My Bestfriend's Brother

Connor Franta Fan Fic



15. Terrible Things


I can't believe he actually did it. I wonder if hate was the real reason.... Anyway, I grab Mean Girls and some ice cream and head back to the room. I put the movie in and we sit down and watch. *after the movie.* I heard I loud gun shot. I looked at Ricky in fear. "Go in the closet." Ricky says. I don't hesitate to run in there. I hear another gun shot. I scream. I run downstairs to see the murder dead. I see Ricky is alive. "God, your alive Ricky!" I yell and hug him. "Yeah, but someone isn't." He says. I turn around to see Connor. He's lying on the floor barely breathing. "CALL 911!" I yell. I'm sobbing. The boy I love is barely alive and he may not make it. "Brianna..." Connor whispers. "No matter what happens I love you. And promise me, if this is my time to go, you will not kill yourself or sulk around. Find someone who will treat you like a princess. Way better than I ever did. I love you." The medics rush in and take him into the ambulance. "LET ME IN!" I yell at them. The shake their heads and drive off. I start crying. The love of my life is dying.

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