Impossible ~ jc and kian fanfiction

Hey it's Katliyn here let me tell what's going on here I'm Jc Caylen's girlfriend but here's the thing no one knows. And Jc is getting tired if hiding me from his friend and mostly his fans. What happens when Kian meets Katylin would he fall for her ad much as Jc did


1. Chapter 1


"Hey baby girl!" The best boyfriend hugged me from behind and rested his chin in my shoulder "hey babe" I kissed his check "what do you want to do today!" He plopped himself on my bed as if he's at his house. " umm I wanna have a movie day with my boyfriend!!" I peck his lips softly "okay if I agree with that can we at least cuddle under the blankets and eat lots of junk food!" He did his cute baby face "of-course that's the whole point of movie day!" I sat on top of him " well we gotta go buy food!!" He stood up and pulling me off my comfy bed "okiii dokie!" I jumped on his back "too the car!!!" He pretended to be a superhero. I jumped off his back when we made it downstairs for Jc could breath and for I can get my purse and the keys to lock my house. We both went outside and he waited for me at the car as I locked the front door. Jc rolled his window down an yelled "Hop in precious!" With a wink. I swear he's so adorable. It's like he has me under a spell. I climbed into his car and he started the engine and we took off to the market.

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