Hardwired (Gravity Falls Fanfiction)

Ray Barnes is going to a weird place. Her mother and father told her it would be good for her to live her life, to visit places, and to adventure. But this place isn't what it seems. Escpecailly when you're staying with a mystery con-man and his great neice and nephew.


1. Mystery Hack

I stare out the window at the passing buildings. The bus comes to a startling halt, leaving me on the floor, after lurching out of my seat. I scramble up, slinging my bag onto my shoulder. The bus driver's solemn face makes me shudder, as I step out of the bus. The wind nips at my skin, yet I choose to ignore it, walking closer to a hut that sits in the distance. As I grow closer, I can just barely make out giant red lettering, reading; Mystery Hack. A red letter hangs upside down right before the H. Using these clues, I can tell it's supposed to say Mystery Shack.

I continue walking through the brisk night air, closing in on the Mystery Shack. I start shivering, scared of what will happen. I'm supposed to stay with a man... Stanford Pines, I think his name was. And his niece and nephew, too. I reach into my bag, pulling out a wad of cash. Mom and Dad told me to give this to him. Must be my fee for staying. This Stanford Pines must be a penny pinching cheapskate. 

I knock on the brown wood door of the shack, making a clear, crisp sound. I shuffle my feet on the porch. The door suddenly opens, alarming me. I lift my eyes from the ground, as I stare at a man. He's an old man, I can tell by his grey hair and slightly wrinkled face. He has a square jaw, lined with grey stubble. He wears a white tank top, and pinstriped blue and white boxers. Glasses lay over his bulbous nose, a layer of fat bulging from his tank top. I hold out the wad of cash, which he greedily snatches from the palm of my outstretched hand.

"Attic," he mumbles, his thumb pointing behind him. I nod my head, walking through a shop. I stare around me, before scoffing. I know what he is. I've seen plenty of shops like this.

"You some sort of con-man?" I ask, and he mumbles in reply. Random, worthless trinkets line wooden shelfs. "That's what it looks like, Mr. Mystery," I continue, and his expression changes to show a slight hint of surprise. This man, Stanford, didn't think I wouldn't do a background check, did he?

A slight smile forms on my lips, as I finish through the shop, finding the way to the attic. A rickity ladder clangs as I walk up it. I come to another woden door, giving a sharp knock that rings out. I hear a scratchy boy's voice, saying, "Come in." I open the door, as a girl with long, bushy, dark brown hair greets me with a wide smile. Her braces glint, before she starts talking.

"Hi! I'm Mabel Pines! But you can call me Mabel. And this is my twin brother, Dipper, though I'm a millimeter taller, and I was born five minutes first. I'm the Alpha Twin!" She says, raising her right fist in the air. I wide smile lines her lips. I look towards her brother, Dipper. He looks very similar to her, with the same dark brown hair and eyes. His hair is ruffled, as a blue and white cap lay on it. He wears a bluish vest, witha red shirt. His eyes focus intently at a book with a six fingered hand, with a big '3' in the middle of the hand. I look straight at the book, and Dipper looks up.

"What is that? I know it's a journal, that's platent to see. But what really is it?" I ask, as Mabel babbles on. Dipper lifts his head, a bit more intested. 

"There are only three of these in existence." He tells me. I nod my head. "Who are you, anyway?" He asks, bringing the tassle to rest on the page. I shrug my shoulder, awkwardly blinking my bright blue eyes. I turn around, crossing my arms against my chest. My red hair follows the path of my head, swishing around my shoulders. I lightly close my eyes, acting dramatic. 

"I'm a Ray. Ray Barnes. I'm supposed to be staying with you this summer. I'm staying with a con-man, his neice, and his nephew." I sigh, more talking to myself than I am to Dipper and Mabel. I look over my shoulder to see Dipper's intense brown eyes scouring his book, again, while Mabel still focuses on me, as if I'm a TV show. Feeling uncomfortable, I drop my bag on the floor. I take a neatly folded blanket out, shoving my clothes around, to make an acceptable pillow. I pull Aria from my bag, brushing off the dust gathered from her. Dipper looks at me wierd.

"Why do you have a stuffed animal?" He asks, and I shrug my shoulders. It is a confidential secret that he shall not know of. It's none of his business to know that my grandmother made Aria by hand, creating the delicate stitching in the stuffed rabbit, giving it to me as a thirteenth birthday present before she died.

"I for one, think it's a cute stuffed animal!" Mabel pipes in. Her voice startles me, as I forgot she was here in the first place. She laughs a bit as I jump, Dipper reading. Again. I blow my bangs out of my face, but the just go right back where they were. I swear, hair is as stubborn as a mule.

I lay my head down on my bag, pulling the blanket around me, trapping in as much warmth as possible. I allow my eyes to close, drifting to sleep. Tomorrow, my real quest begins; exploring Gravity Falls. Maybe I'll even make a friend.

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