The argument over the 1D sensation Niall Horan

A six year old girl who falls in love with Niall Horan and her best friend who is also in love with horan they have a argument over the one direction sensation and fall out and then realises that thy have been best friends for four years and have supported one direction all the way through the X factor and can't live without being friends so they Make there friendship work and don't mind about each other like Niall Horan. They finally found a way not to argue over Niall.


4. Zayn's POV

From what I have heard from Harry styles it was an awesome day apart from the first half the shiw because they had to get security because thy had to crazy screaming girls after Niall Horan. They had cameras and one of the girls had Niall all up her left arm and the other had T-shirts and books with Niall on them. Niall couldn't even get out of the changing room because they wee that bad.

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