Umra is a sixteen-year-old girl starting her Junior year at Sky High. But, what are her powers? Why is she going to a school for superheroes? And does she even have powers?!


2. Chapter Two

"Umra, this is Will Stronghold,"I smile at the brunette male faintly. "Warren Peace," I nod at the tall goth-looking boy. "Dee Jay, or Popsicle." The shorter dark-skinned kid smiles. "Magenta, or Maj." The girl has different colors in her hair. "Zach." The platinum blonde smiles at me. "And Adrian." The quiet brunette smiles shyly. "Guys, this is Umra."


"So you're new to our school?" I nod. "What year?"


"Wow. We're all Sophomores, except Adrian. She's a Freshman." I nod and we begin to walk back to the bus stop. The bus is already waiting. The doors open and I see...

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