The argument over the 1D sensation Niall Horan

A six year old girl who falls in love with Niall Horan and her best friend who is also in love with horan they have a argument over the one direction sensation and fall out and then realises that thy have been best friends for four years and have supported one direction all the way through the X factor and can't live without being friends so they Make there friendship work and don't mind about each other like Niall Horan. They finally found a way not to argue over Niall.


2. Lacie's POV

Me and my best friend Katie were so ecxcited to go backstage to see one direction the best boy band since take that.The problem was that we both loved Niall Horan and after the show had ended we went to see Niall and his mates but we were to early for backstage access because my time on my phone was a few minutes fast.When we were aloud to see the boys we got to exited and got mad at each other because we couldn't find Niall. Katie screamed when she felt someone behind her and I looked around an it was NIALL HORAN. I screamed and Katie just looked shocked so Niall said "did you like the show and what was your favourite part of my solos"

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