My Bestfriend's Brother

Connor Franta Fan Fic



10. Betrayal


I woke up and saw Brianna wasn't next to me. I got up and saw she was sitting on the couch with Ricky next to her. They were texting each other. Then Ricky got up and went outside. She just went into the kitchen. I went in there and looked at her. She looked sad. "Brianna?" I asked. She turned around. "Yeah?" She asked. "Are you okay?" I ask. She looks at me for a minute. Then she starts crying. I hold her in my arms. "It's okay, you can tell me." I said. "Ricky and I were texting and he asked if he can have one kiss since he knows can't have me and I said no I would be cheating on Connor. He was heartbroken and I hate seeing him like that Connor." She said. I nodded. "I'll talk to him." I say. I go outside to see Ricky crying. "Brianna told me everything." He turns around and says, "She did?" I nod my head. "You have to get over her." I say not wanting to lose Brianna. "That's the thing. I can't. I'm in love with her, Connor. I'm sorry." He says and starts crying again. I sit beside him. "I know you can't control your feelings Ricky, but you have to try. It's fine Ricky I promise." I say. He nods his head. He stands up and goes to his room. I shook my head. I hope he's alright....

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