Forever, My Love [ON HOLD]

Zoey Roslet just moved to the city of Fame and Fortune, LA. She left it behind. All of her friends and her Foster parents but when she finds out that her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, lives right next door what will she do? Will he try to get her back? Will their love blossom again? Stay tuned for 'Forever, My Love'.


3. The Dreaded Day is Here

I woke up to the sound of my phone going off. Ugh, it was Justin. 

Z: Hello? I said still in my morning voice. 

J: You ready for our day together?!?

Z: Uhhh…I just woke up. Give me 20 minutes.

J: Ok see you soon, babe!

Z: Don't call me that.

J: Ok, ok. Bye!

Z: Bye.


I immediately shot up out of bed and ran to the shower. I washed off my  body and dried myself off. I then put on some concealer and did a little bit of eye make up. Didn't want him to think that i was trying to hard. I did make him jealous. Some part of me did but then again I him to leave me alone. I went to my room and blow dried and curled my hair. I then put on this dress...

Although I despised of him, I wanted a little fun. Just as I was putting the finishing touches on my outfit I heard a knock at the door.


"I'LL GET IT!" I said.

"Wait where are you going?" screamed Emily in a groggy voice.

"Uhmm, I'm going out with a friend. I will see you at 2:00"


I looked at my phone. It was 12:00 in the morning. This was going to be a loooonnnngggg day. I went out side to see a black Jeep. I hopped in. 



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