In Love With A Muggle 5

What happens to Rowan, May, and everyone else? Keep reading to find out!



Jessy's POV

Too bad May lost the baby. I sigh as I finish my Herbolgy homework. Mark and I are having a bit of a rough patch in our relationship. It turns out he kissed that SAME girl last night too, I don't think he really cares about us anymore.... a few tears drip onto my herbolgy homework. No one ever talks to me anymore, im like just a forgotten person. I get up and go to my room. (I have no roommates) I cry into my pillow. May never really bothers with me, Rowan and Breanna I don't even know if they are in hogwarts anymore for crying out loud! Well i haven't seen them... and Mark the only one I had left, Is off sucking some B**** face off. I get up. This is not me. Im not a depressed little rag doll! I fix my hair and makeup and march right out of the common room and into the corridor. There i scan the crowds of people for someone. I spot Neville, and Malfoy, and Weasley, and Harry. Well that's better then nothing. I walk over to them and Harry seems quite happy to see me. Harry smiles and so does Neville. While Ron and Malfoy shout at each other. Wonder what about? Sounds like its about Breanna.

"She has something going on! She could be moving! or getting married! OR EVEN PREGNANT! they said there was news about them to come!" yelled Malfoy

this caught everyone's attention.

"That's not possible!" Shouted Ron.

"Well guess what it is! if she is, Its not my kid!" Malfoy shouted. Ron got upset and stormed off, Malfoy stormed off the other Direction and Neville walked to the library. Leaving just me and Harry...  We walked in silence to the lake. even though its winter, its so pretty.

"Pretty right." Said Harry looking out at the lake I nodded and before I could say anything else he pressed his lips on mine. He whispered im my ear:

"That Mark is an A**, Go for someone that will treat you right." He said his breath hot. I nodded and smiled.

"Looks like I just found someone." I said confidently.


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