In Love With A Muggle 5

What happens to Rowan, May, and everyone else? Keep reading to find out!


5. Harry's surprise


I wake up to see Niall's already awake. 

"morning" I say quietly

"morning" He replies sadly "you okay?"

"not really, you?" I ask him

I look into his bright blue eyes and see tears "no"

"I want my baby back" I say starting to cry and Niall pulls me into his arms

"me too" he says. we only break apart when Niall gets a text

"May do you know someone at Hogwarts named Harry?" Niall asks

"Yea, Harry Potter, why?" I reply and he hands me the phone.

"he says he wants to talk to you" Niall tells me and I look down at the messages on the screen,

Hey it's Harry sorry about the baby, can I talk to May? ~George (Harry)

Yea sure just a sec ~Niall

I start to message back,

Hey Harry ~Niall

Hey I think I have something that will cheer you up ~George

what is it? ~Niall

Come to Hogwarts and see I promise McGonagall won't call the ministry this time ~George

Can I bring Niall? ~Niall

Yea I think you probably should ~George

okay we'll be there soon ~Niall

see you soon ~George

I turn to Niall "he says he's got something to cheer us up at Hogwarts"

"what about that teacher lady? Won't she call the wizard police again?" Niall asked

"they're called Aurors Niall" I say "and Harry promises she won't"

"how are we going to get there then?" Niall asks

"sadly I can apparate now" I say sadly

"oh, right" Niall says "let's get dressed and go then"

"okay" I agree. when we're both ready I grab Niall's arm and we apparate to under the whomping willow. We walk out and to the school silently, at the doors are two people I haven't seen in a LONG time.

"REMUS! TONKS!" I yell and run up to them at top speed. I hug Remus first almost knocking him over, then I hug Tonks "I missed you guys so much!"

"hello May" Remus smiles

"we've got a surprise for you!" Tonks says excitedly

"I've got a surprise for you to!" I reply as Niall catches up to me "I'm engaged!"

"Congrats" Remus' smile widened "I assume you're the lucky guy?" he added to Niall

"yea, I'm very lucky to have May" Niall replies shaking Remus' outstretched hand and putting an arm around my waist

"Niall, this is Remus and Tonks, Remus and Tonks, this is Niall" I say

"like the Remus and Tonks that Zayn was freaking out about when he was reading Harry Potter?" Niall asked

"Harry has his own books?" Remus and Tonks ask at the same time

"yea some muggle named J.K. Rowling wrote them, and yes Niall this is probably them" I explain

"Can we show them the surprise now? I can't wait to see the look on May's face!" Tonks says happily

"okay, but I'm going to warn you Niall the surprise might freak out a little bit figures out you're engaged" Remus warns us and we head up the stairs in the direction of Dumbledore's office.

"so Niall, what house were you in?" Remus asked

"what do you mean?" Niall asked

"Niall's actually a muggle" I say "but we could always ask the hat"

"oh okay, so what do you do for a living then?" Remus asks

"Zayn, Louis, Liam, Harry, and I are in a band" Niall explains and we hear a scream from down the hall. We turn to see a girl who must be a directioner. She runs up to Niall and hugs him.

"OMG! You're Niall Horan! From One Direction! Are the other boys here to?! I'm such a big fan! I have all your CDs! Can I have your autograph?! Your amazing! I love you!" she shouts all in one breath. Niall signs a piece of parchment for her and she walks away fangirling.

"sounds like you're pretty popular" says Tonks fighting to contain a laugh

"yea, I've almost gotten used to the screaming by now, but I don't think I'll ever get used to the fact I have fans" Niall replies

we talk all the way to Dumbledore's office. When we finally get there Remus opens the door.

"surprise!" Shouts Tonks as the door opens to reveal...

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