Hotel California

AU/AH! Caroline has had enough of Elena's love for Damon. That's why she makes an ultimatum. Do something about it, or get over him. And she's determined to get her two best friends together. Delena as always!


11. Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Damon


“Ugh, Damon, I'm not sure I want to do this,” Elena said, as we were getting ready for the surfing lessons. We had eaten breakfast (she loved the eggs) and then we had gone upstairs to our room, to fetch our stuff. On our way up, we had heard Caroline and Matt “waking up”. Elena had walked very fast past their room, and into our own, where she had started the radio, she had found in the drawer of her nightstand. Her face had been completely red while she had done it.

I rolled my eyes at her and started applying sunscreen to my chest. I really didn't want to get all burned up. The sun was hard, and I was pale. And I had planned to stay on the beach for most of the day, just like yesterday.

“Remember our deal, Lena! Living life at it's fullest, right? You need to do this!” I said, finishing up with the sunscreen. I didn't need too much. I did want to be tan, just like Elena was. She sighed heavily and looked at me.

“I know... Ugh, I just didn't expect you to make me go surfing. I imagined something else,” she said, blushing slightly as she gathered her towel and sunscreen. She was wearing another one of those cute sundresses, and I couldn't wait for her to get out of it. I wasn't sure if she was wearing the black bikini today, or if Blondie had made sure she had more than one with. I hoped for the last one, and I hoped it would look just as sexy as the black one.

Oh, who am I kidding. After seeing what was hiding underneath all of her sweatshirts and sweatpants, I knew she would look beautiful and sexy in a garbage bag.

“So, what did you expect?” I asked, standing right behind her. She shivered and turned around. She was standing very close to me, and I was fighting my hardest not to react to her. I had taken care of the problem earlier, but it seemed to be returning, and I didn't want to embarrass myself even more. I just had to focus on something else. Think of something else. Maybe someone else. Someone not as hot as Elena.

“I don't know...” she said, without taking her eyes off mine. I leaned in a bit closer, restraining my self from kissing her. I didn't want to do that just yet. But I did like to get a rise out of her. And I liked that I affected her. Maybe she wasn't that far from being over the douchebag. Already? She couldn't have had strong feelings for him, if she was already falling out of love with him.

“I'm just going to wait downstairs. Come down when you're ready,” she said, moving past me, while she kept her eyes on the floor. I sighed and let her go. I had to remember that she wasn't just any girl. I wouldn't just kiss her, bang her and leave her. I had to get my self under control. I couldn't move too fast with her. No way. Maybe she would be hurt, and I wouldn't be the one to hurt her. Not after everything she had done for me.

I turned off the music, pleased to hear that Caroline and Matt where done in the other room. They were probably downstairs, talking to Elena. And she would be embarrassed as hell, if I knew her. And I did.

Before I left our room to go downstairs, I checked that we had everything. Money, check, sunscreen, check, towels, check, sunglasses, check, water, check, strawberries, check, champagne and glasses, check and...

My eyes fell on her nightstand where her diary was laying. It would be easy to just open it and get my thoughts on her feelings confirmed. I would know what to do, if I read it. And she wouldn't be mad in the long run. Of course she wouldn't. Not when I helped her realise that she shouldn't be with someone as stupid as Matt.

I sat down on her side of the bed, and grabbed the small book. She used it a lot, and I knew that it would be in the back of the book. Just one small look...

“Damon, are you coming?” I heard Elena yell from downstairs. I threw the book back on the nightstand. What the hell had I been doing? I had been a few seconds away from reading my best friends most private thoughts. Some best friend I was, huh.

Before I could think anymore about it, I grabbed the bag with our stuff and walked out the door. I needed to get away from the temptation that was her diary, and get down to the real temptation, that was her.

When I walked into the kitchen, I was a bit surprised to see Matt's arms around Elena, while he held her close. The anger rose in me, at the sight of them. They didn't belong together at all. That was clear as the sun. They looked wrong together.

And where the hell was Caroline? Wasn't Matt supposed to be all over her? Not my Elena. Noway. But what the hell could I do about this?

Wait, my Elena? I was seeing her as mine? God, I was falling way too hard for this girl.

“You ready to go?” I spat, even though I tried to keep my voice calm. I needed to sound like I didn't care. Instead I sounded like I cared way too much. She was beating me at my own game, and I hated it.

“Yeah, I'm ready. We're going out surfing,” Elena said, not taking her eyes off Matt. My rage kept rising. What the hell did he think he was doing? Couldn't he just let her go. She needed to be in my arms, not his.

“That sounds like fun. Caroline and I were thinking of driving to one of the closer cities and look around. When you're done at the beach, call us if you wanna have lunch. Or just eat by yourself. You decide,” he said, and finally let go of her. About fucking time. Feeling possessive, I quickly wrapped my arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer to my body. She frowned and looked at me, but didn't ask.

“See you later,” she said, as we turned to walk out the door. As soon as we were outside, and were crossing the street, I was able to relax and just enjoy holding her. I was going to have her all to my self for some time, before the lessons. Maybe she would want to go in the water with me again. Actually, I wasn't going to give her a choice.

“So, what was up with that?” she asked, as we got near the beach. I shrugged and searched for a spot to put down our things. She had no idea what was coming. The clock said 11, and the surfing lessons started at 12. We had a full hour before I would have to share her attention with someone else.

“Seriously, Damon. It's just Matt. What happened?” she asked and got out of my embrace. I rolled my eyes, threw our stuff on the beach and lifted her in my arms. She weighed absolutely nothing. Almost feather light.

“Damon, what are you doing?” she asked, and frowned when I took off her sunglasses and threw them in the sand. She was still wearing her dress, but I didn't care. It would be okay.

I smiled at her, and then started running towards the water, her safely in my arms. She shrieked, as she found out what I was doing, but I didn't care. She was going in!

As I got out to where the water hit my abdomen, I threw her in. She screamed, before she hit the water and got under. I laughed and swam after her, making sure she was okay. She emerged from the water seconds later, and she looked downright pissed.

“DAMON GIUSEPPE SALVATORE, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?!” she screamed. I laughed and moved closer to her, having way too much fun about her mood. I knew she wasn't actually mad at me, which made it fun.

“I was throwing you in the water. And something told me that you weren't prepared for it,” I said, and looked at her, as I swam closer to her. She looked beautiful in the wet white dress, and her hair were ruffled from the water.

“My dress is all wet now! Damon!” she said and looked down at her self. I smirked, as I spotted her blue bikini under the dress. God, it looked sexy.

I moved, so that I was standing right in front of her, and started taking off her dress. Her eyes went wide and they never left mine. I slowly pulled it upwards, my fingers brushing her perfect olive skin. I felt goosebumps emerge all over her body, as I neared her breast. Not wanting to push her too much, I made sure I didn't touch them at all. But as soon as my fingers were past them, I let them brush against her skin again.

I smiled at her, as the dress came off, and put it over my shoulder. I didn't want it to get lost. It was cute, and I liked it on her.

She blushed and looked down, trying to hide her self. I held her arms away from her body and lifted her head up by her chin.

“Don't hide, Lena. You look great. Now, let's get this dress to the beach again, to let it dry,” I said and let go of her, while I started walking back to the beach. As soon as I got to our stuff, I put the dress on a towel and let it dry in the sun, before returning to Elena again. She was swimming around, keeping her head over the surface. God, she looked cute.

I swam quietly behind her, until I grabbed her legs and pulled her underneath the surface. She laughed as she returned to surface, clearly ready to get her revenge.


After 45 minutes of playing around in the water, both of us went to the beach, ready to get our surfing lessons. Elena didn't put on her dress again, which I was more than grateful for. I loved seeing her like that. If it was up to me, she would be wearing this all the time.

As soon as the surf instructor stepped forwards to call the team together, I regretted my decision to make her go surfing with me. He was our age. Not much older than me, maybe younger, actually. And of course he was what most girl would define as hot.

Don't get my wrong, I have never doubted my self. And I wouldn't doubt my self in this. I attracted a lot more girls than the surfer would. That was clear. But I really didn't need Elena to focus on yet another boy. Matt was enough.

As the surf instructor, Dave, started talking, Elena kept her eyes on him, and focused on his talking. She was wearing her sunglasses, and had did her hair in a messy bun, making her look even better. I hated that her attention was on the surf instructor, and not on me. Well, I would make up for that later. As soon as we got in the water, and she didn't know how to do things, I would be able to help her. I would get to touch her.

Not that stupid instructor. I wouldn't let him touch her. Not when I could be the one doing that. And I would be. Later.

As we grabbed our boards, Elena was already talking with the instructor, seeming a bit too friendly for my taste. I looked at them for a while, before standing next to a blonde woman. She was younger than me. Around 22 or something like that. Older than Elena, but younger than me. She was wearing a bikini, that definitely didn't hide anything, and she had a flirtatious smile on her lips. Normally, I would've flirted with her instantly, probably fucking her somewhere on the beach, but I wasn't going to do that today.

No, I needed to be focusing on Elena. Getting laid wasn't important right now. My feelings for Elena was, and I was never going to go anywhere with her, if I started flirting with another woman. Then she would think I was using her, or something like that. And that wasn't going to happen.

The instructor started teaching, talking about how to stand on a surfboard, in order to keep the balance.

Elena was standing right in front of me, giving me a nice view to her body, while she was trying to get it right. Just as I had imagined, she didn't quiet get it. As I saw an opportunity to help her stand correct and started walking towards her, the instructor already made it there. I felt rage and jealousy rise in my body, at the sight of another man touching her.

“Do you think you could help me? You seem like you know what you're doing,” the blonde next to me asked. Her smile was flirting and she was playing with her hair. Definitely the type that didn't care about anything else than sex. There was no way I could get out of that one. I wouldn't be rude to another girl. My mom would be ashamed of me, if she knew that I was treating a woman without respect.

“Sure. Here, stand on the board,” I said, helping her keep the balance on the board. I couldn't wait for us to actually get in the water and start surfing. Then I could step in and swoon Elena. Right now I needed to help this blonde woman, who was currently doing anything to get closer to my body. It was getting kind of annoying. Sure, she looked good, but she wasn't what I wanted. She wasn't Elena.

“Ah, okay... Thanks... My name's Olivia,” she said and held out her hand. I shook it shortly and muttered my name to her, keeping my eyes on Elena and the instructor. His arms were around her waist, showing her how to get the best balance. This wasn't how it was supposed to be! Not at all! As soon as we were in the water, I was going to do something. I needed to change this, and fast.

Olivia put her hand on my upper arm, pulling me back to reality. I looked at her, listening to whatever she wanted to say to me. Honestly, I couldn't care less.

“How long have you been surfing?” she asked, letting her fingers trace over the skin of my upper arm. I smiled politely back at her, and told her that I had learned it when I was little from my father. It was true, and I knew she didn't care the smallest bit about how long I had been surfing.

“You work out a lot, right?” she asked, still flirting with me. I pulled my arm away from her fingers and nodded, trying not to stare too much at Elena and the instructor.

Sighing, Olivia turned away from me, and looked at the instructor as well. Then she raised an eyebrow and looked at me again.

“So, how long have you been in love with her?” she asked, the flirtatious smile gone and replaced by a knowing one. I raised both my eyebrows and looked at her.

“What do you mean? In love with who?” I asked, pretending I didn't get what she was talking about. Were my feelings so obvious? This girl didn't even know me, and she could see it. Oh, fucking hell.

“It's pretty damn obvious that you're in love with the girl over there. So, for how long? And does she know?” Olivia asked, raising one eyebrow, clearly expecting an answer. I sighed and looked at Elena. The instructor was getting far too close for my liking.

“To be honest, I don't know how long I've been in love with her. I just found out yesterday, but I think I've been for a while. You know, without knowing. And no, she doesn't know. She won't know yet,” I said and helped Olivia up on her surfboard, to show her how to do it.

“How long have you known her?” she asked, grabbing my hand, as she lost her balance and almost fell down. I caught her without any trouble and moved her legs into the right position.

“We've been friends ever since she was born. Our parents were best friends,” I said, trying not to think too much about our parents. It was a long time ago, and I had cried about it, with Elena. I was over it, but it never got any easier.

“Were? Past tense. What happened?” Olivia asked, frowning. She was now standing on the surf board without any problems.

“Car accident. Both of our parents died, when they went over Wickery Bridge. She was only thirteen back then, and it was really tough on her. It kind of brought us closer together, actually,” I said, wondering why I was telling her all of this. Maybe I just needed to talk to someone. It had been useful to write my thoughts down in the journal the night before, but I still needed to talk to someone. I usually talked to Ric about stuff like this. But Ric couldn't know anything about all of this. If Ric knew, Jenna would know a few minutes later. And they'd probably tell me to back off or something like that. Elena was way too good for me, and they knew that.

“How old are you guys now? It doesn't really seem like there's any age gap between you,” she said, looking at Elena. I couldn't help but see the equals between Olivia and Caroline. Both of them were pretty straight forward, and both of them seemed to have the same opinions. Maybe I should get her number for Caroline. Then I would get to spend more time with Elena. I had been able to get her to my self for almost two days, but that couldn't keep on. At some point, Caroline would want to spend time with her best friend. That was after all why she had invited us.

“I'm 24 and she's 20. The age gap is pretty big, but it's never been a problem, and I don't think it'll ever be. She matured a lot when our parents died. Maybe because she spent a lot of time with me,” I said, trying to tear my look away from her. I felt way too jealous, when I saw her with the instructor. But I couldn't try to make her jealous. That probably wouldn't work, since I was the one with the feelings, not her. And she would think I was returning to my old habits of screwing girls. That would pretty much ruin everything.

“Well, good luck. I'll distract the instructor. Go over and help her. You two would be the cutest couple ever,” she said and walked over to Elena and the instructor. I watched her put her hand on the instructors chest, flirting with him. As soon as he followed her, I walked to Elena, ready to show her how to stand on the board.

“You need any help?” I asked, trying to smile as sweetly as possible. She turned around, and smiled at me, slightly blushing. Wait, was she blushing?

“And you think you're able to help me, Salvatore?” she asked, raising one eyebrow. I laughed and grabbed one of her arms.

“Yeah. I've been surfing since I was 6, I think I can manage to help you,” I said, deciding that I didn't want to keep it a secret. I already knew she would be a lot more comfortable with me getting this close to her, than the complete stranger, that was our surf instructor. And I would enjoy being close to her. No, actually, I would love it.

“You have? Then why are we here? It was your idea to take a class,” she said, frowning while she stepped up on the surfboard, instantly losing her balance.

"Easy there," I chuckled, placing a hand on her waist.

Her skin felt warm under my hand.

"Got it," she smiled at me.

"You'll be a pro in no time," I teased, as she looked over at the instructor who had moved back to the front of the group, and was now demonstrating how to move from laying on the board to standing.

"I still can't believe you're making me do this," she shook her head.

"You'll thank me for it one day," I told her, before moving back to my own board.

"Okay guys," Dave, the instructor, called out some time later, "I think we can move out to the water now. Pick up your boards and follow me down the beach here."

I picked up my board and made sure Elena had hers before following Dave down to the water.

There were only a few people in the group, but the majority of them were girls, and the instructor was pretty busy helping them, so it gave me a moment with Elena without distractions.

"You okay?" I asked, as she threw her leg over her board, and settled on it.

"Yeah, I'm good," she insisted.

I got on my own board, and pushed through the water until I was side by side with Elena's.

"Let me know when you feel ready to take on a wave," I told her.

She raised an eyebrow at me, looking fairly insecure.

"I think I'll wait and watch first...” she trailed it off. Fine, if she wanted to watch, I would give her something to watch.

"Here," I paddled out a little, "I'll take one, and you can see how you are suppose to do it."

She nodded, so I paddled out further until the waves started picking up.

Recalling on my childhood teachings, I dove under the smaller waves coming up moments later to see a good sized one forming.

Remembering everything my father had told me about catching a wave, I swam as hard as I could.

Within moments, I was perfectly aligned, and jumped up, leaning forward on the board.

I felt the balance shift as the wave caught the board and lifted it, gliding across the folding water.

I smiled as I realized how much I missed this, though I couldn't remember the last time I'd been on a board. Probably one of those early college spring breaks. Had I even been surfing back then? There had always been a lot of alcohol involved.

The board slid along the water, coming out of the wave straight and true.

I was a little proud, and couldn't help but show off as I directed it back toward Elena. Let's see quarterback do that.

She was clapping, as I got back down into a sitting position.

"Impressive," she smirked.

I did a fake bow, and she giggled.

"I'm really not sure I'll be able to do it like that..." she said, blushing slightly. What was with her and blushing?

I shrugged at her, pretending I didn't see it.

"Well, you won't be able to, unless you try."

She nodded, then sighed. She knew I was right.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know..."

"Here, lets swim out and find you a wave."

I led her forward, and she followed under the water.

Once we were a little further out, I checked the horizon.

"There," I pointed, "See the third one forming out there?"

She gazed out, then nodded. I had a hard time not looking at her, and focusing on the surfing. Why did she have to be so beautiful?

"That one's going to build up to a good size, when it gets closer to being fully formed, start paddling toward the shore," I explained.

She nodded nervously, and turned her board around, getting ready.

"Go when I tell you to," I instructed, "and only jump up, when you feel the water about to lift you."

"Okay," she agreed, a look of determination plastered on her face.

I almost wanted to grin again. God, she looked adorable.

She was so into this, and she didn't even realize it. It made me feel good to be able to share something I enjoyed with her. We had done a lot of stuff together, but never anything like surfing. That might have something to do with her thing with staying in a hoodie on the beach, every single time we went. But here she was, right next to her, in a way too cute swimming suit, learning to surf. And she was here with me.

"Lean forward a little," I told her, and tried not to stare at her ass as she did so... but God, if her arched back wasn't a temptation all on it's own.

I turned back toward the wave to distract myself. I really needed to get my shit together. I was acting like some lovestruck teenager.

"Okay," I told her, "Start peddling!"

She took off, faster than I expected, and soon the water lifted her up.

She stood, but jumped a little too soon, and I watched as she folded under the board, the water taking her under.

Quickly, I swam in her direction, pushing my board as hard as I could, but she had already surfaced by the time I got to her.

"You okay?!" I asked, worry burning in my stomach. I would never forgive my self if she got hurt, because of me. I was the one forcing her to go surfing.

She nodded and laughed at me.

"I'm fine, Damon!"

Using the string attached to her ankle, she pulled her board back over and lifted herself onto it.

"Well...I did say it would take practice,” I said, smirking at her. I couldn't wait to see her back over the water again.

She smiled and splashed water at me.

"Then we should keep practicing."


A few hours later, Elena had practically mastered surfing... Well, maybe not mastered, but she was at least able to hold herself on the board. And she looked beautiful when doing so.

I grinned as the force of her last one brought her back to me.

"How was that one?" she asked eagerly. I almost laughed at her happy face. It was amazing seeing her this happy and carefree. I loved it. And she looked too cute, happy about her accomplishments on the surf board.

"You looked great!" I promised, smiling at her.

She grinned as we sat on the surfboards.

"You were right, this is pretty fun."

I nodded, remembering the times I had surfed with my father. It was great sharing this with Elena. I wouldn't want anyone else to go with me.

"You sore yet?" I asked, trying to get my thoughts away from my parents. I didn't need to be sad right now. We were having fun.

Her brows furrowed slightly.

"Am I suppose to be?" she asked, looking down at her thighs on the board. God, I would like those wrapped around my waist...

"Sometimes... Surfing does require a lot of muscle use. Flexibility can help," I said, trying to get my mind out of the gutter. I really didn't want to think like that, at that moment. My shorts wasn't loose enough for that.

"Hmm, well, I guess I'm pretty flexible then, because I don't feel anything right now," she said with a big smile.

I chuckled at her. God, she was cute.

"Just wait until tomorrow. You'll feel it," I promised.

She nodded.

"Probably. However, I doubt either of us will make it to tomorrow if we get back to the house too late. Care's gonna kill us. We've been here for quiet some time."

I tried not to groan, as the thought of the pesky blond interrupted my mental image of Elena's flexibility.

"Nah, she's probably too busy with Matt to care."

Elena flinched a little, and I internally hoped it was out of disgust, rather than jealousy. Was she really thinking about him right now? Was she wishing it was him down here, instead of me? Would she rather be home, doing what Caroline was doing with Matt?

I hoped not.

"But we can find something else to do, if you want to take a break from the water?" I added, and she nodded. She had probably had enough of the water for now. We had been in for a long time.

"Yeah, we can run our boards back to the rental shack and see what's on the boardwalk or something?”

"Yeah, sure," I agreed easily.


We paddled back to the shore, and I noticed that most of our surfing group had dispersed. We must have been out there longer than I realised. Oh well, time with Elena was worth it.

Speaking of more time with her...

I glanced around hopefully, and spotted a blond head in the distance, near the rental shack. Good, she hadn't left yet.

"Hey, you want to grab our stuff? I'll take the boards back," I asked Elena with a smile.

She nodded, handing over her surf board, and I easily shifted them under my arm, before jogging over to the shack.

"Olivia, right?" I asked, coming up behind the girl.

She turned around, then smiled at me.

"Right. That's me," she said, shifting her weight onto her left leg.

"Hey, I was just wondering... I know it's going to seem sort of random... But I'm here with a few other people, and if you aren't busy later, I think you and one of my girls would really hit it off," I said, thinking about Caroline.

She smiled.

"Yeah, sure! I'm vacationing here to meet new people."

I grinned at her. I really owed her for distracting that surf instructor.

"Awesome. Can I get your number? I'll give it to her, and I'm sure she'll set up a shopping day or something," I said, trying to remember what girls do.

Nodding, Olivia grabbed a pen from the window of the shop.

"Here, give me your arm," she said, reaching for my arm.

I extended it, and she wrote her number on my skin.

"Just tell her to call me. Then we'll figure something out," she said, smiling at me.

"Okay, thanks."

I smiled, and continued talking with her until it was my turn to check in the boards, completely unaware that a brown pair of eyes had followed my every move.



“Come on, Lena. There's something I want you to see,” I said, returning from the shack. I knew she was getting hungry, but that had to wait, until we got back. She looked at me, looking very curious, but I didn't tell her anything.

“Please! Do you trust me?” I asked, and smiled at her. She laughed and nodded. I smiled and reached for her hand, wanting to hold it. Her cheeks turned red, as I grabbed it, and softly pulled her with me. She had put her shoes down in the bag, and I loved seeing that she hadn't put on her dress again. She was still wearing her bikini, and I loved the view. I wouldn't mind if she wore that a little more often.

“Are you going to tell me where you're taking me?” she asked, smiling at me. I raised one eyebrow, as we walked along the waterline, my hand still wrapped firmly around hers.

“Nope. You just have to wait and see,” I said as we got near the place I really wanted her to see. She didn't know that I had been her before. I had been on this exact beach lot's of times before. My mom loved this place, when she was still alive. And there was a very special place I wanted to share with her.

“Fiiine!” she said, and leaned into me. At that moment I couldn't think of anything else, than how much we had to look like a couple in love. I still held her hand, and I really wanted to intertwine my fingers with hers. I wanted to place kisses all over her body, and hold her close. I wanted every single person to see that she was my girl, and that nothing was going to do us apart. Not any hot douchebag, not any girl. I wouldn't just leave her, like so many people had done.


As we made our way into the small cavern, I saw her eyes widen, as she took it all in. She didn't let go of my hand, but walked forward slowly, dragging me behind her.

The cavern was a place I loved to come as a child. Most people didn't even notice it. They were too busy with their lifes, to explore the nature. As soon as you stepped in, your feet were buried in the soft sand, and a small river of water chuckled lightly, making the place seem almost magical. You could see the water and the horizon, if you sat down, facing the ocean.

“Wauw... It's beautiful, Damon. How did you know this place was here? I didn't see it, when we walked outside,” she said, looking completely amazed by the cavern. I smiled and let her take everything in.

“That's kind of a long story. I was hoping you were up for some early snacking?” I said as I retrieved the strawberries and the champagne from the bag. She turned around, and looked even more surprised.

“You brought strawberries and champagne? What is this, like a date or something?” she said, blushing as soon as the words were out her mouth. I raised one eyebrow and sat down in the sand, making small holes for the champagne and the glasses.

“That depends on your definition on a date,” I said and motioned for her to sit down in the sand. She flopped down and watched me, as I filled the glasses with champagne and handed her one.

“Two people with a mutual interest, getting to know each other, I guess,” she said, accepting the glass, while keeping her gaze to the sand. I couldn't help but chuckle at her. God, she was innocent. Sometimes it was rather funny. I knew exactly how to get her all riled up. All you had to do, was mention anything sexual, and she would be all perplex.

“Very innocent definition, Lena. Well, do we have a mutual interest?” I asked, purposely flirting with her. Her face was starting to get as red as a tomato. She drank the champagne quickly. Raising an eyebrow, I filled her up, excited for her to get drunk. She was always a lot funnier when she was drunk, than when she was stone sober.

“Maybe. I have no idea what interest you have,” she said, bending her legs and reaching for the strawberries. I let her take one, but promised my self that it would be the last one she ate by her self. I was pulling all sails today.

“Well, do you intend to find out?” I asked, surprised that she actually answered my flirt. It really didn't seem like her, and she couldn't already be influenced by the alcohol. She wasn't easy like that. No way.

She looked at me for a moment, before she burst into laughter. Why the hell was she laughing? This really wasn't a moment for laughing.

“Sorry, Damon, I'm just not... Does that really work on the girls you pick up at bars?” she asked, and drank almost half of her champagne glass in one down. I frowned at her, wondering what made her act like this. She used to be a lot more... Insecure.

“I'm not trying to pick you up, Lena,” I said, trying not to sound too rejected. What was going on in her head?

“I know. But you used one of your lines. Sorry, I just haven't heard you use those on me before,” she said, giggling lightly. Was the champagne that strong? I decided not to answer that, and tell her about the cavern instead.

“I used to go here with my mom, when we were kids,” I said, leaning back in the soft sand. Her eyes went wide as she sat down her now empty glass. She was going through them fast. Did she feel like she needed to be drunk?

“She would take me here, when dad was out with some of the guys from work. And we could sit here forever, building sandcastles and eating ice cream. I loved spending time with her. This was kind of our place,” I said, remembering the times I had spent with her in the cavern. I had been happy. She always made me happy. But ever since she died, Elena had been the only woman in my life.

“I miss her,” Elena said, as she laid down in the sand, and looked at me. I frowned and filled her glass again. Okay, maybe she shouldn't have anymore alcohol right now, but my mom had taught me how to be a perfect gentleman. And I would be a gentleman, when it came to Elena. That was exactly what she deserved.

“She was a wonderful woman... I miss them, Damon. Our mothers. They would've been able to tell me what to do,” she said. I sighed silently, trying not to think of the whole Matt-Elena thing. She would get over him. I was going to make sure of that.


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