My Bestfriend's Brother

Connor Franta Fan Fic



12. Proposing


I woke up to see Connor wasn't next to me. I saw there was a rose and a note it said,

This is a scavenger hunt! Go to the place we first met!


I know where to go. We met at the park when I was hanging out with Dahla. I grab my purse and head out the door. *time skip* I arrive at the park to see a note on the exact tree we met. It said,

Good job! Now go to the place we had our first kiss! Good luck!


I smiled. Ricky's old house was about 20 minutes away. Oh well. *another time skip cause I'm too lazy* I arrive to his house and walk in. It's so empty. I go up to Ricky's room to see a note on a bed. I picked it up. It said,

Great job! I know this was a little far away, but whatever. Now, go to the place where we had our first date. I walked out again and made my way to Taco Bell. After about 5 minutes I make it to Taco Bell. I walked in and there was a huge screen. It turned on. It was Connor. "Brianna, I know this isn't the fanciest place, but it's better then nothing. I've known you for 10 years now and I've loved you since we met. When you smile, no matter what mood I'm in, it makes me feel happy. I love you with all my life and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. The video turned off. I've already cried like 3 rivers by now. Marry You by Bruno Mars came on. Connor walked out wearing a tuxedo. He got on one knee. "Brianna Michelle Bredahl, will you do the honors of being my wife?" He asked. I just nodded and kissed him. Everyone clapped as he put the ring on my finger. We hugged and grabbed some food. Once we were done we left.

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