In Love With A Muggle 5

What happens to Rowan, May, and everyone else? Keep reading to find out!


10. Remembering Details

Rowan's POV

We all walked into the dinning hall and I saw Malfoy sitting at his table with a new girlfriend? I thought he said he was never going to get over Breanna I guess I was wrong about that. Without giving him another thought I went and sat with Harry at the Gryffindor table. We were sitting eating breakfast and then I realized that they had classes today.

"Harry do you have classes today?" I asked him.

"Yes but you can come with us. It'll be fun?" He said happily it was making me sad that I was going to leave.

"Harry I'm already finished my classes I really don't want to go back and do everything I've already done. So I guess I'l leave after lunch." I said sadly.

"But Rowan you just got here. You can't leave you don't remember anything yet." Harry said hugging me tightly.

"Harry I have to go and I do remember everything about Hogwarts now." I said happily hugging him back. "Harry don't worry I'll come back soon but I want to visit May before I go back so I really do need to leave." Then Seamus walked in.

"So guys what's going on?" He asked coming to sit on the other side of me.

"Rowan's leaving." Harry said sadly.

"But Rowan you just got here." Seamus said looking at me.

"I know but you guys have classes and I need to go and visit May. But I promise I'll come back and if you ever need to talk to me George had May's cellphone and you can call or text me through that. But I'll see you soon." I said getting up.

"I guess I'll see you around." Harry said sadly and Seamus looked said and the rest looked to tired to know what was going on.

"Bye." I said apparating to May and Niall. I saw May and Niall lying on their bed and they didn't know I had apparated in. "Um hey." I said awkwardly. They both jumped and then looked over at me and relaxed. "Hey May congratulations." Then May started to bawl and Niall gave me the death glare. "Wait what did I do?" I said panicking.

"You know I thought you were a little bit nicer then that." Niall said angrily to me.

"No legit what did I do. I'm just recovering from memory loss I don't remember anything." I said.

"She lost the baby Rowan. So great job and any way I thought Ashton told you guys." He said hugging May.

"Like I said I'm recovering from memory loss so he probably told me and I forgot it so it's not my fault." I said.

"Whatever come back in a couple minutes. I need to calm her down you can go hang out in the living room if you want." Niall said pointing to the door.

"Fine I'll go." I said walking out the door and walking to the living room. I had no idea what to do so I went and sat on the couch then Louis walked in.

"Oh hey Rowan what are you doing back?" Louis asked excitedly.

"Oh I was her to talk to May but I'm recovering from memory loss so I didn't know about the baby so um she's in the middle of crying so I got told to leave till Niall calmed her down. So ya but how have you been I haven't seen you in forever." I said as he came and sat down beside me on the couch.

"Oh I've been fine everyone's been fine well except for May and Niall but you now understand why and Harry well he's kinda gone crazy." Louis said quietly.

"What do you mean by crazy?" I asked.

"Like he hasn't done anything crazy but he wont leave his room. Well he will but not often and we've tried everything but he wont come out. He'll only come out for dinner and that's about it." Louis said looking down at the ground.

"Ugggh let me go and talk to him." I said getting up off the couch.

"But Rowan he doesn't really want to talk to anyone." Louis said as I started to walk to Harry's room.

"Louis I really don't care if he doesn't want to talk to anyone. I'm recovering from memory loss and I need to talk to him about this. So I'm talking to him." I said and Louis sighed. I started to walk to Harry's room and I stood at the door. I sighed then grabbed the door handle.

"Harry?" I said sticking my head through the space in the door.

"Go away." He said normally what is wrong with him that he wants everyone out of his room and wont talk to anyone. This guy is so weird.

"Harry I'm not leaving so." I said closing the door behind me and putting my hands on my hips.

"Rowan what are you doing here?" He asked rolling over so he could see me.

"I came here to see May and Niall but I didn't know she lost the baby so I brought it up so I was kicked out of their room and then Louis told me what's going on with you and now I've come to talk to you about it." I said my hands still on my hips.

"Well I told you all you need to know about us what else is there to know?" He asked me getting out of the bed coming to stand in front of me.

"I don't want to talk about that. I want to talk about why you never leave your room and why you never let anyone come in or talk to you." I said.

"I don't want to talk about that." He said quickly.

"Harry if this is about us you have to let it go. I get if you miss me but you have to understand this is the best for the both of us." I said frustrated.

"I know I need to move on but I can't." He said.

"Why not I moved on and usually it's harder for a girl to move on then a guy. Well I think that's how it goes I'm still not good at the whole dating thing." I said.

"See that's what makes you so different you not good at the whole dating thing so to you dating is just like being best friends with someone. And then there's not all this drama and I guess that's why it's great dating you." He said sadly.

"Well thanks for that but Harry there's always going to be more girls like that. They may not be like me but they may still treat relationships as friendships." I said.

"No they wont I'm telling you that now." He said in reply. Man this guy really doesn't give up.

"Well you never know. So why don't you stop being a downer and get back out in the world." I said pushing towards the door.

"But I don't wanna." He said sounding like a two year old.

"Yes you are. Go make friends and stuff." I said opening the door. He then started walking downstairs. And then walked out the door.

"You actually got him to leave his room?" Louis said surprised still sitting on the couch.

"It's really hard not to say no to me. I'm very persistent when I want to be. But I got to go." I said quickly apparating back to the bus. I then ran into Calum.

"Oh you're back." He said happily.

"Ya is it time for bed yet?" I asked yawning.

"Well I guess so everyone went to bed but I waited till you got back just to make sure you did come back." He said.

"Of course I'll always come back and I call the couch so if you wouldn't mind." I said pushing back to the bunk room.

"Rowan you're still in your clothes." He said turning his head to face me.

"I don;t really care good night Calum." I said closing the door then curling into a ball on the couch and falling asleep.

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