Changed Life.

Four girls. Three months. Two tasks. One chance.
These girls are the loners. Not noticed. They want to be pretty and popular. They only have one chance to make things right. Will it work or will it blow up in there faces?
This does have 1d in it. Don't worry


8. Ready?

Previously on Changed Life

"Omigod it's Harry styles!"

"Okay so I'll see you at my party?" Channing said.

"We're going to Channing's party yeah!"


Ashlee's pov

I walked into my house off the bus and something seemed off. "Mom?" I called. She's usually home. There was no reply. I dropped my stuff on the couch and walked to the fridge. On the fridge there was a note.

Dear Ashlee,

I'll be gone for a few days. Have fun! Be safe! Love you,


Yeah!! Moms gone. It sucks that I couldn't say bye but whatevs. I walked into my room and sat down on my chair. I grabbed my mac book and my chrome. I have two different laptops. I turned on my sound station and hit shuffle. I also turned on my monitor and plugged in my mac and chrome. The monitor spilt screens and a started my homework. I used my mac to back up all my files and my chrome to actually do work. About 20 minutes later I was done. I turned off my monitor and looked down at my clothes. I live my dress but I need to change. I put on a white cropped top and jean shorts. I switched my sandals for high tops. I walked back downstairs and made a snack. I made a tuna sandwich with chips. Sounds weird really good. Then the phone rang. Again. I ignored it the first time but it must be really important. "Hello?" I asked. "Hey chica!" Elli said. "Hola señorita! How's its going?" "Good. Hey come on over were bout to go into the pool Kay?" She said, "got it. Be over soon!" I replied. I finished my sandwich and changed into my swimsuit. I put my clothes back over it and grabbed my sunglasses. There ray bans. I love them. I walked out of the house and across the street. I walked down two doors to Ellysia's house. I walked through her white gate that had our handprints on it. We did that when we were seven. Ellis pool is huge. Her backyard is 1.5 acres and her pool is about half that. "Hey girles!" "Heyyy!" They reply. "So Channing's party tonight. Skirt or dress?" "I don't know. I'm doing...... Yeah I ain't gotta clue" alli says. "We'll get dressed they come over to mine. Moms not home. Alli how bout you?" I asked, "mine too. There In America. New York to be exact." She replied. A few hour before the party I went home. I scrolled through Instagram before realizing that I have over 500 followers. So do ellysia, Allison, and Cat. Wow. It must be our profile picture. It's the four of us with $5,000 worth of clothes on. Very little. Belly tops and shorts. I walked to my closet and changed into a cowboy dress and boots. I put on some lipgloss and fixed my eyes. I look over my phone and read the text. Hey. It Harry. From 1d. We talked today. Where do we send the tickets?

I sent him a text back saying 21 ClearWaters drive. I took a selfie of myself and posted it twitter hashtag selfie and tagged alli, el, and cat. They responded back with a selfie. I realized that I had over 1,400 more followers. "Holy mother of lord! That made no sense" I'm so weird. I decided I was going to for a walk. I grabbed my sunglasses, sprayed on some perfume and was out. I walked all around the neighborhood. I check the time and my clock read 5:59 holy crap. I had to be at Channing's party in 15 minutes. I walked back to my house and saw them on my doorstep. "Hello. Sorry!" I went to walk in but relized that I left my keys inside. "Slight problem. Can't get in....." I said,looking at them. "You are so lucky we love you. I brought my keys. " Cat said,opening my door. A few minutes later, music was blaring, people were screaming and neighbors were complaining. And we haven't left my house yet. Yeah this is all us. "So then he's like I love you alli. And I'm like aww I love you too and he got my necklace." Alli said, and we all started screaming again. I looked at elli and cat then looked at Allison. We nodded our head. "Really guys ? Straps? Come on?" Alli said. "Into wardrobe you go!" I said,ushering them into my walk in closet. I picked out a strapless white and black poka dotted dress and high heels. Alli got Ellysia into silver and black strapless dress and ankle boots. "Much better guys!" I said,giving them a round if applause. I fixed my hair and earrings then we walked across the street.

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