My Bestfriend's Brother

Connor Franta Fan Fic



16. Connor....


It's been 3 hours since Connor got to the hospital. What's taking them so long. I'm pacing back and forth and crying uncontrollably waiting to hear if he made it or not. Finally after 5 hours of long waiting the doctor comes out. "Connor Franta?" I stand up and run over. "Yes." "I'm sorry to tell you but Connor has 5 minutes to live." The doctor says. "What room is he in?" "122." I run all the way to 122.

I walk in. Connor's just lying there. "Brianna.... I love you okay? Now I know I'm going to die but here me out." He says. The tears start coming and I don't think they'll stop. "I love you, but please go find someone else. Be with Ricky, or anyone. Don't let my death hold you back. Please Brianna." I start crying as hard as possible. "I can't Connor, I only love you." I explain. He motions me closer. "This is my one wish. Please do this for me." I nod my head. "I love you Brianna, goodbye." He says. His heart beat starts to slow down and then it flatlines. I drop to the ground and scream. There's no escape. He's gone and I can't bring him back. Why do all the bad things happen to good people?

Wow guys. Short chapter. But then again I haven't been on for a year so it's been fun. Let's see what happens

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