Forever, My Love [ON HOLD]

Zoey Roslet just moved to the city of Fame and Fortune, LA. She left it behind. All of her friends and her Foster parents but when she finds out that her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, lives right next door what will she do? Will he try to get her back? Will their love blossom again? Stay tuned for 'Forever, My Love'.


4. The Dreaded Day (Continued)

Zoey's P.O.V.


I walked up to the car and got in. As we drove it was really silent. Too silent. I reached for the radio and turned it on. Latch came on I started jamming out. I then heard Justin sing with me, but off pitch. By the time we got to Starbucks, I was crying and dying of laughter. We walked in and I saw the cutest boy behind the counter. He was staring at me smirking. He looked like this...

I walked up to the counter. I could feel Justin tense up behind me. I looked at his name tag and it said "Dylan".

Z:"Hi Dylan!"

D: "Hi, what can I get for this pretty young lady?"

Z: I blushed,"If anything your pretty...I mean...ummm..You can get me two hot chocolates please.

D: "Ok coming right up, but before I get you your drinks can I have your number."

Z:"Yea sure." I said winking at him and he started to blush.

By then Justin had gone and sat down. He looked pretty upset. I went and walked up to him and lifted his head with my finger. I then leaned into his ear and whispered, "Step up your game buddy. If you really want me back your gonna have to fight for me."

And with that I went back to the counter and paid for the drinks. Justin then came up to me and walked me back to the car.

J: "I have a surprise for you."

We ran out and hopped in the Jeep.

Z: "You know I hate surprises." I said crossing my arms.

J: "I know, but your gonna love this one."

A smiled appeared on his face. I laughed and started to listen to the radio. 

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