Sunrise after full moon

So i'm writing a fanfic which right now probably looks a lot like the normal story but shit is about to get real 0.0 i'll try to publish as often as I can so please don't give up on me if I'm not able to write for a few days I hope you guys like my writing skills, k bye :/ {teenwolfiee}


1. Dude… WHAT THE HELL!!

I woke up and got out of bed like I used to do every single morning in this boring town where nothing used to happen, I went to the kitchen to make some breakfast when my paps called me “Stiles don't you dare talk about what happened last night! I will try to lock you up in your worst nightmare ok?” So while pretending not to be terrified by the thoughts of being surrounded by clowns and puppets I said yes and continued my every day routine. I took my car and went to school where I already saw Scott waiting for me all pumped to tell me something, “Stiles I found the body! And I got bitten by some sort of wolfish kinda creature” so now I was all pumped because he found the other half of the body… so let me explain, me and my friend Scott we're not the most popular kids at our school or at any place to be honest and last night I decided to go meet Scott after the sun went down, right after I listened to one of my paps' calls. I overheard him saying that all officers from the Beacon departement and even state police had to come over to search for a body, because two joggers found a dead body in the forest. At first I didn't understand why the'd still have to search for the body if they already found it, but then when I continued listening I found out that they only found half, so I went to Scott's place. When I came there hanging upside down like a bat Scott almost attacked me, fortunately he didn't, so I explained him the story and we got in my car to search the body. We were just two teenagers walking in the woods when I got caught by my paps the sherrif, fortunately for Scott he hid behind a tree. So I had to leave but scott stayed there and apperantly he found the body…

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