Hotel California

AU/AH! Caroline has had enough of Elena's love for Damon. That's why she makes an ultimatum. Do something about it, or get over him. And she's determined to get her two best friends together. Delena as always!


9. Chapter 9

Warning for light smut in this chapter!


Chapter 9: Elena


The rest of the night was extremely relaxing. After our trip to the beach, Damon and I made a mess of the kitchen, as he tried to teach me how to make pancakes. It had taken forever to clean, but we had had so much fun, we didn't really mind.

During that time, neither Damon nor I had considered changing into normal clothes, instead of our swimming suits. Okay, I might have thought about it once or twice, but Damon kept staring at me, and something told me that he liked what he saw...and a girl's gotta take what she can get!

There was also the fact that to change, I'd have to walk past Matt and Caroline's room, and I really didn't want to get closer to the loud moans and bumps coming from behind their door. I mean, the thought of them having sex was bad enough. I didn't need to hear the soundtrack as well.

So, taking that into account, I decided that I was quiet content in my bathing suit/apron outfit, with Damon in the kitchen, making pancakes.

“See, you can make food, without burning down the kitchen!” Damon teased, as we sat at the island in the kitchen, and ate the pancakes.

“I know! I have actually managed to cook things, other than pancakes, in the past,” I defended, trying not to blush too much.

“Oh, you must mean the coffee and cereal breakfast you had, when I couldn't cook for you on campus?" He raised a brow, "how could I forget that? You're right, your skills surpass us all!"

I smiled, but hated to admit that he was right. I didn't know a single thing about cooking. We lived together on campus, and he cooked for me every morning and evening.

However, on the days he was gone, out partying or drinking, or whatever it was that Damon did, when he wasn't with me, I was forced to fend for myself.

But coffee and cereal were probably at the top of the list of things I made best. Maybe even the only things.

“I happen to like coffee and cereal very much,” I said, picking up a pancake.

He smirked, but didn't comment. Instead he motioned towards the food, encouraging me to taste it.

I moaned as I took the first bite, wondering how on earth Damon was so talented in a kitchen. Oh, right, Italian family. And he had gotten a lot of practice, when he had cooked for me on campus. He really was perfect.

“I'll take that as a compliment,” he said smugly, eating one as well.
I smiled at him, then reached over for the syrup he had set out.

I coated my pancake with the sugary goodness, then squeezed some onto what remained of Damon's.

He frowned at the pancake, and then looked at me.

Smiling innocently, I raised the syrup bottle and squeezed, causing it to cover his nose and mouth.

Damon jumped back, "Oh no, you did not!”

He grabbed another syrup container, and I barely had time to wonder why we had different types of syrup before he started running after me.

I squeaked and ran to the backyard, trying to reach the pool before he got me.

No luck!

I felt his hand lock on my wrist, just before I reached the edge.

Then I felt the sticky feeling of the syrup being poured into my hair.

I screamed, laughing, as it ran down my face and onto my body.

"Enough, Enough!" I pleaded, but Damon was relentless!

He began to move hands everywhere, spreading the syrup all over me.

It stuck to my face, my sides, my hair, and there was no escaping.

I squirmed and squirmed, but he continued to coat my body with the syrup.

But suddenly, Damon's hand cupped my breast, and both of us stopped dead in our tracks, looking at each other.

The hand was quickly removed and a small pink color spread across Damon's cheeks. Wait, pink color? Was he blushing?

“Uhm... Sorry, uh... It wasn't on purpose...” he said, looking at the ground.

I laughed and pulled him in for a hug.

He had syrup everywhere, but he didn't seem to care. We were both covered in it now anyway. His arms wrapped around my body and pulled me closer. I put my arms around his neck and looked into his beautiful blue eyes. I wasn't focusing on anything other than him. His eyes were locked at mine, and slowly, he leaned his head down towards me, making my heart speed up like hell.

Was I getting my first kiss, all covered in syrup, in the arms of my best friend?

But then he stopped, and pulled away again.

Before I could comment, or react in any way, I felt my body tip, and we were both in the water of the pool. Damon's arms slipped from me, and I gasped for air, laughing as I surfaced.

I used the water, then, to clean off my face.

“I thought you'd appreciate a shower!” Damon said, laughing, while he swam closer. I chuckled with him, but on the inside I was a disappointed.

I had been so sure he was going to kiss me. But then he didn't.

I shook my head.

No need to let my doubts spoil the night!

"Yeah, you're right," I told him, "But I think a real shower would be better. You know, with warm water!"

He nodded, "Probably right...come on, let's go back inside."

I agreed, and followed him out of the pool.


After both took a shower, separately, we joined Caroline and Matt in the living room, where Matt had found a big screen TV. Apparently it had been hidden in one of the walls, only coming forth if you pressed a button on a remote.

The happy couple were completely wrapped up in each other and didn't really seem to care about anything else. Maybe Matt had finally found the one?

I looked at them, jealous of their relationship, while I hugged the pillow, in my lap, tighter.

Then I returned my gaze to the screen, trying to ignore them.

But still, I couldn't help but want what they had...or at least, something like that, with Damon.

I would love to lie between his legs, his arms wrapped around me and his lips trailing butterfly kisses on my neck.

But no. Damon was sitting in one of the chairs, and I was sitting in another. Far away from each other.

“You jealous?” Damon's voice ripped me from my thoughts. I blushed a bit and shot him a look.

“Of what? Why would I be jealous?” I asked, trying to sound like it didn't matter.

But it did.

I was more in love with Damon that I had ever been, and this day had been one of the toughest in all of my life. We had been close to each other all day, in a different way than we usually were. There had been something more...but it seemed like I was the only one who cared.

Damon smirked at me, as if he knew something he wasn't supposed to know and shrugged. I hugged the pillow closer to my body and tried to ignore him.

He couldn't possibly know. No way. I had been in love with him all of my life. What were the odds, that he was going to figure that out, right in this moment? No, of course he didn't know anything. He had always been completely oblivious to my feelings.

And if Caroline's plan didn't work, he'd probably remain oblivious for the rest of his life!

A small snore disturbed my thoughts, and I looked at Caroline and Matt.

They were sleeping. I smiled at them and turned back to the television. I didn't want to be jealous.

I heard Damon get up then, and looked at him, silently asking him what he was doing.

He just gave me his usual smirk and motioned for me to get up. I frowned but followed his request. What did he have in mind?

He sat down in the chair I had just been occupying, and grabbed my waist, pulling me down on his lap.

His arms wrapped around my upper body, as I tried to find a comfortable position.

I ended up having my head on his chest and my feet strutting off the armrest of the chair.

His arms felt like a protective shield, as he held me, and his fingers were slowly playing with my hair. I smiled against his neck.

Now this was more like what I had in mind.

It didn't take long for me to fall asleep like this. It had been a very long day, and a lot of things had happened. And as always, the sound of Damon's heart beat calmed me down.


Moments later, I heard his voice. “Elena?”

I groaned and opened my eyes, only to find myself looking into Damon's beautiful blue ones. I was still in his lap and he was still holding me close to his body.

“You ready to go to bed?” he asked. I frowned and looked around. How long had I been out? I had only closed my eyes for a second! He smiled as I yawned as response.

Then I felt him lift me, and I whined.

“Damon, you can't be lifting me! I weigh a ton, you're going to ruin your back!” I said, desperately trying to get out of his arms.

Not that I love him holding me, but I'd ruin his body if he carried me all the way to the room, and that would be a terrible shame.

He laughed and tightened his grip around me, as he started moving up the stairs. I started pouting, trying to show him how unsatisfied his decision made me, but he didn't stop. He kept going, until we reached our room. Then he opened the door, walked inside and put me down on the soft bed.

“I didn't want you down there. Caroline and Matt might hear. But here...”

His eye's darkened.

I swallowed, "Damon...what is it?"

"I...I just want to-"

He trailed off, taking a step toward me.

The I was in his arms again, and his lips went to my neck, pressing kisses against my skin.

My eyes widened. What was he doing? He couldn't possibly know.

"I need to do this," he whispered against my cheek, "I need to be with you like this."

I swooned, and he pulled away, looking into my eyes, “Are you ready for your first kiss, Lena?”

As he asked this, one of his hands caressed the side of my face.

I didn't know what to say. I was still in shock.

But then his lips were against mine. I had never felt anything like it.

Fireworks were shooting from my lips, and when he gently licked my lower lip with his tongue, I couldn't help but let out a noise that didn't sound like me at all.

It sounded like an animal.

His hands were absolutely everywhere, then, pulling my clothes off, caressing my skin, and holding me in place.

My whole body was on fire. And he hadn't done anything but touch my skin.

We were just kissing, and he was caressing my body. But it felt like so much more.

He broke off the kiss and looked into my eyes. There was something different about his. They were darkened, and seemed to get even darker. I frowned and put my hand on his cheek, gently caressing it. He leaned into my touch and closed his eyes, while opening his mouth slightly. I smiled at him, as he opened his eyes again and captured my mouth once more.

His tongue slipped past my lips, and started slowly playing with my own.

I moaned again, wrapping my arms around his back. Why was he still wearing his shirt, if I couldn't have mine on?

I tugged at it, and he helped me get it off, only breaking the kiss for a swift second. His lips were everywhere. My jaw line, my neck, my chest, my stomach, my arm...


“What the hell is this, Lena?!” he had suddenly stopped and I felt him grip my wrist, turning my arm.

Oh, shit.

“Uhm... It's nothing,” I said, trying to get my arm away from his grip. It didn't work. Not at all.

He kept holding on to it, and he was looking at me with rage in his eyes. Oh God, oh God... This could not be happening now. This wasn't how I wanted my first time to be.

“You planned on keeping this a secret? I thought we told each other everything!"

"I...we do...I just-"

I didn't know what to say, and he was shaking his head.

"Elena, I don't think I can't be friends with someone who harms them self. I'm too good for someone like that...someone like you."

I blinked back tears as he got off the bed.

"God, I can't believe I was so stupid! And for so long..." he shot me a short disgusted look.

I shook my head, “So, you're just going to leave me? Because of my scars?"

My voice was quieter than I wanted it to be, but my heart was breaking, "Fifteen years of friendship means nothing to you?”

I stood up from the bed.

He raised an eyebrow at me, then moved, beginning to grab his things from around the room. I had no idea what I should say. I wanted to hug him, to feel his arms, for him to tell me that everything would be alright.

“Of course. I can't be friends with someone like you, Elena. Did you honestly think I would ever want someone like you?”


I woke up with a gasp and sat up. I was still in the living room, and I was still in Damon's lap. And he was awake, looking worried at me. Oh God, it had only been a dream! I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me.

“You okay, Lena? Did you have a nightmare?” he asked, while he lifted me up.

My heart was still pounding after his hard words, and I was on the edge to crying, but it didn't matter. It was all just a dream, and there was no way he was going to see my scars. He hadn't seen them yet. Why would he notice them now?

"Just... Can we go to bed?" I asked quietly, ignoring his question. I really didn't want to talk to him about the dream. The first part had been amazing. I had enjoyed his hands on my body way too much. His kisses had been hot, and I couldn't help but wonder if it would feel the same in real life.

But the second part had been terrible. No, more than terrible. Horrific. It had almost erased ever single memory of what happened before.

He nodded, smiling at me as he moved to carry me upstairs.

No, I wasn't going to tell him about the dream.

For some odd reason, I didn't like the idea of him knowing what had happened.

Because that fear, showing in the dream, was a reality. Every single day, I was afraid that he was going to say something like that. That I wasn't good enough for him, and I never would be. But I had to remember it was just a dream.

“Are you going to tell me about your nightmare?” he asked and sat me down, when we got in our room.

I shrugged to avoid answering, and walked into the bathroom, to do the usual evening routine. I took off everything but my underwear, brushed my teeth, combed my hair, and then I remembered that I didn't have anything but the gown Caroline had bought, and I really wasn't feeling it tonight.

I didn't have my sweatshirts or anything like that, either, though.

Maybe Damon would lend me something...

I got an idea, which my comfort zone immediately shunned away from.

But I reminded myself to be brave, be bold, because if I didn't, then I was forced to be that girl in the dream...scared and fragile, waiting for rejection...and this trip was all about change.

I could do this! I had to do this.

“Damon?" I called, emerging from the bathroom in just my underwear, "Can I borrow one of your T-shirts to sleep in?"

Damon was sitting on one of the chairs in our room, writing in his journal. I smiled a bit as I remembered our bet. No way he was going to keep it up during the whole vacation.

I felt way too self-conscious in the lingerie. Caroline had insisted I got something, and how do you tell Caroline no? Exactly, you don't.

Besides, this was part of my "being bold" movement. I just had to do this.

“Sure," he reached over and picked something up from a pile he had near the bed, "You can wear this one...”

He looked at me, like really looked at me, and I saw the way the muscles in his jaw tighten. The journal was put on the night stand, without him taking his eyes off me.

I blushed slightly, as I walked to him and grabbed the black shirt he was holding.

Noticing that his eyes still didn't leave my body, I put the shirt on and took off my bra underneath.

I threw it in my bag and sat on the bed, ready to go to sleep. Somehow, I didn't feel insecure that I was going to be next to Damon, only wearing his shirt and panties. Or at least not that insecure.

“Are you... Uh, are you okay with me sleeping next to you? Or should I go down stairs to the couch?” Damon asked, still looking at me weird.

I had never seen him looking at me like that. On the other hand, he'd never seen me in his clothes like this before. Part of me wanted to giggle at how off balanced he seemed. Was this the eternal ladies man, Damon Salvatore? Put out of his game, by his best friend?

“Come on, Damon. You know I sleep better with you by my side,” I said and reached out for him, motioning for him to join me.

“Sure, uh... Two minutes, I'll just have to get ready first. Just... Uh, go to sleep. I'll be back soon,” he said hurriedly, then walked to the bathroom.

When he shut the door, I heard him click the lock, and frowned a bit.

But then I got under the covers and waited for him to join me. I couldn't keep my self from smiling and giggling like a little girl.

A few moments later, he emerged from the bathroom, only wearing his boxers. Even though I had seen his torso so many times, it didn't change the way it made me feel.

He threw his clothes next to his bag, and then he got in next to me.

I turned against him and placed my head on his chest, waiting for his arms to wrap around me. And when they did, I let out a content sigh and draped my arm over his stomach.

I enjoyed the feeling of his skin touching mine. And oh God, those abs.

“Are you going to tell me about your nightmare?” he asked again, as he played with my hair. I bit my lip and shifted, so that I was able to look into his eyes.

“Do you really want to hear it?” I asked, trying to avoid his gaze. He nodded and held me even closer. I sighed and closed my eyes.

Be brave. Trust him.

“You were rejecting me," I started, clearing my throat, so my voice was stronger, "You were saying that I wasn't good enough for you, and that you could never be friends with someone like me."

I didn't see his reaction, as I kept my eyes firmly shut.

I didn't want to cry.

Not again.

“Why would you dream such a thing? Lena, I promise you, I'll never leave you. Remember the necklace? That's my promise to you. I won't ever leave you. You are good enough. Hell, you're more than that. You're way too good for me,” he said and pressed his lips to my forehead. I sighed and placed my head on his chest again, trying to hold back my tears. I wanted to explain everything to him. Tell him about my fears of losing him, about my insecurity and how I wanted him to my first kiss, my first time, my first everything.

But I couldn't tell him that.

“Thanks, Damon... It really means a lot,” I said, as I felt him tighten the grip around me even more. It felt right. I belonged here, in his arms. Oh, how I wish I could stay there forever.

“Always, Lena. Oh, and by the way...”

I lifted my head and turned it towards him, looking at him. He was smirking and looked down at my body.

“You look hot in my shirt.”

Then he closed his eyes and laid down, as if nothing at all had happened. I blushed slightly and laid my head down on his chest once again.

“I like wearing it,” I mumbled, before falling asleep again. This time there weren't any bad dreams.

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