In Love With A Muggle 5

What happens to Rowan, May, and everyone else? Keep reading to find out!


14. *insert evil laugh* plot twist *evil and somewhat crazy laugh* *eye twitch*


I'm waiting in McGonagall's office for Sirius and Niall. They've been gone awhile, I wonder what they're talking about? 

"YOU GOT MAY PREGNANT!" I hear Sirius shout and tears come to my eyes.

"congradulations!" Tonks tells me from across the room and I start to sob

"YOU GOT HER PREGNANT! SHE'S SEVENTEEN AND YOU GOT HER F****** PREGNANT!" I hear Sirius yell and start crying harder

"I'm going to go make sure Sirius doesn't kill Niall" Remus says and steps out of the room

"May why are you crying?" asks Tonks

"I lost the baby" I say as Tonks comes over to calm me down

"oh, May I'm sorry" Tonks says soothingly

"no it's okay" I wipe the tears off my face and continue "I can just bring them back using necromancy right?"

"May I'm so sorry for having to tell you this but...." Tonks hesitates then continues so quickly I almost can't tell what she's saying "you can only bring someone back if they were over a year old. sorry"

"O-oh" I say as I feel my heart shatter in my chest.


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