In Love With A Muggle 5

What happens to Rowan, May, and everyone else? Keep reading to find out!


12. A Day With Ashton

Rowan's POV

So I get to hang out with Ashton today. This should be fun. I'm not say he's terrible or anything it's just I've never really hung out with him and I don't really even know if we'll even be good friends. But I guess this should be fun just to hang out with him.

"Well I hope you have a good day." I say hugging Calum.

"I hope you do to." Calum says then he walks over to Breanna and I walk over to Ashton. 

"So uh Ashton what do you want to do today?" I ask.

"I don't know want to go and walk around and just kinda do stuff." He says.

"Ya sure lets go." We walk off the bus and walk towards the park. As we're walking Ashton grabs my hand? I was really confused so I stopped walking. Then Ashton stopped and looked at me. "Um I was wondering why are you holding my hand?" I asked awkwardly.

"I don't know force of habit I also like hand holding." Ashton said awkwardly.

"Don't worry I like hand holding to." I said happily.

"Well then why don't you hold hands with Calum very much?" Ashton asked as we started to walk again.

"He kinda has a sweaty hand problem. I'm not like Breanna who has a fear of germs I just have a problem with sweaty hands." I say.

"Ya he kinda does have sweaty hands." Ashton says and we both laugh.

We started to walk again and we ended up having a great day. We went and got ice cream, fed some ducks and we went and watched a movie. We just got really bored and walked past the movies and there was a good movie playing and we decided to go watch it.

We were walking back to the bus laughing a talking about the movie we saw still holding hands. I quickly realized and let go of Ashton's hand. He looked upset then saw we were close to the bus and realized why I'd let go. We were still laughing when we walked onto the bus but quickly stopped when we saw a soaked covered in mud Breanna and a soaking wet Calum both looking like they weren't in a good mood. We both stopped laughing and looked at them.

"So uh Breanna, Calum how was your day?" I asked knowing I would regret with the answer I would get.

"Oh Rowan it was just great can't you tell?!" Breanna yelled then storming off Ashton following her. Leaving me and Calum looking at me like I did something wrong.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" I asked.

"What did you guys do today?" He said his arms crossed.

"Well we went to the park and then we got ice cream and then we went and fed some ducks then we went to a movie." Then I quieted down. "And we held hands."

"What was that?" Calum asked.

"We held hands." I mumbled.

"What?" Calum asked I could tell he was getting angry.

"We held hands ok!" I yelled.

"You did what?" Calum yelled.

"We held hands ok! And that's all that happened. He grabbed my hand first and we both like hand holding and that's why we did it." I said.

"Then why do you never hold hands with me?" Calum yelled.

"Because...because I didn't want to tell you but you have sweaty hands that's why I don't hold your hand." I said.

"Well then fine." Then Calum stormed off into the bunk room leaving me alone. Then Luke and Michael walked in.

"Um Rowan what' wrong with Calum?" Michael asked.

"He's mad at me." I said sitting down on the couch.

"Well what happened?" Luke asked.

"I told him I held hands with Ashton and that he has sweaty hands." I said.

"Well um aren't you upset?" They both said.

"Ya I am but I'm not going to cry. I didn't mean to hold his hand he held my hand and then we talked about it and we kept holding hands. And he's upset that I'd rather hold hands with Ashton then him and I guess I made it worse by telling him he has sweaty hands." I said covering my face with my hands.

"Well that sounds great." Luke said.

"Ya it's amazing. But I guess it could be worse he could have broken up with me." Right then Calum walked in. I had a terrible feeling in my stomach.

"Rowan I have one question." Calum asked while Luke and Michael looked confused sitting beside me.

"And that question is?" I said taking my head out of my hands.

"Did you really ever love me?" Calum asked. Did he really ask that question?

"Yes I did. Did you remember what I told you in the hospital you're the only person I've ever even mentioned my aunt and uncle to." I said trying so hard to keep the wall of tears that was about to burst.

"Really then if you loved me then you wouldn't have held hands with Ashton!" He yelled.

"Why is it so bad that I held hands with Ashton? He's my friend and nothing more! So I can't hang out with friends without being yelled at!?" I yelled back at him.

"No you can hang with friends but you can't hold hands with them!" He yelled.

"Well you know I get lost easily holding someone's hand is the only way I don't get lost and I feel more safe if I hold someone's hand so if you can't understand that then why do I even bother dating you any more!" I yelled. I looked at the other side of the bus and saw the reflection of Luke and Michael's faces were shocked.

"I don't know why do you even bother why don't we just end it now so you don't have to try!" Calum yelled back at me.

"Fine if we're done then take this!" I yelled throwing the ring he gave me at him.

"Well then I guess we're done!" He yelled.

"I guess we are!" I yelled. Then I couldn't handle it any more I took out my wand and quickly apparated to were no one could come and find me the place were my aunt and uncle were buried.

I looked at my aunt and uncles grave. They were both side by side and I cried. I was crying when I felt a hand on my shoulder I turned around and saw Michael? How'd he get here?

"Michael what are you doing here?" I said through my sobs.

"Well Luke and I decided you two needed someone to talk to and since I'm used to talking to you about this kind of stuff we decided I would go with you and Luke would go with Calum. And I had to quickly grab your leg before you apparated. So where are we any ways?" Michael asked sitting down on the ground in front of me.

"We're at the spot where my aunt and uncle are buried. Sometimes when I need sometime to myself I come here and just talk to them. They were really the only family I ever had." I said still sobbing.

"Rowan-" Michael started but I quickly cut him off by hugging him and crying into his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around me and rubbed my back.

"Rowan I know you really don't want to talk but did you mean any of the things you said to Calum?" He asked me.

"No I would never say something like that purposely but he was getting mad at me for something so stupid so I was getting mad and it was more of a speaking without talking thing. I was saying things and I didn't realize what I had said till I threw the ring at him." I said sobbing still into Michael's shoulder.

"Well why don't you go and talk to him about it?" Michael asked.

"He doesn't want to talk to me. He's mad at me and I don't want to bother him. He's mad and I'm and emotional wreck and it just wouldn't end well. He would start yelling at me and it would just make me cry even more and I just can't deal with it." I said still sobbing into Michael's shoulder.

"Rowan listen to me." Michael said pulling me out of the hug with his hands still on my shoulder making me look at him. "You don't understand how much Calum loves you. You're almost all he talks about and most of the songs he writes now are about YOU. Rowan you're his everything and there's nothing in the world that could change that."


"No buts Rowan it's better to talk it out then hide and that's what we're going to do." Michael said.

"Fine." I then apparated us both back to the bus with Calum sitting angrily on the bed holding the ring I threw at him in his hands.

I looked back at Michael but he looked at me so I sighed and walked up to Calum. "Calum." Was all I was able to say.

"Oh look who came back." He said angrily while looking at the floor.

"Are you really going to be this way?" I asked.

"Yes I am but have you come back to get your things?" He asked. Did he really just say that.

"What?" Was all I was able to say with all the thoughts running through my head.

"Well we broke up so I'm guessing you'll be getting your things and then I'll never see you again." He said still looking down at the floor. Then I suddenly caught my second wind.

"Yes Calum I've come to get my things ok! But I also have something to tell you! When I was with you it was the best thing in the world! But now it feels like it meant nothing to you! Is that true did you feel nothing when we were together because if that's true then I'm happy to be leaving!" Then I walked to the bunk room and used my wand to pack my things then I walked back out to where Michael and Calum were. "Michael I'm sorry but I guess we're not getting back together!" I yelled then apparated to some hotel in London.

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