Story of My Life

Boyxgirl boyxboy


1. Chapter 1

::Taylor Smith::


"Taylor Smith." I heard the principle announce. I won? I won! I get to be in the transfer program and go somewhere away from all the shit here! I jumped out of my seat and ran up the podium. "So Taylor. Because of your grade levels. You have the right to enter this program and go to England for your high school years." The principle explained to me. I nodded understandingly. "You'll be leaving this afternoon. You have the rest of the day to pack. We'll be by your house around 3 flight leaves at 7." He told me. I nodded once more and ran off the stage and out the assembly hall.

I grabbed my backpack and all my school supplies from my locker. Goodbye suckers! I was bullied here practically everyday for no good reason. But now I'm leaving! I quickly ran home to get my stuff together. I'm gonna take a few of my clothes with me but I know I'm gonna have to buy some more later. England. Wow. I've always wanted to visit that place. My mother would always tell me I'd never get to go there because I'm to stupid.

Once I got home I ran to my bedroom pulled out a luggage and started filling it with different articles of clothing. "Taylor Jennifer Smith! What are you doing home early?" My mother barked from her spot by the doorway. She had a cigarette in her mouth. "I'm getting my stuff together. I'm going to England. Remember that paper you signed? Giving me permission to enter the contest? To leave?" I said narrowing it down for her. "You actually won that?" She was surprised. "Wow now a days they pick any sucker." She laughed. I didn't find it funny. Andrew, moms current boyfriend, walked in. He walked up to me and grabbed my waist looking at me hungrily.

He kissed my lips roughly and grabbed my ass. I gasped and tried pushing him away. He just held on tighter. He started lifting my shirt and started feeling every inch of visible skin. I whimpered as he started sucking on my neck. I looked behind him and saw my mom just staring at us with an amused expression. this ain't new. "S-stop." I yelled. He just pulled on my hair. He started unbuckling my pants and ripped off my shirt leaving me in my panties and bra.


I woke up with a sore. I looked at the time it was 2:50. Crap. I quickly showered and changed into something comfortable. I grabbed my luggage and head out my bedroom and out the door. "Yo slut. Aren't you gonna say bye?" My mother yelled. I just ignored her. The car soon stopped in front of my house. I didn't wait a second longer and hopped into the van. I wanna get out of here now.

"You're ready?" The driver asked. I nodded. I have everything I care about. He drove in silence. I didn't mind but it was pretty awkward. He'd try to create small talk at times but it just failed. Thankfully we made it to the airport. He gave me the ticket and helped me with my suitcase. "Flight 409. Gate 5. It's to your left." He said. I nodded and grabbed my case.


Once I landed in England i grabbed my case and walked out. is somebody gonna pick me up? i looked around the crowd till i saw a board with 'Smith' written on it. I guess it was mine? "I'm smith." I told the man. "First name?" His thick British accent asked. "Taylor Smith." I smiled. He nodded and grabbed my case. "Right this way love." He said. He was 6 feet something. He dark black hair and he looked around 34 years old? He seemed nice.

Once we got into the car he started driving "so you must be smart to be in this exchange program." He said trying to create small talk. I smiled. "Well all I can say that the hard work payed off. Eh?" Damn. "Your Canadian?" He asked with an amused expression. He kept looking into the rear view mirror. I bit my lip but nodded. "How's Canada?" He asked. "Well it's big and green and its always cold." I shrugged. He chuckled. "Just like England. But without the green part." He said. "Uh if you don't mind. I'm gonna drop you off at this apartment building that's only 2 blocks away from school. Plus there's some students there that live there as well." He explained to me. I nodded understandingly still looking out the window enjoying the view.

"We're here miss." He interrupted me. I nodded and hopped off the car. He helped me with my suitcase. "All the papers for your apartment complex are filled and paid. The school will pay as long as you get good grades and never miss school." I nodded. That's not so bad right? "Here's your keys. Floor 5 room 12. " he told me. I grabbed my case. "Thank you sir." I told him as I turned around and walked into the building. I walked up the stairs and into my apartment. It had all the furniture. Not so bad. I closed the door behind me and hopped into the bed. I have to go to school tomorrow to pick up my schedule.


The driver from yesterday was right. The school was exactly 2 blocks away. I walked through the front doors and searched for the registration desk. "Are you lost?" A thick British accent asked me. I gotta get used to this. I turned around to meet a tall pale boy with brown eyes and brown/black hair. "Uh yes." I squeaked. "What are you doing here on a Saturday? Unless you come to school on Saturdays to eh?" I hate my accent! It comes out in the most awkwardest times! He chuckled. "No. We're helping around the school. I'm Liam. You must be the exchange student from Canada." I nodded. "Taylor." I shook his hand. "How'd you know?" I asked. "Oh I was suppose to pick you up but I got busy here. Sorry bout that. The registration desk is down the hall. I gotta go. I'll see you around love." He laid his hand on my shoulder and squeezed it before he left. Liam seems so respectful.

I walked down the hall till I came to a stop. "Hello?" I called out. "Can I help you?" A perky woman asked. "Yeah. I'm the exchange student. I'm suppose to get my schedule for Monday?" I told her. "Oh yes. Welcome! Here's your schedule. Here's all your books to each class. Your p.e. shirt and shorts. I hope they fit. Plus just some extra school supplies." She said putting them in a plastic bad. "Thank you?" I had the bag in my hand. "I'll see you Monday to explain more sweetheart." She said. I nodded.

I walked out the building and started walking quickly to my apartment. I don't think this bag will hold any longer. I ran up the stairs. As I was getting closer to my door. I saw two boys playing in the hallway. They're not your typical 6 year old boys. They looked like 16-18 ok? The bag finally gave up and dropped all my books. I heard one of the guys laughing. Jerk? I bent down to grab my books. A hand came into view. I looked up and met up with this curly haired boy. He had green emerald eyes. "So you're the exchange student?" He asked referring to all the books I'm guessing. I bit my lip and nodded. "Harry." He smiled and helped me up. "Taylor." I can't deny that Harry has this thing where he makes me feel all giddy inside.

"Excuse me Harold." The boy who laughed earlier came into the picture. "I'd like to apologize for laughing. I wasn't laughing at you. I was laughing at the fact that the school does this to all the new bees. Your bag just lasted longer." He chuckled. So those jerks give heavy books in plastic bags on purpose? "Louis." He took his hand. I shook it but before I could pull away he kissed my hand. Awkward. A guy with black hair in a quiff walked up the stairs and looked over at Harry and Louis. He was darker then Harry and Louis. He seemed mysterious and dangerous. He also seemed mean.

"Harry. Liam's downstairs. He needs help with something. You should go to Louis." His voice boomed. "Excuse us. Have a nice afternoon and see you Monday." Harry waved off as he turned on his feet and walked down the stairs passing the mysterious boy. "Yeah what he said." Louis gestured towards Harry and followed after him. I turned around and looked for my keys. Once I successfully pulled it out. I put it in the keyhole and turned it but the dumb knob wouldn't budge. My books were on the edge of falling. I groaned loudly as I fiddled with the dumb door.

"Need a hand?" The mysterious boy asked. I jumped a little. I thought he left. "Uh yes. This dumb door won't open and it's driving me crazy eh." Stupid accent that doesn't make sense! He chuckled and walked towards me. He grabbed the keys from my hands. "Canadian?" He asked with an amused smirk on his face. "That obvious eh?" I asked. He chuckled and nodded. He put the key in the keyhole and jiggled it a bit. The door finally opened it after a few short try's.

"Here ya go love." He smiled down at me. "Thank you..." I trailed off. "Zayn. You are welcome Taylor." He smirked at me. "See you at school." He gave my shoulder a squeeze before he left. All the boys I've met today seem to be connected some how. Zayn told Harry and Louis that Liam was downstairs. I'm pretty sure it's the same Liam I met this morning. Well they seem like nice lads. I'm sure I'd get along with them. Even as a neighbor...

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