Story of My Life

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12. Chapter 12

::Liam Payne::

"Louis. Niall. Harry. Can you guys come over here?" I called out. I walked into the kitchen and waited for them to come. They've been acting strange lately and I want to know what's going on. They walked in shortly glaring at each other. Louis was just in the middle of it. "What the fuck is going on?" I snapped staring at them.

Louis may be older then me but he still respects me. "I'm not coming in between this mess." Louis shrugged and sat on a chair. "You two need to spill it." I pointed between Harry and Niall who looked like teenage girls. After a few moments of silence Louis broke it. "Ugh. Niall and Harry both like Taylor. They're fighting over her and I'm trying to get them to work it out." Louis explained it.

I chuckled. "You two need to grow a pair and work it out." I rolled my eyes and pulled Louis out the kitchen and locked it behind us. "Open the fucking door!" Harry yelled slamming on the door. "Not in till you work it out." I called back and walked into the living room. Everybody was looking at the movie. How did they not hear that? "Where's Taylor?" Louis asked the lads.

"Said she was tired so she went to Liam's room." Calum shrugged. I sat on the couch next to Luke and Ashton and watched 'the amazing Spider-Man' to be honest. I like the original one better. Toby Maggiore is an amazing actor. It's not that bad actually but I still prefer the original one. I felt my phone vibrate. When I took it out it was a text.

*Can you come over?;* *


::Taylor Smith::

I woke up to the sound of stuff breaking. What now. I jumped off of Liam's bed and walked my way towards the kitchen where Louis and Liam were already. "What's going on?" I asked. "Don't know." Liam opened the kitchen door and walked in. I followed his lead and gasped. Harry had Niall pinned to the floor. Niall had a bloody nose and a swollen lip.

"Harry get off of him!" I yelled and tore him off of him. I bent down on my knees and examined Niall's face. "What the hell is your problem? You three have been acting strangely. Stop fighting eh." I yelled. Stupid accent. Liam and Louis looked amused, while Harry looked beyond pissed off. Niall just looked hurt. I grabbed his hand and pulled him up with his help. Niall isn't the only one hurt but Harry isn't hurt half as bad as Niall.

I pulled him out the kitchen. I swear I think I heard Harry say, 'you got to be fucking kidding me' and some chuckles from the boys. But I chose to ignore it. I lead Niall to the restroom. "You haven't spoken Niall. What's wrong? Why was Harry beating you?" I asked. He ran his hands through his hair before looking into my eyes. He opened his mouth to say something but then closed it.

He shook his head. I sighed. Why isn't he talking. "Niall please talk to me." I pleaded as I grabbed a cloth to wash up the blood. I don't have a problem with blood. I just hate the smell. I think I'd go crazy if I see a lot of blood. I stared wiping the blood. "Are you gonna talk to me? Or just ignore me?" I asked. He shrugged. Really? Once I was done wiping most of the blood off. I examined his face.

He was so flawless. Even with the swollen lip and bloody nose. He still looked amazing. I don't anybody can actually damage his face. It's just to perfect to wreck. He had the most perfect face structure. Then there's his ocean blue eyes that always have a tint of grey. He always has that smile on his face even when he's mad.

I didn't know I was actually staring for so long till he snapped me out of it. "Like the view?" He asked with a smirk. My cheeks flushed in embarrassment. "Sorry." I squeaked out. He chuckled lightly and stared up into my eyes since he was seated on the toilet with the seat down and I was towering over him. He brushed my hair back and cupped my cheek. Just his touch itself sends electricity throughout my body.

I started leaning into his touch. So was he. I could feel his minty breath hit me lips. There was a mix of blood in it too. I closed the space in between us and kissed him. I know I shouldn't be doing this. But I can't help it. I love how our lips move in perfect sync. He pulled away before our kiss got anymore heated.

We were bother panting. I could feel my cheeks flushed.

"You're cute." He chuckled and stood up. Did he just call me cute? Only puppies and kittens are cute. I pouted and walked out the bathroom with him behind me. I sat on the couch in between Liam and Louis. "Where's Calum Luke and Ashton?" I asker. "Michael called them. He needed help with something." Harry shrugged from the other couch not even glancing at me. Zayn wouldn't stop staring at his phone.

I hopped off the couch and all eyes were on me. Geez. I walked up to Zayn and took his phone from him. "Hey." He whined. I ignored it and marked Perries number and walked out the living room. "Zayn?" She answered on the 3rd ring. She sounded like she was crying. "It's Taylor. What's happened between you two?" I answered her. "Oh." She sounded disappointed.

She sniffled a little. "We got into an argument and we both said stuff we didn't mean." She cried. "Aw. Baby girl. Don't cry. Wanna talk to Zayn?" I asked. She sniffled. "No. I'm sure he doesn't wanna talk to me. That's why you called right?" Her voice cracked. "Oh no. Sweetheart. He's afraid to call or text because he's afraid you won't answer him. You could see the regret in his eyes. You know he loves you." I told her trying to reassure her.

"Okay. Can i talk to him?" She asked timidly. "Of course. Just a sec." I told her and walked back into the living room. Zayn's head snapped to me. "What happened?" He asked. I handed him his phone. "Talk to her Zayn." I coaxed. He seemed unsure but stepped out of the living room anyways. "That was nice of you." Liam said. "Zayn and Perrie make an adorable couple and they're my best friends. I hate seeing them fight. Even if it's for a dumb reason. They should work it out." I said. I actually meant it for Niall and Harry. By the looks of their faces. They know it was aimed for them.

"Thank you so damn much Taylor. I love you! I was such a coward all day. Can't thank you enough." Zayn walked in and picked me up, hugging me tightly. I chuckled. "You're welcome Zayn. Love you too. Can you let me down now?" I asked. He chuckled and let me down on the ground gently. "I'm gonna go. See ya around." He waved off to the boys before hugging me and kissing me on my forehead and leaving.

"Now it's time for Harry and Niall to make up." I pointed between the stubborn boys. Liam looked at his phone. "I'm gonna have to go." Liam mumbled not taking his eyes off his phone. "Sophia?" I asked wanting to barf. She's Liam's on and off girlfriend. I swear that girls bipolar. I wanna smack her for hurting Liam so many times. I can say she does make him happy when she has her shit together.

He nodded. "I'll see you guys." He said getting up and hugging me on the way out. Eleanor, Sophia, nor Perrie have any problem with me hanging with their boyfriends so often. They know I'm like a little sister to them. Eleanor is Louis' girlfriend. They aren't close as Zayn and Perrie but they aren't far like Sophia and Liam. They make an absolute adorable couple. Eleanor goes to a university just a few hours away while Louis is going to the community one to get a high gpa so he has more chances to graduate quickly.

When I snapped out of my thoughts Harry and Niall were both bickering. "Will you two stop! Work it out now." I snapped at them too. Louis looked amused. I usually don't get mad. Unless I'm on my month. But I'm not. Just fyi. "Louis why do they keep fighting?" I asked ignoring the other two boys' stares. He opened his mouth to say something but Niall quickly stood up and pulled me out the living room.

I looked at him questioningly. "Are you gonna explain it to me?" I asked waiting for an explanation. He scratched the back of his neck. Harry walked out the living room. "Taylor. I have something to tell you." He mumbled. He looked nervous? "I'm talking to her Harry." Niall snapped. "Both of you stop." I rubbed my temples. "I like you." I heard two voices say. I was taken back.

" I like you guys too. Are you gonna tell me now why you guys are fighting?" I asked them eyeing them carefully. "I have feelings for you Tay. I like you more then a friend." Harry says. "We've been fighting because we both have feelings for you." Niall explained. This is some messed up love triangle. "I-I don't know what to say." I bite my lip.

Louis walked in. "Leave the poor girl alone." He pulled me back in the living room. Harry's my best mate. I had a crush on Harry about 2 years ago. I grew out of it when I saw him going out with a different girl every day. Niall is different. I've had a crush on him since he came and I kissed him. I feel bad for Harry though. If I do end up dating Niall one day. What would happen with Harry and Niall's friendship? What would happen to our friendship?

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