Story of My Life

Boyxgirl boyxboy


10. Chapter 10

::Louis Tomlison::

"Taylor." We called out as she hopped on her feet and ran up the stairs. More like stumbled up the stairs. I told her not to drink for a damn reason. She looked pale and hurt. Hurt? "I'll go check on her." Niall hopped to his feet and followed after her. I kinda think he likes her. I don't care who she ends up with. As long as they treat her right.

Everything was awkward. I coughed. "So erm. Are we gonna continue?" Ashton asked. Some agreed. Harry seemed distant. Like he was thinking about something. "I think it's enough for us." I told the boys and grabbed Harry's arm. He looked like absolute shit. He's been drinking a lot lately. If it's at home or at the pub. He's been drinking. He never drank.

"What's wrong Haz?" I asked him. "Nothing. I'm fine." He muttered and looked everywhere but at me. "Haz you ain't fooling me. What's up?" I asked. "I just kissed a girl, I don't know, when I like somebody else." He sighs. "Who's that somebody else?" I furrow my eyebrows. "Taylor." He admits. His cheeks flush red. Who would've known? I don't question him.

"I'm gonna go check on Niall and Taylor." I point up the stairs. I see a little jealously flash through his eyes. I walk up the stairs and look into the restroom. They weren't there. I walk up to every bedroom but they were locked. There was one door that wasn't locked but wasn't closed either. There was a crack. Right as I was about to knock. I gasped. "I love you Niall." I heard Taylor's drunken voice say. I open the door to see Taylor knocked out and Niall with the same expression as mine.

"Did you just? Did she just?" He couldn't find the words. I nod. What is this? "I'm sure she's to drunk to know what she's saying." I told him. This is some messed up love triangle. "Let's just get her home." I told him. He nodded and picked her up. "Mind driving me?" He asked. I nodded. Liam can take Harry home. We walked down the stairs and quickly said goodbye to the boys. I opened the door for Niall as he laid Taylor in the back and sat in the back with her.

"Do you think she meant it?" I asked. Niall shrugged. "I really don't know." He sighed. "What's wrong Ni?" I asked as I started the car. "I've had a crush on Taylor for a while now. I just thought it would go away. But after tonight. I don't think it will." He explained. "If you end up with her. Don't hurt her. She's been through enough pain." I warn him. He nods. "Of course." Once we got to the apartment I parked by the entrance. "Want me to drive you home or will you stay at Liam's place?" I asked. He looked at Taylor then at me. "I'm fine. I'll walk home." He tells me.

I'm not sure if he's actually gonna do it. But who am I to judge? "I'll come over tomorrow. You should too. Zayn is coming over to hang with the lads. It's been a while since he hasn't been distracted by Perrie." I told him. He nodded and hopped off the car with Taylor. "Talk to you later mate." He says before closing the door. I waited till he walked into the building before driving off. I grabbed my phone and looked at my missed calls and messages.

*babe I'm sorry. It was a mistake. Call me?*

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