly at her.

If only he could open his damn eyes and see that Sophia is only using him.


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