In Love With A Muggle 5

What happens to Rowan, May, and everyone else? Keep reading to find out!


4. Cuddle Buddy

Rowan's POV

Finally I can leave this hospital! I've been so bored. There's nothing to do. All I've done since I've been here is eat, sleep and learn more about my past so I can regain my memory. I was sitting in my hospital bed with Calum passed out in a chair beside me. Luke and Michael went home last night and Breanna and Ashton came by earlier this morning just to check on things and now I'm all alone just sitting in bed. As I was sitting I realized that I knew nothing about my friends at Hogwarts. I could remember a couple's faces. I remember I knew a guy who had messy black hair and had a lighting bolt shaped scar on his head and he wore glasses. Then there was this other guy with orange hair but I never really hung out with him much but I saw him around every once and a while. But I didn't know their names. I'll ask Breanna about them later.

As I was thinking Calum woke up. It was nice to not be stuck here alone.

"Morning." He said in a tired voice.

"Morning." I said excitedly.

"How long have you been up?" He asked.

"A while Breanna and Ashton showed up early this morning and I've been up ever since. So I get out of the hospital today." I said extremely happy.

"So I guess you want to get out of here really bad?" He said.

"Yes I do I'm so bored. There's nothing worse then being stuck in a hospital for a week with nothing to do. And it's even worse when you have memory loss and you can't remember anything." I said.

"Fine I'll be back in a minute with a nurse." He said slowly getting up and walking out the door. A few minutes later him and a nurse showed up.

"So I hear you want to check out of the hospital?" The nurse said.

"Yes sir I'm feeling better." I said to him. This is the first time I've had a male nurse since I've been here.

"Well I'll check with the doctor and if he says you can I'll bring you your clothes and you can go sign out at the front desk." He said.

"Thank you." I said as he walked out the door. "I really hope I get out of the hospital." I said.

"Wow I've never seen you so excited." Calum laughed.

"Yes you have. Remember when I picked your outfit out on Valentine's Day and then when well you know I'm not good at remembering things right now." I said crossing my arms.

"Ok I guess you have but I really think you should stay another day." He said seriously.

"What? Stay here another day? No way. Don't get me wrong the staff here are nice and everything but I feel like I'm in Azkaban." I said.

"What's Azkaban?" Calum asked.

"Oh ya it's the prison for the wizarding world for the worst criminals." I said.

"Wait have you been in Azkaban?" Calum asked shocked.

"No I haven't but I went there when I was a kid because I went to go see some of my family who are in there. And even though I know their bad people but when I left my family they were the ones who took me in and raised me till I was able to raise myself. And now I'll never see them again." I said becoming really sad thinking of the thought.

"What did they do?" Calum asked. Well that was just a great question to ask.

"Well they were given the dementors kiss because they help with he who shall not be named. And they ended up killing a bunch of people. But I still think there was good in them and that they shouldn't have gotten the kiss." I said a tear rolling down my cheek.

"Oh I'm sorry I shouldn't have brought it up." Calum said quickly.

"No it's fine actually your the only person I've ever told about my aunt and uncle." I said.

"Well then now I feel special." Calum said smiling.

"Well I guess you should." I said smiling back. Just then the nurse and the doctor walked in. I quickly wiped the tear that was just about to run down my face.

"So Miss Robinson how are you feeling?" The doctor asked looking down at his clipboard.

"I feel fine. I don't feel light headed and I think my memories coming back." I said happily holding Calum's hand.

"Well everything seems in order nothing seems to have shown up. I think you are ok to leave. Here are your clothes and just check out at the front desk." The doctor said as the nurse handed me my clothes and they both walked out of the room.

"Uh Calum?" I said looking at him.

"Oh ya just call me when your done." He said getting up and walking out the door.

I quickly put on my ripped blue skinny jeans and my blue t-shirt and put my black hoodie on and called Calum back into the room. I put my hood on and shoved my hands in my pocket.

"So you ready to leave?" Calum said grabbing my hand. Ew his hands were sweaty.

"Yes I was born ready." I said. We walked out the door and checked out and I apparated us to bus and saw everyone was still asleep. So I didn't want everyone to still be asleep so I walked in and started to sing really loud and really bad. Within seconds everyone was awake and they were all staring at me.

"Well as you can see I've been released from the hospital. Well I'm going to go you can go back to sleep now if you want." I said. As I walked I could feel everyone staring at me. Once I walked out I couldn't help but start to laugh.

"Nice singing." Calum laughed.

"I know right but I think they will be up soon." And soon enough they all piled out of the bunk room Calum and I both still laughing but trying not to make it as noticeable.

"So guys how have you been without me being here." I said trying not to laugh while talking.

"Well we actually got some sleep without you waking us up." Luke said tiredly.

"Well that's great now I'm going to be weird and go find something to do. So if you walk in on me like levitating everything in a room or made the floor the roof and the roof the floor that's perfectly normal." I said walking through the bunk room to the back lounge. 

I was sitting there trying to figure out what to do and I decided to make everything look like a skull. So for a couple minutes I was busy and then when I was done I was surrounded by skulls. The couch was covered in skulls everything was it made the place feel more fun.

Then Calum and Michael walked in. Calum looked like he was about to say something but once he saw all the skulls and his and Michael's mouth both dropped open in shock.

"So do you like it?" I said in a sing song voice.

"It's uh different." Calum said.

"Ya I don't really like it." I said and then waved my wand and everything came back to normal. There wasn't a skull in sight. "So what do you guys want?" I said like nothing ever happened.

"Well we wanted to say that um dinner's going to be ready soon." Michael said.

"It's dinner already but I just got up?" I said.

"Ya um we didn't leave the hospital till four and it's five now." Calum said.

"Ok well I'll be out in a minute." I said and they both left. I checked around the room making sure there were no more skulls and then walked out and went to eat dinner. 



After dinner everyone went to bed. And Calum and I some how both made it able so that we could share a bunk. Everyone was asleep and I was the only one up and it was all Luke's fault. He kept tossing and turning in his sleep. I think he missed his penguin. So since I wasn't asleep I decided to go up to him and see if he would wake up. So I bent down so I was facing Luke.

"Luke what seems to be the problem?" I asked tiredly rubbing my eyes. Then I felt two arms wrap around me and pull me forwards.

"Luke what the hell are you doing?" I asked sleepily.

Then all I heard was "cuddle buddy" from Luke and I knew I was stuck here. So I had to get Calum's attention.

"Calum. Pssst Calum." I said but it was no use he was sleeping. So I started to poke him and luckily it woke him up. Once he noticed I wasn't there and he saw me cuddling with Luke he was confused. I was happy he wasn't awake because I think he would have killed Luke.

"Rowan what are you doing over there?" Calum asked.

"I couldn't sleep because Luke was keeping me up so I went to see what was wrong and next thing I know all I hear is Luke say cuddle buddy and I was screwed. So I kinda can't come and cuddle with you." I said.

"Mmm ok." Was all he said then he fell asleep. So I did to.




I woke up and saw I was face to face with Luke and since we were in such a small space our noses were touching. I immediately jumped out of the bed and Luke woke up. Before he could say anything I ran out into the kitchen and saw Calum, Breanna and Ashton sitting there.

"So Rowan how are you this morning?" Calum asked me.

"Oh Luke's fine now he just needed a cuddle buddy." I said really nervous and fiddling with the bottom of my shirt.

"Rowan I asked how you were doing not Luke." Calum said.

"Oh right I knew that I'm fine you know nothing happened between Luke and I." I said I'm a really bad lire.

"What happened?" Calum asked.

"Nothing happened." I said  my voice cracking and I was looking everywhere but at Calum.

"What happened?" He said again.

"Ok well maybe when he forced me to cuddle with him when I woke up our noses may have been touching. Nothing happened that I know of but that I know nothing happened." I said quickly.

"Ok then." Calum said.

"Stop yelling at me!" I yelled.

"But I'm not even yelling." Calum said just talking normally.

"Stop yelling!" I yelled again then ran out of the kitchen and back into the bunk room. With a half awake Luke really confused.

"Rowan why were you cuddling with me?" Luke asked.

"Because I went to check on you last night and then you grabbed me and all I heard was cuddle buddy and I knew I wasn't getting out of this." I said.

"Well ok. I'm going back to sleep." Then Luke fell asleep. So I went into Calum's bunk and fell asleep as well.

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