Hotel California

AU/AH! Caroline has had enough of Elena's love for Damon. That's why she makes an ultimatum. Do something about it, or get over him. And she's determined to get her two best friends together. Delena as always!


4. Chapter 4

 “Elena, come on, we have to get going!” I said, after waiting for almost ten minutes. How much time did she need anyway? It was eight o'clock in the morning, and I was almost falling asleep standing. And I was the one driving to the airport? God, I needed coffee. I didn't want us to crash on the way. She trusted my driving skills. No way I was letting her down.

“I'll be down in a minute!” she yelled from her room. I sighed and started dragging my bag to the car. She would be down soon, or else I would have to go and get her. I had no problem carrying her down the stairs. She didn't way anything. She had never been one to spend a lot of time getting ready, but she was today. What was going on?

When I returned to the house, I heard her door open and her bag being dragged across the floor. Finally! But as she went down the stairs, my eyes widened. Now I understood why she had been in her room for so long. Her cheeks were red, as she dragged the bag down the stairs. Noway she could lift that heavy thing. I should help her, but I couldn't take my eyes off her, and I wasn't sure I was able to walk either.

She was wearing a pair of very short, light, denim shorts and a tight, red halterneck top. Her high heels made her legs look like they went on forever, and made it impossible for me not to stare. Instead of her normal ponytail, her hair was hanging freely, framing her beautiful face. And she wore make-up! What the hell was going on? Not that I was complaining.

Her cheeks turned red as she reached the bottom of the stairs. Quickly I got to her and grabbed her bag, totally speechless. I could feel my self react to her instantly. Still my best friend, still my best friend!

I had always known she was a beautiful girl. You had to be extremely stupid not to notice that. When she took off her sunglasses and hoods, that is. But this was ridiculous. I needed a very cold shower. Unfortunately that wasn't going to happen right now. We were already running late, and we couldn't wait for me to calm down. Fuck.

“You look... Great,” I said, trying not to sound too out of breath. Because she made me feel out of breath. God, I wanted to feel those soft looking lips against mine. No! I couldn't!

Just relax, Damon, it's your best friend. Your very innocent best friend. You've known her since kindergarten for Christ's sake!” I thought to myself, trying to calm down. Why hadn't I noticed she had such a beautiful body? All the nights I had held her, all the nights I had carried her? How was I able to miss that? Her curves were amazing. Bet her body would look even more amazing without the clothes on.

Oh my God, no! I could not be thinking that way. I simply couldn't!

“Thanks... Uhm... Ready to go?” she asked. I nodded. Why did she sound nervous? What did she have to be nervous about? If she'd decided to make-over, she shouldn't be afraid to show herself. Should she? And least of all to me. She didn't knew about the thoughts that were currently going through my head. If she did, she'd probably be scared and disgusted. I wasn't supposed to be thinking about such things. She was like my little sister. She'd always been.

We walked to the car, without saying a word. Her cheeks kept the red color, which only made her seem so much more sexy. My jeans were starting to get uncomfortable. I shouldn't be thinking about her like that! God! She wasn't supposed to make me react this way. I wasn't supposed so react to her at all!

As we drove, I kept my eyes strictly on the road. Neither Elena nor I were happy to drive, after what had happened to our parents. It had taken Elena a couple of years to get her license, because she was too scared. I had already had mine, and after a few months, I had started driving back and forth between school and home. After a year, Elena had joined me. Besides her self, I was the only one she trusted with a car. She never let a stranger drive her anywhere. She only let me, which meant I had been her chauffeur a couple of times.

I turned on the air condition. I really needed to cool down. It had helped, just focusing on the road. My thoughts were getting away from Elena. If I could just managed to keep her out of my head for the rest of the trip, I would be happy.

“Are you excited?” Elena asked, after almost 20 minutes of awkward driving. I bit my inner lip at the irony at her statement. I was excited, alright.

“Kind of. It'll be great to get away from Mystic Falls. And it has been a long time since we went anywhere together. I missed it,” I said, being completely honest with her. I always was. It had been almost six months since we went anywhere together. We used to go almost every vacation we had, but it had been different this year. It was great, knowing that we were going somewhere again. This time without any kind of parents.

“Yeah, it has... I've missed going to the beach. Will you go out bathing with me, when we get there?” she asked, a giant smile on her lips. Bathing? As in bathing suits? As in, Elena half naked? Oh God, she wasn't making this easy on me.

And what was with her, suddenly want to go to the beach again? The past couple of years, she'd shook her head and hid in her giant sweatshirts, if you suggested the beach. What the hell was going on? What had caused this change?

My grip around the steering wheel tightened, as I looked at her again. That top of hers didn't leave much to the fantasy. A fantasy that shouldn't be in my head at all.

“Sure. It's been a while since you've been at the beach,” I said, trying to sound completely normal. She really didn't need to know about my thoughts. She would hate me, if she knew what was going through my mind at the moment. And since when was I losing control like this? I'd seen girls dress a lot more slutty than her, and been able to keep in control. This was my best friend, and I had no idea what I should do.

“Yeah. But I've decided that I need to change. And this vacation is exactly what I need to... Mature,” she said, and leaned back in her seat. I frowned.

“Mature? Lena, you're 20 years old. You are mature,” I said, wondering why she could possibly think she wasn't mature.

“Nah. I'm old enough to be mature. I'm just tired of hiding away, trying to be an all innocent girl. It's time to become... Well, a woman, I guess. I just need to have a taste of life. Be crazy. As you pointed out, I'm already 20. And I have yet to kiss a boy. Most girls my age is having sex and being crazy and... Yeah. Well, now it's my turn.”

I felt my self getting angry at her statement. She was going to be crazy and go have sex with some random boy? No way in hell. Her first kiss, her first time should be with someone she knew. Someone who cares about her, and someone who will be careful. Someone like me... Oh God, no! Stop those thoughts, Damon!

“Elena, stop talking like that! You're not going to be crazy. We're going on this holiday, and it's going to be fun, just like we used to. We're going to hang out all the time, you, me and Blondie. Maybe we'll get drunk, but besides that, it'll be... Relaxed. A timeout from Mystic Falls. Did you plan on losing your virginity in Cali?” I asked, almost fearing the answer. Was that her plan? Going to California, going to a party and drag some boy to bed?

Well, if it was, I wouldn't let it happen. No way.

She shrugged it off, like it didn't matter. I sighed. Didn't she know the value of her virginity? She'd protected it for so long, and now she just wanted to give it to a complete stranger? What the hell was going on? Was she in love with someone?

I felt my self getting jealous just by the thought of her being with someone else. Wait, jealous? She was my best friend! Like my best friend. Not in any romantic way. Then why the hell was I thinking like I was?

“I don't know. Maybe. I'm tired of being the good girl. Maybe I'll loose it on this vacation. Why do you care anyway?” she asked, keeping her eyes on the road. Why the hell did she say that? She knew damn well that I cared about her. A lot!

And why didn't she look at me? This was a pretty serious conversation, and all she could focus on, was the road? What the hell?

“Of course I care. You're my best friend, Lena. And you shouldn't just... Give it up, to some random guy. You need to find a guy that deserves you. And it has to be someone you love,” I said, tightening my grip around the steering wheel even more. Why did she have to wear those clothes? She knew exactly how I was with women. And she had to know that she looked amazingly beautiful, wearing clothes that actually fit her.

“You think that I'm going to go out and fuck some random boy? What the hell, Damon? Don't you know me at all?” she asked, suddenly sounding mad. It had to be that time of the month. There was no other logical explanation. Fucking PMS.

“Oh, that wasn't what you meant by being crazy? 'Cause that was what I got out of what you said. That you wanted to go out, get drunk and fuck some random boy. And that's not going to happen. Not at all. I won't let it,” I said, starting to feel angry with her. Why couldn't she just understand that I cared about her? She didn't need to know that I wanted to be the one to be her first, but she needed to know that I cared about her. A lot.

Wait, I wanted to be her first? Were the hell was this coming from? At the thought of her, underneath me, love in her eyes, all naked, I felt my heart flutter and my appendage react at once. What the fuck.

“No... Of course I wouldn't just sleep with anyone. You know what, never mind. We shouldn't even be talking about this. Just forget I ever said something. I'm looking forward to go to the water with you,” she said and started untangling her headphones. Oh, hell no! She wasn't just going to put them on.

I reached over and grabbed them. No way I was letting her hide behind those. Not from me. Something was way off.

“What the hell, Lena? You're going to just shut me out? Listen, I'm just watching over you. Ever since we've been small, you've never ever shown interest in any guy. Not even me. When you say stuff like that, start dressing like that, I'm going to be protective of you. Because I care about you. A lot. And I don't want you to get hurt. Your virginity isn't something you just let go off. Don't do like me. Wait, for that special boy. You'll find him,” I said, and put her headphones in my pocket, without letting my eyes off the road. I was calmed down a bit now. She seemed angry that I had taken her headphones, but I didn't really care. I wasn't going to let her hide away.

She mumbled something that I couldn't hear. I sighed. What was going on? There was something wrong, and that something had something to do with California. I was sure. But what had changed? Except for her way of dressing.

I just had to watch her even more careful when we reached our destination. I would figure out. Whatever had changed, whatever had made her change her appearance this much. I was going to find out.

“I'm sorry, Damon... I didn't mean to... I'm just a bit confused, okay?” she said, her voice suddenly sounding very fragile. Confused?

“Why are you confused? What's going on, Lena?” I asked, as I pulled into the parking lot of the airport. I wished we had more time, just being the two of us in the car. She wouldn't keep talking if Caroline were there, that was for certain. They were great friends, but still nothing compared to what we shared. Not at all. And now I was never going to figure out. Christ.

She didn't answer me, as we got a trolley and started walking towards the airport. I was getting desperate for answers.

“I just realised that what I've been fighting for these past years, isn't going to happen. Ever. And I need change,” she said, as we went into the airport. I was going to question her even further, but Caroline and Matt were running towards us with their luggage.

Wait, Matt?
What the hell was the football douche doing here? And why on earth did he have luggage as well? I had been tricked. But why? I looked at Elena. She didn't look at Matt. Her eyes were firmly set on her shoes, not looking up. Did Matt have something to do with this?

“Hey guys!” Caroline said, looking all ecstatic. I was getting more and more confused by the second. Elena had been fighting for something these past years, that she'd given up on achieving? And now she didn't want to look at Matt. Was she in love with him?

Suddenly everything started making sense. The clothes, the talk about her virginity. She was in love with Matt! And she wanted to... Oh God, no. Anyone but him.

“What's the quarterback doing here?” I asked, not caring if I sounded annoyed or rude. I was annoyed, and I really wanted to be rude to him. How the fuck could she possibly be in love with someone like him?

Maybe because she didn't know the truth about him. She didn't know anything about all the girl's Matt had been with, whilst he'd supposedly been with Caroline. Neither did she know anything about the drugs he'd been using and selling the past few years. Actually, she didn't know anything bad about him at all. Nothing. Only the good things.

To her, he must be sounding like the perfect boyfriend. That had to be the reason she was feeling something towards him.

I felt the angry jealousy that I'd been feeling earlier come forth once again. Why was I feeling jealous? It was clear why I felt angry. Elena wasn't going to let him pop her cherry. Not on my watch. I wouldn't let her. Because I wasn't going to let her get hurt by him.

Did I want to take her virginity my self? Hell yeah. That answer was a bit too quick to appear in my mind. A best friend wasn't supposed to feel like that. But maybe it was time that I tried to explore those emotions.

We were going to spend all our time together the next three weeks, in California. I had every possibility to be close to her, to start acting like more than a friend. And then she wouldn't be with Matt.

Oh my God, was I really going to do this? Guess I was.

“Well, there was something I didn't tell you, Damon. Matt is coming with. And he's sleeping with me. Which means that you and Elena are going to share a room. I hoped you didn't mind,” she said, while Matt put an arm around her waist, and placed a kiss on her cheek. Elena kept her eyes on her shoes. Was that a big deal? We'd been sleeping in the same bed lot's of times. She knew I wasn't going to do anything. She knew she could trust me.

“You could have told me. It would've been nice knowing. Then I would've packed something to wear at night. Well, guess you'll have to sleep next to a naked man, Elena!” I said, joking. But I didn't miss the red color on her cheeks. Was she blushing? Guess she hadn't seen me naked since we were kids. Had she even seen a naked man before? Probably not. If she hadn't kissed one, she probably hadn't seen one naked. I kept forgetting how innocent she was, when she was wearing something like that.

“I'm kidding, Elena! It's fine. Let's just get going. Tax free alcohol!” I said, hurrying to check in my luggage. I felt her following me to the check-in. When I looked at her, she was still keeping her eyes on the floor, not looking at me. Her cheeks were still flaming with red color. And somehow, I found that quiet sexy.

We both checked in, and then went towards security. We would meet Caroline and Matt at the gate. For some reason, Elena didn't want to spend time with them. Was she jealous of him and Caroline? I hoped not. God, he didn't deserve her at all.

The security went fine. Elena had never been too fond of airport security, but she didn't seem affected at all. Maybe because she didn't beep.

When both of us made it to the other side (of security), I dragged her to the alcohol department. I had been very serious about the tax free alcohol. I wasn't sure if Elena was getting drunk during our holiday, but I sure as hell was. I was going to need it.

After shopping alcohol (to my surprise, Elena bought a lot of alcohol as well), we went on. When we walked passed a small bookshop, she stopped.

“Damon, would you mind going with me?”she asked nervously, as she looked at the bookshop. I knew she loved books, and writing. She was always writing, either in her journal, or in a small binder she brought everywhere. Sometime I would have to read it. I just wasn't sure if she would let me. Oh well, I would convince her.

“Sure. Let's go,” I said, and followed her into the store. She walked in front of me, and all I could think of, was how much I appreciated the way her shorts were hugging her cute bottom. I was going to push the thought away, when I remembered my promise to my self. I was going to try to explore this, and I had absolutely no problem with looking at her behind.

“Are you getting anything?” she asked, ripping me from my trance. She was standing with a new journal in her hand, and another book, probably for writing. Hadn't she brought her own?

“I don't know. Maybe. Didn't you bring your own journal?” I asked, nodding towards the book in her hand. It was perfect for her. Simple blue design, with an E in the bottom. I smiled, as I remembered all the times I had caught her sitting by the window, writing in that small book.

One morning, the light had been shining at her face, and she had looked more than beautiful. That was until I noticed the tears on her cheeks. All I wanted was to wipe them away and hold her.

But I never let her know that I had seen her. Her journal was a private thing, and she didn't like when people got too close. I understood that, and I respected it. I respected her.

I had been unable to take my eyes off her for a moment. The morning sun's orange shine looked perfect on her olive skin, and the way she looked concentrated when she wrote was amazing. But the tears. I had wanted to help her. To be there for her. But I couldn't, so I went back to my own room, and hadn't been thinking of anything than her the rest of the day.

“Of course I brought it. But it's almost full. Time for a new one,” she said, waving the blue book in the air. I smiled at her, looking at the other books at the shelves.

“Well, then maybe I should get one as well,” I said, quickly smiling at her, before returning to the books. I had never kept a journal like Elena did, but she seemed happy to do it. Maybe it would be a good thing to try, now that I didn't have Elena to confide in. She wasn't going to know anything about my small plan. It worked for her. Maybe it would for me as well.

“You're going to keep a journal?” she asked, her brows almost disappearing when she raised them. I shrugged and picked out a black one. Funny enough it had a small D in the bottom right corner. Then I picked out a pen, knowing that I would need it. I hadn't brought anything like that.

“You, keep a journal? You are so not that type, Damon. You're not even going to keep that going throughout the holidays,” she said, laughing. An idea started forming in my head, as a smirk spread on my lips. If she wanted to play...

“Why don't we bet?” I said, looking at her. I saw a flash of fright, before she pulled herself together.

“Fine. What's the consequences?” she asked, as she shook my hand. Did I really want to do this to her? Oh yes, I wanted to.

“A kiss. Whoever looses will have to kiss the other one,” I said, trying to keep my smile innocent. Her eyes widened. Oh shit, she hadn't kissed a boy yet! I had forgot everything about that! How could I be so stupid? Oh well, she would surely just turn me down, and tell me that I was crazy. She wouldn't agree to those terms.

“You're on.”

Wait, what? Was she being serious, or was she pulling some kind of joke on me? A part of me didn't really want to know. I just wanted to go on with it.

I let it go. Both of us went to the cashier, ready to pay for the journals and my pen. I couldn't keep my eyes off her, as we went on, walking through the airport. She was beautiful. How could I never have seen what a beautiful body she had? All the nights I'd held her, I hadn't once felt her slender waist, her full grown breast, her ass... Nothing. Maybe because I never had touched those places on her body.

But I remembered being happy when I held her, after her party. It had been great. Holding her, like she'd been mine. How on earth had I managed to keep these feelings at bay?

Maybe because it was my best friend we were talking about. The girl I'd known since she was a little child, the girl I'd confided in forever. And now she was the woman I wanted. The woman I felt something towards. Fuck, how had everything changed so fast?

“You wanna grab some coffee?” she asked, when we passed a Starbucks. I woke up from my thoughts, and smiled at her.

“Of course. You know me,” I said, as we walked to the desk.

“Hey, you two. What can I do for you?” the barista asked. She wore a name tag that said 'Mary'. I smiled at her and looked at Elena.

“The usual,” she said to me, shrugging. I returned my look to the barista.

“One café latte and a frappuccino,” I said, knowing that she loved their frappuccino's. We'd been visiting Starbucks more than once. A lot more than once actually. Enough for me to know exactly what she wanted.

“Coming right up! How long have you two been together?” she asked, while getting someone on the job of our coffees. Elena blushed and didn't answer. Hmm, maybe I should have a bit of fun. I was, after all, trying to seduce her. No, I wasn't trying to seduce her. I was trying to make her feel something towards me. I wanted more than just her in my bed.

“Three years,” I blurted out, not really thinking of the amount of time we would've spend as a couple, if that had been the truth. Shouldn't I be holding her, placing kisses on her cheeks and forehead?

Yes, I definitely should. But she would be afraid if I did so. I would have to wait. That would come later on. Right now we were playing a game.

“Wow, that's a long time. You must really love each other,” Mary said, a big smile on her lips. Then something unexpected happened. Elena reached up and placed a very gentle and very soft kiss on my cheek.

“We do,” she said, looking at me, as if she was totally love struck and had been for several years. I smiled at her, knowing that I would love for her to look at me like that every day. I would love to see the love in her eyes, feel the love when she said my name. But that wasn't the case. Not yet, at least. Where was all of this coming from?

I wrapped my arms around her waist, and slowly dragged her towards the place where you pick up your coffees.

“Now, let's go get our coffees, honey,” I said, placing a gentle kiss on her forehead. If she wanted to play on, I would so too. She followed me, her muscles completely relaxed beneath my touch. She trusted me with this? I had expected her to be tense and insecure. But she wasn't. Not at all.

We got our coffees and sat down in one of the couches furthest away from the desk. We should be able to talk together without the barista listening in. She surely wanted to question me about this. But she didn't. She just sat down and started playing with her straw. I cocked my head and looked at her. God, she looked beautiful. I really loved that she'd let her hair be loose. It was beautiful. No, that didn't really cut it. She was amazingly perfect.

And when she looked up at me through her long lashes, a completely innocent look in her beautiful doe eyes, I couldn't help but feel my heart skip a beat. How long had I unconsciously felt this way? Maybe a bit too long. I remembered moments where I'd shortly reacted to her, rather strong. That was even though she'd been wearing her hoodies. How on earth had I managed to be so blind?

A smile spread on her lips, as she let the straw out of her mouth, and laughter rose in her eyes.

“What are you staring at?” she asked, slightly blushed.

“You,” I said, not thinking about my talking at all. As soon as the word was out of my mouth, I regretted it. I wanted her to know that I was ready to take our friendship to the next level, but I wasn't just going to give my self over. Nope, I was going to make her fall in love with me, by being the perfect gentleman. I wanted to be the man she had always wanted.

She blushed and looked at her coffee again. I smiled. I affected her.

“What? Can't I look at you? Last time I checked, this was a free country,” I said, checking the clock on my cellphone. I didn't want us to miss our flight. She laughed and looked at me again.

“I guess you can. I'm just not used to someone staring at me. It's not very polite, you know,” she said, still laughing a bit. I smiled at her.

“Well, get used to it. I like looking at you,” I said, placing my usual charming smirk on my lips. She shook her head and started sipping her coffee. God, she looked cute.

“So, why did you pretend we were going out? I would've thought you wanted to flirt with her? She was cute,” she said, nodding towards the barista. I shrugged.

“Nah. Wanted to have a bit of fun. As I recall, you played your part in it as well,” I said, still feeling her lips against my cheek. She shrugged and leaned back in the comfortable couch.

“It was fun. I liked pretending we were going out,” she said, while she played with the straw of her frappuccino. Wondered what she would think of actually going out with me. If we were going out, I would be sitting next to her, not on the opposite side. My arms would be around her, and I would be planting small butterfly kisses on her face. And I would be happy.

What the hell. Was I turning into some kind of sappy romantic? What the hell was this girl doing to me?

I had to keep my game up. I couldn't just give in to her, as I really wanted to. I wanted to lean over, and kiss her. Make her first kiss worth it. But I couldn't do that. At this moment, she didn't feel anything romantic towards me. She wanted that douche, Matt. But I was going to change that. No way in hell I was letting her run away with that guy.

“We should get going. There's not much time to the plane is taking off. Come on,” she stood up, and together we started walking towards the gate. I couldn't wait to show her, just how perfect we would be together. She would never know what hit her. 

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