Changed Life.

Four girls. Three months. Two tasks. One chance.
These girls are the loners. Not noticed. They want to be pretty and popular. They only have one chance to make things right. Will it work or will it blow up in there faces?
This does have 1d in it. Don't worry


6. New Start

"So, how do I look?" I asked,twirling in the mirror. "Amazing Ashlee. Blown away. Never would have recognized you last year. " alli says. "Move, let me be a princess." She pushed me to the side. I went over to my vanity and put the finishing touches on my makeup. "Hey hey hey!!" Elli said, pushing my door closed. I waved hello to her asking with Cat. "Oh, nice smoky ash!" Cat said, "kris thinks I put to much on." I shook my head. " little light on the blush. Perfect." I put a tiny amount of blush on her cheek bones. "So, are we ready for this?" Alli asked,finally pulling herself away from the mirror. "Ready. " cat said,"ready. " elli replied. "Ready." I agreed. We walked out of my house and across the street to the bus stop. "Woah. Umm hello. I'm Channing. Who are you?" Annoying Channing asked. Channing is the most popular guy in the school. We have to befriend all if them first. "I'm Ashlee. This is Allison,ellysia, and Cat. " I introduced in a Spain accent. "Oh. We'll hello. Nice to meet you. Like I said before. In Channing. This is my best buddy Adian. And my brother Ethan. " he held his hand out. We all shook it. We pulled out our new iPhones. iPhones 5CS. I know. You may think it doesn't exist but, it's a iPhone 5c combined with a iPhone 5s. Cool right? Around a minute later with the boys still checking us out, the bus pulled up. We slowly climbed on and took two seats toward the front. All we could hear we're whispers, cat calls, and whistles. We just smiled and waved. We could practically hear the boys melt and the girls jealously. "Hi! I'm Danielle. Who are you?" The most popular girl said, she's dating Channing. Go figure. "Bonjour! I'm Cat. This is Ashlee, Allison, and Ellysia." Cat replied. "Oh! Are you French?" Danielle asked. Cat just nodded her head. "Well if you need any help getting around school. Just let us know!" She said, so freaking cheery. God! No wonder she's a cheerleader. "Hey!" Alli said, slapping my arm. " oh did I say that out loud? Oops!" I just smiled incoletly. Then I realized why Danielle said that. We were at school. "Seniors off here!" Our bus driver Sheryl said. All of us seniors got off. The girls and I were the first ones off the bus. Out of the corner of my eye I see Allison rushing over to hug her boyfriend. I tapped the other girls and we all walked over there. "Her Alez!" Ellysia greeted. "How ya doing?" "Good. I've been good. I've missed my girl over here. " Alez pointed to alli. There such a cute couple. Rinnnnnnggggggg!!! The bell went off. We were greeted again by whispers and points. I just rolled my eyes. I walked over to the lead teacher Ms.Lash. She handed me my locker key, schedule and bracelet. Since I'm on the honors program along with my girls we get these cool bracelets. I walked over to my locker,while checking out my schedule. First period computers. Second period Av. Social studies. Third period Av. Science. Fourth period Spanish 2. Fifth period Art/lunch. Sixth period Av language arts. Seventh period Av. Math 2. Eighth period- French 2. I opened my locker found The School supply kit all ready in there. I grabbed a notebook, two binders, and my agenda. I put them into my blue and white Messenger bag around my body. The school gives out supplies to all the students so we don't have to buy them. I was just about to close my locker when I saw my science book. I quickly grabbed it and put it in my bag too. I closed my locker and turned around. I walked my way to computers when I was suddenly pushed against the wall. "Hey Ashlee. How's it going?" Nick asked. I quickly hugged him and told him it was all good. He was my best guy friend that I have here. I swear he's gay but he has a girlfriend. Summer Williams. " you headed to computers?" He asked. "Yeah. On my way now. How bout you?" "Same. But damn girl! You look hot!" He eyed me up and down. U curtsied as to say thank you. He just shook his head. We finally reached computers on the other side of the school. I sat down at a computer and signed in. "Hello Ashlee. How was your summer?" Ms.karen asked. "Amazing. Mom took my to a fashion show in Peru and we meet up with Chanel in Paris. " I said. She nodded her head. The girls started to whisper. No doubt about me. I started to work on our assignment on the board. Long words short we had to get to level five in keyboarding. Easy. I made it to level four before class even started. She doesn't start class until 10 minutes after the period starts. Everybody was here when we got here so. Again long speech short, she said every thing on the board behind her. I made it to level five in the next three minutes. I raised my hand cause I knew what to do. Yes this is weird let me explain. I knew what to do after I'm done but since everybody thinks I'm new here I need to act like I don't know what to do. "Yes Ashlee?" Ms. Karen asked. "Yes, umm I finished everything we needed to do so what do I do now?" Pretty much everybody in the room gasped when they heard I was already done. "Start on your homework ms. Ashlee. " ms. Karen told me. I nodded and write down the homework then finished it by the end if class. I crossed out the assignment to let myself know I did it already. Soon enough lunch rolled around. I just spent the last fifty minutes in a lecture about art. Fifth period is lunch but there's four lunches. One for each grade. I have art the same time I have lunch. My lunch is after my art period. But thank god alli, el, and cat were in the class with me. We walked into the lunch room and the entire room stopped talking. And stared. At us. Somebody call the Freaky police please. I'm freaked out. We walked over to the salad bar and I began to make a blue cheese chop salad. My favorite salad. Then it was the kitchen. Lunch for today was hamburgers. This is why I made myself a salad. I don't eat read meat. I got it because you have to. I also grabbed a mango smoothie and an apple. I payed for my lunch and we walked back out into the cafe. We say down at the first empty table there was. Soon nick, summers and Alez joined us. I could feel the stares burning a hole in my head. I turned around and saw Channing sitting there staring at me while his girlfriend talked to him. I smirked at him and turned back around. "Okay! Who wants my burger?" I asked waving my burger in the air. "I'll take it!" Both nick and Alez said,reaching for my burger. I pulled it away. " no if you want it you have to say Ashlee is the most awesome, sexy, beautiful person I have ever seen and I worship where her feet may rest. " I smirked at them. They both screamed it back. Wow they really want that burger. The girls are laughing so hard, tears are coming out of there eyes. I went to grab a knife and took my burger with me. Just to play with the boys I pretended to throw it in the trash. Then I cut it in half and gave each half to the boys. Oh when i pretended to throw it out the boys legit fell out of there seats and ran over. It was hilarious. I smiled and my phone started to ring. "Hello?" I asked. " hey Lou listen we forgot to ask for potato chips. Niall asked for them. " I handed my phone to el. We'll reAlly she took it out of my hands. " umm who is this?" She asked. " really it's Harry styles. Yeah like I believe that lie. Oh you'll prove it to me. Okay. " then ellysia did something that changed our lives forever.

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