Changed Life.

Four girls. Three months. Two tasks. One chance.
These girls are the loners. Not noticed. They want to be pretty and popular. They only have one chance to make things right. Will it work or will it blow up in there faces?
This does have 1d in it. Don't worry


5. Allison Riley

Hey y'all!!! I'm alli. I have straight blond hair that reaches oh about half way through my back. I have super bright green eyes. I have a light tan better in the summer. It lasts about half way through the year. I like to cheer and do gymnastics. My hobbies include cheer, gymnastics, reading, writing, tree climbing. I have two parents and no siblings. My mom is a fashion designer and my dad owns apple. Thank god. I'm about 5"5' or so. I'm Australian and American. Dad's side. I speak fluent Spanish and French. I live in Syndey, Australia. I think that is it. Yup that's it. Thanks. Have a sweep day!!!

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