In Love With A Muggle 5

What happens to Rowan, May, and everyone else? Keep reading to find out!


8. Mystery person revealed!


"SIRIUS!" May yells happily and runs over to give a man a hug almost knocking him over. I recognise him, he's the same man May hung up a picture of in our room. Her uncle, Sirius Black

"did you miss me May?" He asks smiling

"yes! Don't you dare die again!" May replied hugging him as tightly as she could

"I don't plan on it" Sirius laughs

They stop hugging. May grabs my arm and pulls me over to him.

"Uncle Sirius, this is Niall, Niall this is my uncle Sirius" May introduces us and we shake hands

Sirius looks at the ring on May's finger and glares at me, but still greets me kindly, "Hello"


"guess what?" May asks smiling

"what?" Sirius replies

"Niall and I are engaged!" May says and kisses my cheek, I reply by kissing the top of her head

"Can I talk to Niall for a minute?" He asks

"yea sure" I shrug

"please don't kill him" May says as we walk away, making me feel a little bit unsafe.

"I won't" He laughs and leads me out of the room

"so what did you wanna talk about?" I ask trying to sound casual

"so you're engaged to May?" he asks

"yea" I say "When she said yes she made me the happiest guy alive"

"so you love her?" he asks

"yes very much" I answer

"how much?"

"more than words can say"

"good. so how did you two meet?"

"she went on a muggle studies trip and we bumped into each other at Nandos" I say smiling at the memory

"what is a Nandos?" he asks. whoops, forgot wizards have no idea what Nandos is

"Nando's is my favourite restaurant" I explain

"that would make sense, May likes her food" we both smile "how long have you two been dating?"

"since september" I say

"and you're already engaged?" He asks angrily

"I know it seems like we went really fast but after she told me about being a witch she said that if the ministry found out I would get a memory charm put on me and that she would go to jail" I say hoping it will lessen his wanting to kill me "she told me the only way it wasn't illegal for me to know about her was if we were married or.....having a baby" I finish sadly

he seems to calm down considerably "so you only took things quickly to protect her?"

"yea pretty much" I say "and by the way I wouldn't mention the baby thing to May"

"Why not?" he asks then his eyes widen with anger "YOU GOT MAY PREGNANT!"

"about that-" I try to explain while taking a few steps back

"YOU GOT HER PREGNANT! SHE'S SEVENTEEN AND YOU GOT HER F****** PREGNANT!" he yells taking out his wand



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