Hotel California

AU/AH! Caroline has had enough of Elena's love for Damon. That's why she makes an ultimatum. Do something about it, or get over him. And she's determined to get her two best friends together. Delena as always!


2. Chapter 2

Elena's party was fun. I did have a lot of fun. I had gotten there early, arriving with the birthday girl and her friend, Caroline. At first, we'd been sitting at the bar, Caroline and I drinking beer, and she soda. Guess she didn't want to be too drunk.

“So, the big twenty! Feel old yet?” I asked and smiled at Elena. I couldn't believe how grown up she was becoming. I had known her since she was 2.

It wasn't easy to see, though. She always hid in those big sweatshirts, and never took off her sunglasses. If I didn't know better, I would think she was using.

“Nope. That's one of the things I have you for. You make me feel young,” she said, teasingly pushing me. I lifted one eyebrow and smiled at her.

“Are you implying that I'm old?” I said, also raising the other eyebrow. A teasing smile spread on her lips, as she nodded.

“But I'm not. I'm only 24, and I am still drop dead gorgeous!” I said, downing the rest of my beer, before ordering a new.

“And your ego is bigger than ever!” she said, laughing, as she took her sunglasses off. Finally. It felt kind of weird, talking to her, when I couldn't see her eyes. I loved when she took them off. But she rarely did, when other people were there.

She did at home. She never ever wore them at home. And I loved seeing her without them. But she still insisted on wearing big baggy clothes, that didn't fit her tiny body one bit. It was her choice, but I didn't like it. Not at all.

“You like it,” I answered, smirking flirtatious. She knew that I liked flirting, but she also knew that I wasn't being serious with her. I was, when I flirted with other girls, but not with Elena.

Usually she just shrugged it off, and then we would continue the conversation, just where we left it. We knew exactly how to act around each other, and I loved it.

“So, what are you going to do, now that you're 20 years old?” Caroline said, desperate to be a part of the conversation. I had almost forgot about Barbie.

I had always been calling Caroline Barbie or Blondie. I couldn't help it. My sarcastic nature just wanted it to happen.

“There's nothing different from being 19. Except that I feel old. I'm not a teenager any more. And I feel like I never did do anything... Teenage-ish, when I actually was a teenager. No bad-boy boyfriend, no drugs, no cigarettes, only a little bit of alcohol. I feel like someone very innocent, and someone really not capable of living life,” she said. I frowned. Sure, she'd been acting completely innocent her whole life, but that wasn't a negative thing? It was a great thing. She had never had a boyfriend, which meant that there was no one for me to threaten or beat up, because they hadn't treated her well.

There had been a couple of people whom I'd been threatening for treating her bad. Like that asshole Tyler Lockwood. He was a bully, and he didn't really seem to be able to leave Elena alone. But I taught him what would happen, if he kept on bullying her. He hadn't talked to her again.

“Maybe that's because there's been someone too importa...” Elena immediately hit Caroline in the stomach, her cheeks going red. What, was she in love?

I chose to ignore the weird girls. That was her choice, not mine. I could ask her about it later. She always told me everything.

“You're not old, Elena. You said that yourself, just look at me! And what's wrong with being innocent? Okay, I'd preferred to see you a bit more drunk sometimes. You make me seem bad and irresponsible. But that's alright. Now, Elena, you need to enjoy this party!” I said and ordered a beer for her. She shook her head and accepted the beer.


It didn't take long for people to start arriving. As soon as the music was turned up, and people started drinking, Elena put on her sunglasses and sat down in one of the booths, with Caroline. Something told me she wasn't in the mood for party right now. I'd talk to her about it later.

“Hey, Damon! Long time, no see!” I turned around, but didn't see anything else than blonde hair, when I felt someone female hugging me. Big boobs, it seemed like, small waist. Who on earth was that?

She let go again, and let me see her face. Blonde hair, brown eyes, brown brows... Hmm, did I know her? I must have. Did I have sex with her once?

I had no idea who she was, but I had to pretend like I did. Anything else would be rude.

“Hey, uhm... Nice to see you!” I said and downed the rest of my bourbon. Oh well, if I hadn't had sex with her, I was going to. Elena and I were both on holidays from our college, and I needed to get drunk!

All of the summer was right in front of us, just waiting for us to use it. Something told me, that this night was going to be spend with this blonde girl, that obviously knew me, and seemed very interested in me.

I put my arm around her waist, as she leaned her mouth to my ears, and started whispering with a very seductive voice.

“So, you want to get away from this lame party, and go home and have fun? We're a bit too mature for some random kid's birthday, don't you think?”

If it had been any other girl's birthday, I had been on my way home with her, to have sex all night. But this wasn't just any girl. This was Elena, and I wasn't going to leave her.

“You know what, I think I'm gonna stay. This kid is pretty important to me.” I left her staring, as I walked to Elena's table. I wasn't interested in going home with someone talking so rudely about Elena. No way.

On my way, I walked to the other end of the bar, and asked for 20 shots for the birthday girl. She seemed like she was brooding, and I wasn't going to allow that. She was going to get drunk tonight. She had to.

I walked back to their table, with a big smile on my lips. I looked forward to Elena getting drunk. She had resisted a lot at her 18th birthday, but it wouldn't be the same now. This time, I was not going to accept a no. She would have to get drunk. I put the tray on the table, when I finally reached it. Then I put my arm around her shoulder's and pulled her closer.

“Hello, birthday girl!” I said as I sat down. She looked down at the table, once again hiding under her hood. She wouldn't even let me see her face.

“Hey Damon,” she answered and shrugged my arm off. Okay, if she didn't want my arm there. On my way away from her shoulders, I reached for her hood and pulled it down. When she looked at me, I smiled, until her hand went to pick it up again. I grabbed her wrist, raising a single eyebrow. It would be a cold day in hell, when I let her put that on again. Not on my watch.

“Not today, Lena. Please, lose the hood today. It's your birthday and you're a bit too sober!” I said and nodded towards the tray. She looked at it, as if she had only noticed it now, and raised an eyebrow at me. Oh God, she was already starting to resist.

“And you're turning 20! You know the rules! Start doing those shots,” I said. It was the only thing I could come up with. I didn't want her to protest this. She just needed to relax and let her self have some fun. Just for once in her life.

When she sighed, I knew I had won. She reached out and grabbed one, not looking like someone who was looking forward to getting drunk.

“Do you want to help me?” she asked, an innocent smile playing on her lips. I felt my body reacting a bit to her. What? Reacting to Elena? Noway, she was my best friend. Nothing more. I laughed at her comment and shook my head to answer her question.

“No way, Lena! I did this when I turned 20. Come on, you know I'll take care of you, when you're drunk. I promise. I'll make sure you don't do something stupid,” I said, trying to convince her that this was the best thing. I did mean it. I was going to look after her. And she knew that I would look after her and that I would take care of her.

“She'll do it, if you promise one thing!” Caroline said, just when she was about to do the first shot. Both Elena and I frowned and looked at Caroline, equally confused. Great to see it wasn't just me. But then Elena's face turned to utter surprise. She did know what this was about, and she didn't want him to know. Interesting.

“And what would that be, Barbie?” I asked, with one eyebrow raised. Caroline was used to blackmailing people. But only her friends, and only with small things. Never anything serious. No, she was a great person. She just liked getting things her way.

“If she do the 20 shots, you're going with us to California, this Friday. You know, cozy holiday! You know Elena has always wanted to go to California.”

I looked at Elena. She was blushing. They had been talking about this? But why on earth was she blushing?

I knew that she blushed often, but this seemed crazy. A trip to California? That didn't sound too bad. But there had to be a downside. There always was.

“TO California? Well, why would I reject that? Of course I'll go. It'll be fun. I like traveling with Elena,” I said, and then nodded towards Elena's drink. I had promised, and now she needed to get drunk! She let out a small sigh, and then downed the shot. Her face told me it was tequila. She hated that.

“Great, then that's settled! We're leaving this Friday, at 10 in the morning! That means 9.30 in the airport, Damon!” I laughed as Caroline raised both her eyebrows at me. Then I handed Elena another shot.

“That's early... Fine, I'll go. Now, Elena, you need to get drunk!”

And she did. She got very drunk. The shots affected her immediately, and soon her and Blondie were on the dance floor, dancing as though they had been a couple for several years. Elena moved her body in a way that I had never seen before. She seemed like she was confident, like she had all the experience in this world.

Not like she was a 20 year old girl that hadn't even gotten her first kiss.

I felt my self getting hard, and that was when I looked away from the dancing girls. She was my best friend, I couldn't think of her like that! Noway!
But I couldn't look away from her for a very long time. My gaze went right back to her, and the first thing I noticed, was that Caroline had disappeared, and a guy was now dancing behind her, locking his arms around her stomach. I felt the anger built up inside of me, as I watched him lower his mouth to her neck, almost placing a kiss on it. No, he wasn't going to do that.

Quickly, I got up and walked to them. When I reached them, I tried to stay as calm as possible. I wanted to rip the guys head off, but I had to act nice. Elena was here.

“I'm just gonna cut in here,” I said and removed the guys arms, trying my best not to rip them off his torso. Elena didn't notice much. She just put her arms around my neck, and laughed as she starting dancing again, encouraging me to join her.

I laughed and put my arms around her waist. God, she was drunk. I lifted her, and slowly started walking towards the booth. She needed to sit down, and drink some water. No need for more alcohol.

But as soon as we sat down, she moved to my lap, and wrapped her arms even tighter around my neck. Then she leaned her head into my chest and closed her eyes. What was she doing?

“Damon, you know how much I love you, right?” My heart skipped a beat. Then I remembered she was my best friend, and she told me that all the time. It shouldn't be something special. After all, I did love her too.

“Yes, Lena, I know. Now, I think you're ready to go home. Am I right?” I said, trying to be in control. My arm was around her back, keeping her from falling, and with the other one, I started stroking her hair carefully. I knew she loved when I did that. And I loved doing it.

Suddenly she was pressing her lips against my cheek.

“You're so good to me. You always take care of me,” she said. How much had she had? This was getting crazy. It was kind of funny. I put my other arm around her legs, stood up and started making my way to the exit with her. It was clear that she needed to go home.

“And I will always be here to take care of you. You're a bit too drunk to drive. I'll take you,” I said, and carefully sat her down on the ground, while I unlocked my car and opened my door. Then I lifted her again, and put her in her seat. Without touching her, I managed to put on her seat belt, and then got in my self. We had a long ride home.

I smiled, as Elena fell asleep next to me, while I drove. Had I really managed to get her that drunk? More drunk than I had ever seen her before, but she'd seem happy. When she had went to the dance floor and that boy had held her, it had been too much for me. And she clearly wasn't sober enough to reject the asshole. Once again, I felt relieved that I hadn't gone with the blonde girl home.

I knew Elena was more innocent than what was good. It was her 20th birthday, and she hadn't even had her first kiss yet.

But she had always claimed that she wasn't interested in anyone else than her teddy bear. At some point, I had been wondering if she was a lesbian. But that suspicion had been demolished pretty quick. She would have told me.

I kept my focus on the road, but I couldn't think of anything else than my best friend by my side. She had been repeating the words, again and again.

I love you, Damon.”

It made me feel good. I knew she wouldn't leave me. She had been my best friend since forever. And I wouldn't know what to do without her. She had become the most important part of my life. I had no problem leaving the blonde girl at the bar, to go drive Elena home.

After all, we did live in the same house. And for whatever reason, she didn't like when I brought home girls. Maybe the sounds of her best friend having sex wasn't the most uplifting thing. She still was a virgin. Maybe it embarrassed her? She knew what I was like. I had brought girls home, ever since I lost my virginity at 15 years old.

We had talked about my girls, lot's of times. I had told her about my fear, of not being capable of loving a girl so much, that I wanted to stay with her forever. Her response had been a small shrug and then her eyes had been focusing on something on the floor.

A couple of days later, I had found out that my fear was stupid. She had told me that. And Elena knew me. If she believed in me, I believed her.

That had all been ruined when I got a girlfriend, and managed to be unfaithful five times within two days. I had told Elena about it, coming home crying from the knowledge of what I'd done. And she'd talked to me, tried to tell me that I was a lovable person. I just didn't believe her.

But today was her birthday. I wouldn't bring home a girl tonight. She deserved better on her birthday.

And now we were going to California together. I wondered what Caroline's plan had been. She never did anything without a plan. I knew her well enough, to know that. I just had no idea what her plan would contain.

We had never been on a vacation, all three of us. Elena and I had been traveling a lot, going on vacations, and Elena had been to many places with Caroline, but we never went all three of us. Neither one of the girl's had shown any interest in going together.

So what was her agenda? Something had to be off.

Were the two girls planning on a three-way? No. Elena was still a virgin. She wouldn't be alright with something so naughty. And of course she wouldn't want me to be her first kiss, or her first time. No, that was another guy's job. A guy she deserved.

Even though I didn't doubt it would be wonderful, sleeping with Elena. She was a beautiful girl, I had always known that. And her lips were so soft looking.

What the hell, Damon?! Why on earth was I thinking about stuff like that? I shouldn't be thinking about her like that. She was my best friend. Having sex with her would ruin everything.

I pulled in when we reached our house, and parked in the garage. Then I got out, and opened Elena's door. She was still sleeping safely. I smiled, unbuckled her seat belt and then carried her towards the house. Silently I opened the door, and started walking towards her room. I would find some painkillers and water for her after wards. She would be having the worst hangover in decades tomorrow. I remembered from my own 20th birthday, and she had drunk at least the same amount that I did.

Without any trouble, I walked up the stairs and opened the door to her room. I smiled as I saw the familiar room. I had always liked it. It had always fit her.

Carefully, I put her down on the bed and started taking her shoes and jacket off. I didn't want her to be hot. I would've taken her hoodie off, but I knew how she felt about those. She felt naked without them, uncomfortable. And I wouldn't want her to feel that way, because of me.

But as I turned to leave, her small hand grabbed my wrist and held me back.

Please, don't leave me... Stay...” her voice sounded fragile, hurt. Like she was crying. Was she sad? Why on earth would she be sad? She had just had an amazing 20th birthday party! She was supposed to be drunk and happy. Maybe she was just having a nightmare.

“Are you awake, Elena?” I asked and sat down on the bed. Her hand didn't let go of my wrist. How could a girl her size be so strong? She opened her eyes and looked at me, her eyes full of tears. I frowned and looked at her. She was crying? Why?

“Please, Damon... Stay,” she said, still holding on to my wrist. I nodded and she let go. I removed my shoes and jacket and laid down next to her. As soon as I was laying there, she turned to me and buried her head in my chest, tears flowing free.

I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed carefully. What was going on? Had the guy from the bar hurt her? He was going to pay. Nobody was going to hurt my Elena.

“What's wrong, Lena?” I asked and started stroking her hair. And for a few seconds, I closed my eyes, and let myself enjoy this moment. It felt nice, holding her. It felt right. And she fit perfectly in my arms, like we were made for each other.

But then she let out another sob, and I knew I had to focus on what was bugging her. I already felt the flames in my stomach. Nobody would hurt her. Nobody.

“I don't know for how long I can keep going, Damon. I'm breaking down.” Her statement chocked and surprised me. What the hell had happened?! She was miserable! I had never seen her like that before. She sounded like she was suicidal!

But she couldn't be. She was always happy. And she told me everything. When something was wrong, she told me. So why hadn't I hurt about this? It obviously filled a lot of room in her life.

Hey, hey. What's going on? Who's hurting you?” I asked and kept stroking her hair. She looked up from my chest, and the pain in her eyes surprised me.

But it didn't take seconds, before I'd figured it out. And as soon as I had, she knew I understood. I bit my lip, as I felt the tears forming in my own eyes.

“I miss them,” she said, curling up next to me again. I tightened my grip around her, determined that the tears wouldn't show. It was a long time ago. But she knew how I felt, and I couldn't keep it from her. I just couldn't.

“I know, Lena... I miss them too,” I said and kissed the top of her head. Her arm went around my stomach and she hugged me closer. I tried to ignore the feeling of my heart speeding up.

“Please, don't leave me, Damon. Don't leave me, like they did,” she said. I felt my heart breaking at her comment. Did she think I was going to leave her? Noway in hell I was ever leaving her. She was my entire world.

“I won't leave you... I promise. Here, let me get my shirt off,” I said and when she let go, I quickly got the shirt over my head, and hugged her again. She put her head on my chest again, and I couldn't help but feel my heart speed up even more.

I had missed doing this with her. We'd done this regularly, back when our parents had died. Back then, she'd been 13 and I'd been 17. Our parents had been really good friends, which had resulted in us spending most of our childhood together. And we'd been best friends since forever.

But then our parents had been to a party, on the night of a very big snowstorm. Their car had gone over Wickery Bridge, and all four of them had been dead as soon as the car hit the freezing water.

After a lot of discussion between our families, both of us had moved in with her aunt Jenna, and my dad's best friend, Alaric. They'd been an item for almost four years at that time, and they'd been happy to have us.

Our parent's death had only made us become better friends. She had grown up quickly, and some times I forgot the age span between us.

But it was seven years ago, which meant that she was starting to cope with it all. She hadn't been sad about it in quiet some time, and somehow, she seemed like she had pushed me a bit away. We used to sleep in the same bed, almost every night, crying and holding each other. But when she started to mature, started to wear those big clothes, she pushed everyone away.

But I hadn't let her. I wasn't ready to lose my best friend, and I hang on to her with all my power. Because she meant too much to me.

But now, as we were laying in her bed, it seemed like we were getting closer, once again. She let me hold her, and maybe she would even loose the big hoodie around me. I didn't want to push her, but I really didn't like those hoodies on her. The last time I'd seen her body, she had been a child. But she wasn't anymore. She was 20 years old, her body had matured since then.

And something inside of me wanted to see her body so bad. I had no idea why, but I really liked the thought of her showing of her body. But not anywhere else than at home.

Gosh, why did all these thoughts start coming tonight? It made no sense at all.

“I love you, Damon,” she whispered, but when I looked at her, it was clear she was at sleep. Not wanting to wake her up, I closed my eyes and kissed the top of her head once again. No way I would ever let her out of my life. 

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