In Love With A Muggle 5

What happens to Rowan, May, and everyone else? Keep reading to find out!


17. I can't come up with any chapter names...

Rowan's POV

I woke up the next day still passed out on the couch but the T.V was off I looked over and saw Michael was gone. I figured he had probably woken up left and turned it off as he left. I was about the grab the remote but then I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket then again and again. I took it out and saw it was my twitter going crazy. I looked at it and it was full of hate again. They kept saying it was my fault that Breanna wasn't telling them the news about Brashton. I couldn't help but let a couple tears fall down my face. I didn't understand why they hated me so much.

"Rowan are you ok?" Someone asked. I quickly wiped the tears away from my eyes and saw Luke.

"Ya I'm fine." I said trying to talk normally with the huge lump in the back of my throat.

"Well then why were you crying?" He asked.

"Oh I wasn't crying I just have something in my eye. I'm gonna go see what it is." I said quickly running to the bathroom. I closed the door and put my back up to it and slid down to the floor. Once I reached the floor I hugged my knees towards my chest and silently let the tears fall down my face. 

I sat there crying for a good half hour and then I was still crying and I heard a knock on the bathroom door. I quickly wiped my tears away. I stood up and looked at my face in the mirror and it looked horrible I had tear stains running down my face. I turned the water and quickly wiped away the stains leaving no evidence that I had cried. I put on a fake smile and opened the door only to come face to with Breanna.

"Hey Rowan are you ok?" She asked me.

"Ya I'm fine why would you ask that?" I asked.

"Well Luke said he walked in on you crying earlier this morning." She said.

"I wasn't crying I had something in my eye and it was making my eyes water." I said.

"Well if your sure everyone's up now their all in the living room." I waved and walked to see everyone hanging out on the couches.

"Rowan are you sure you're ok?" Luke asked.

"Yes I'm fine ok. I wasn't crying I had something in my eye and it was making my eyes water. So I would really like it if you would stop asking me if I'm ok because I am." I said walking into the bunk room. I went and lied down in Calum and I's bunk and silently cried into the pillow. Then I heard someone coming in so I turned so I was facing the wall so it seemed like I was sleeping. They pulled the curtain back and started to talk.

"Rowan?" It was Calum who had followed me. I wanted to tell him about the tweets but I felt like I could deal with it so I just pretended to be sleeping and didn't answer him. He then gave up and closed the curtain and walked back out to where everyone was.

I took this time to take out my phone and check my twitter. Ans sure enough there were still tweets about it being my fault that they couldn't find out the news about Brashton. Why does everyone hate me? I then put my phone in my pocket and walked out to go talk with everyone.

"Hey guys." I said trying to clear the huge lump in my throat.

"Rowan have you been crying?" Calum asked.

"No why do you ask?" I said worried.

"Well you have tear stains all over your face." He said.

"Oh those might have been from last night when I cried because of the whole thing with the twitter." I said.

"How is that going any ways?" Calum asked.

"Oh it's fine they stopped thanks to Breanna and here tweet to them oh and thanks for that." I said to her.

"No problem glad I could help." Breanna said. Then I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and I knew it was about the whole Brashton thing. I almost started to cry right then but I held it together.

"Um can you please excuse me I have to go use the bathroom." I said quickly running to the bathroom. I closed the door and looked in the mirror as tears started to roll down my face.

"Come on Rowan you're stronger then this." I told myself. I quickly wiped the tears away and tried my best not to cry again. I washed my hands and my face and I walked out of the bathroom. Just so I wouldn't feel the vibration of my phone I placed it on the table in front of me and sat beside Calum on the couch. As soon as I sat my phone down it started to vibrate. I ignored it but Calum looked at me.

"Aren't you going to check what that was?" He asked.

"No it's just a Twitter or Facebook notification I can check it later." I said.

We sat and talked for an hour or so but the whole time my phone wouldn't stop buzzing. Once it buzzed the hundredth time I finally gave in and took my phone and went into the bunk room. I looked at why it was buzzing for and the hate wouldn't stop so in anger I threw my phone at the door that separates the bunk room and the kitchen/ living room so everyone probably heard me throw my phone.

Soon everyone had walked into the bunk room. Michael was closest to my phone when they walked in so he picked it up. And since I was stupid and left my Twitter open he saw all the hate I was getting. He then passed the phone to Luke and then everyone saw what I was getting on my phone. Once they all saw it they all looked at me shocked. Calum was the first to speak.

"Rowan you told me the hate had stopped." He said.

"It did but then when Breanna tweeted that message it just made it even worse because they started to blame me for them not telling them news." I said trying not to let the tears fall down my face.

"When did you first see this?" Calum asked.

"This morning I first saw it a couple minutes before Luke walked in." I said the lump in the back of my throat getting bigger.

"So you were crying when I walked in?" Luke questioned.

"Yes I was. I was crying then I was crying when I went to the bathroom when I ran into Breanna. I was crying when I ran into the bunk room and pretended to be sleeping. I was crying when I ran into the bathroom again and I was crying when I ran in here and threw my phone at the door." I said.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Breanna asked.

"Because I didn't want to bother you guys. I had already bothered you guys last night with the hate and I didn't want to bother you so I just kept it to myself." I said with a tear almost falling down my face but I quickly rubbed my eye to stop it.

"But Rowan you know we could have helped stop it." Calum said.

"But that's what you don't understand their trying to get attention. They know if they attack one of us they'll get the attention they want. And I just so happened to make it easy for them and that's why their going after me." I said not being able to hold the tears back and just let them fall down my face.

"How do you know that?" Calum asked.

"I don't know it made sense but can I please have my phone back. I'm going to go and sleep and see what my Twitter's like when I wake up." Ashton then handed me my phone and they all cleared out and I went and lied down in Calum and I's bunk. Then the curtain was pulled back and I saw Calum.

"Rowan I just wanted to tell you if something like this ever happens again you know you can tell any of us." He said.

"I know I just didn't want anyone to know yet I just wanted to see if it would calm down if I left you guys out of it." I said yawning.

"Well just remember that and have a nice nap." He said kissing my cheek. He then closed the curtain and I rolled over to my other side so I was facing the wall. I silently cried myself to sleep because all I could think about was the tweets people were posting towards me. 

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