Missing Me



1. One

I sit on an empty chair in my kitchen. Since mom left for this stupid, fake, rich guy, I have been learning to live without anyone, except Sal who comes for occasional coffees or some bread to borrow. Yeah, my mom left me even though I'm only fourteen. She's not ready to be a mom, and I never see my dad so I can't blame him for anything. I sigh and get my Special K cereal and then slowly chew it as if it were making my teeth fall out. Imagine if my mom stayed. Yikes. My dad left when I was seven. I heard them fighting,  and then my mom killed my baby sister, so I ran off and she tracked me down. I came back and she didn't murder me but I've been scared ever since. Knock knock. I think it's Sal, coming for coffee. I open the door, but it's a policeman.

"Miss, you related to Cassandra Dront?" He booms. I nod. "Can I come in please?" I nod again and he steps inside.

"Who are you?" I ask. He tuts and points at his police badge.

"Richie Ronald Gaven, police commander in chief. And you are?"

"Leanne Bess Dront. Daughter of Cassandra Bella Dront."

"Ah, I see. Were you close?"

"Were? You mean are?"

"No. She's dead."



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