Missing Me



2. two

Then I realised that this man was a liar, so I turned around and looked him in the eye. He had curly hair and I will be a big loser if I faint at the sight of him.


"You're lying. She rang me earlier." I say pointing at him.


"Yeah. Earlier. Not at 12:30. Haha, no answer to that." He laughs.


"You're laughing at me, when I've just been told my mom is dead. What a loser."


"I work for Valentine." He stops laughing.


"Who he?" I ask. Like I know who he is. He's probably a footballer.


”Demonic leader."


"You say what now?" I say. Yeesh this guy is weird. "You said you were a policeman." He raises an eyebrow and I understand.

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